Legend Of Legends Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: New Employee Interview 2

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

Junhyuk was focused on the interviews, and as Soyeon's turn to be interviewed came, he looked closely at her credentials. She certainly lacked experience and other qualifications when compared to other applicants, but he also knew how diligent she really was. 

Junhyuk turned to look at Eunseo, and she spoke first, "Nice to meet you. I'm  Eunseo Kim, CEO of Guardians." 

From the beginning, Eunseo spoke in English. The applicants all had to speak fluent English to work there, and Junhyuk was a bit worried. Soyeon's application said she was fluent, but holding an actual conversation was something else. 

Eunseo asked the applicants about the appearance of monsters and their thoughts on it. They answered her in perfect English. So far, most applicants gave her similar answers. They thought of Guardians as Earth's protectors, and Eunseo listened to their answers looking as superior as ever. 

No one had really grasped her attention with an answer.  

Then, it was time for Soyeon to give her answer. She gathered herself and said in perfect English, "The appearance of the monsters has something to do with abnormal narcolepsy." 

Eunseo focused on her, and Soyeon continued calmly, "It's been a while since the first abnormal narcolepsy case. Itself, it's quite an unusual event in human history. You could say it's an abnormal circ.u.mstance, and another abnormality followed, the introduction of monsters. It'll be hard to find a connection between the two, but they must be connected. It's not an accident that the two happened around the same time." 

Eunseo looked at Junhyuk and asked, "Are you talking about a conspiracy?" 

Soyeon shook her head. 

"These are supernatural events and not based on human conspiracy." 

Eunseo stared cooly at Soyeon and slowly opened her mouth. 

"That's your opinion." 

Junhyuk knew he had a free pa.s.s, but it depended on how Eunseo felt about it. However, Eunseo had spoken to her the same way she had spoken to him in his interview. If that continued, he would feel burdened to hire Soyeon. 

Soyeon felt awkward as the interview continued, and Junhyuk looked at her and sighed. 

Eunseo was finished with her questions, so Dohee followed with questions of her own. Her questions were naturally sharp, and a few failed to answer them adequately.  

Junhyuk looked at her expressionless. She had been seriously wounded, but now she was healed and present. He saw that she had the same qualities as R-agents. 

When Dohee turned her attention to Soyeon, the emergency siren went off. 

[A monster has appeared in Ilsan Lake Park. Iron soldier MK-II is ready for deployment.] 

"Deployment granted!" Eunseo shouted right away.  

Those whose interviews had ended had already left. 

"I'm sorry, but today's interviews will be postponed. Those who haven't finished their interviews will be notified within two days for a follow up." 


The applicants were nervous and got up from their seats. Eunseo operated her wheelchair and spoke quickly, "Dohee, let's go to Elise." 


"Junhyuk, stay here and take control. Until the monster is subjugated, take these people to the evacuation shelter." 

"Will do." 

Dohee and Eunseo left, and Junhyuk went over to the people who were still there. 

"Until the monster is taken care of, let's all go to the evacuation shelter. I'll guide you." 

They were still working on rebuilding, but the priority at Guardians HQ had been the evacuation shelter. The emergency evacuation shelter had been safe the last time, but just in case, they had also built an evacuation shelter on the 1st floor, and that's where Junhyuk took the group. 

There was nothing in the shelter. It was located on the 1st floor, but if something happened, they could easily relocate to the shelter in the bas.e.m.e.nt. Zaira was in control of everything. 

Junhyuk guided the group to the shelter and tried to close the door. Then, Soyeon walked over to him and asked, "Do you remember me?" 

"I was supposed to take you out to dinner, but I've been too busy," he laughed and answered. Then, he looked around and added, "This place is safe. Please, go in." 

Soyeon had something on her mind, but Junhyuk didn't speak further and closed the door, remaining outside. The situation was precarious, and he decided to watch how it would unfold. Last time the HQ was attacked, the building was heavily damaged, so no one was in the hallways. Junhyuk ran and reached Elise's office. 

The door opened, and Junhyuk could see the screens. 

There were aglantas at Ilsan Lake Park. They had already appeared at the Han River, but these were a little different from the previous ones. 

"They are walking on land?" 

As he blurted that out, Eunseo turned to look and nodded. 

"They are more complicated than the ones that showed up in the Han River. They are all over the lake and coming from all directions." 

The monsters were jumping up and down, looking for victims. The MK-II was standing at the center of the lake, firing small missiles in various directions. The missiles chased the monsters down and exploded, surprisingly displaying significant firepower. 

The missile first penetrate a monster's hide and then exploded. It was the most effective way. 

"The monsters have thick hides, but the iron soldier is able to penetrate them easily." 

"It's still in the experimental stage, but we researched their structure and made a decomposition liquid. It's working, but it still needs guidance. Bullets won't work. It requires small missiles," Elise said nonchalantly, but what she said was very surprising. 

