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Bebe checked out the core, smacked his lips and gave it back to Junhyuk, who took it back and waited for Bebe's answer.

"This is an artificial core."


Bebe touched the core with his fingers and said, "A core has a well of energy inside it. Depending on what one makes with it, a core can be a catastrophic weapon or a nearly unbreakable defensive machine."

Bebe raised the core using his index finger and thumb and said, "This was used to create a closed s.p.a.ce. Without that closed s.p.a.ce, it has no power."

Junhyuk grimaced and asked, "I can't use it?"

"It has no power of its own. If you want to use it, you'll have to refurbish it."

He frowned and asked another question, "Is there a way to refurbish it?"

Bebe nodded and answered, "Of course! But, you need a lot more gold."

Junhyuk wanted to sell the core. He didn't want to spend more gold.

"How much?"

"You must have more cores as well."

"I have a lot of them."

Bebe answered matter-of-factly, "To refurbish a core, the cost is 200,000G."


The cost was shocking. Junhyuk was surprised, and Bebe added, "After refurbis.h.i.+ng it, you can earn more money. Previously, refurbished cores have been sold for more than 1,000,000G."

At that moment, Elise interjected in the conversation, "Then, can I have the recipe for the refurbis.h.i.+ng process?"

Bebe shook his head.

"The recipe isn't for sale. Cores are hard things to get your hands on."

Elise thought things over for a while and searched her Spatial Bag. She pulled out a small Core Bomb. Junhyuk was shocked by Elise, but he simply stared at her. Why was she carrying such a dangerous item with her?

She asked Bebe, "Can you buy this thing?"

Bebe looked at the Core