Junhyuk focused on the screen again, and the screen panned quickly. The monsters were approaching people, and the MK-II grabbed one of their mouths with its hands. 

There had been some people on dates there, and some of them were paralyzed with fear. 

[Evacuate the area.] It said in Zaira's voice. 

After the MK-II spoke, it flew up holding the monster's mouth. There were other monsters left, so the iron soldier shoved its hand inside its mouth and started shooting. The monster's insides weren't that strong, so the shooting tore its mouth like a used paper towel.  

The MK-II flew around, hunting the monsters. Meanwhile, another of Zaira's sirens rang out. 

[There is another type of monster in the parking lot. Iron soldier MK-II is ready for deployment.] 

It was good to know that there were two MK-IIs stationed at the HQ. They had done so just in case of another attack, but at that moment there was only one present. 

The MK-II was certainly more powerful than the previous iron soldier model. They had upgraded its weapons and increased its firepower. Can it stop the monsters? 

Junhyuk had dealt with monsters before, and he thought these monsters were stronger than before. 

"Deployment is granted." 

The other MK-II was deployed, and two feeds appeared on the screen. 

The thing broke out of the ground. It had six legs and a thick sh.e.l.l on its back. Unlike last time, the sh.e.l.l didn't have spikes, but its size was entirely different. It was five meters tall  and it started to destroy the buildings. It's force came from its size as it began pounding against the buildings. 

Junhyuk clicked his tongue while watching. 

"Even if we rebuild, if other monsters show up, we won't be able to keep buildings intact?!" he said. 

Eunseo sighed. 

"Don't worry. We are also building other installations on another site." 

The Dimensional Battlefield monsters' target was Guardians HQ. Even if it moved, new monsters would still show up there. 

The iron soldier MK-II appeared before the monster. Guardians HQ had numerous cameras, and those were filming the monster from different angles. 

It swung its fist at the iron soldier. Despite its heavy build, it moves quickly, but the MK-II was faster. The iron soldier flew up and let out a barrage of small missiles. 

Boom, boom, boom, boom! 

The missiles exploded, generating a field of smoke, so the iron soldier flew higher above it. The smoke cleared, and the monster raised its head and spewed a green liquid that looked to be sticky. 

The MK-II escaped, and the monster stomped the ground and jumped. The whole building shook from the shock. 

"Can the applicants survive these tremors?" 

"They are already in the bas.e.m.e.nt. Unless there is a direct attack, they will be safe. The problem is how to kill that monster," Elise said cooly. 

The new monster was different from the one previously. It got hit with eight missiles, but it was still fine, which showed how strong it was. 

Junhyuk sighed and asked, "Will it work?" 

Elise shook her head. 

"Ordinary attacks won't work." 

The iron soldier was using its entire a.r.s.enal, but they hadn't made weapons for large monsters yet. 

Junhyuk was staring at the huge monster, astounded by its defense. The iron soldier was equipped with modern artillery and nothing was working. The iron soldier might not be able to win.  

Elise watched the situation and said, "It's stomach looks to be weaker than its backside. I'll focus the iron soldier's firepower on it." 

Eunseo wasn't worried and responded, "Do it. Is there a problem?" 

"The iron soldier's new weaponry only has three charges. If it doesn't kill the monster within those shots, the monster will get inside like last time." 

Eunseo knew how dangerous that was and, devoid of expression, she asked, "Did we kill all of the monsters in Ilsan Lake?" 

Elise checked the screen and answered, "There are no signs of more monsters." 

"Then, have it returned here and use the new weapon." 


Elise gave out new instructions, and the iron soldier MK-II moved quickly. It dodged the monster and placed its hand on the monster's stomach. A stream of light travelled from the MK-II's chest to the palm of its hand, and a beem rushed out. 


The building was insulated with steel plates, but they still heard the explosion.  

The monster dropped backward and rolled on the ground. The skin on its stomach was torn open, and it was oozing green blood, but it was not dead yet. The monster rolled into itself, turning into a ball. With it protecting its belly, the iron soldier was out of tricks. 

Elise's expression hardened as she looked at the screen. 

"We are moving to the bas.e.m.e.nt." 

Junhyuk felt the entire room move. With Zaira's hardware in the room, the room itself started moving to the bas.e.m.e.nt. 

The monster had rolled up into a ball and was rolling toward the building. They could see it on the screen. 


The iron soldier dodged, and the monster hit the building. Some of the building crumbled, and they felt the shock from the room they were in.  

Junhyuk grabbed Eunseo's skidding wheelchair and looked at the screen. The iron soldier was still the monster's primary target, so it turned around. 

"Can the new weapon attack its backside? What is the success rate?" Eunseo asked. 

"It's less than 40 percent." 

Eunseo fixed her gla.s.ses and said, "Do it."

Legend Of Legends Chapter 183

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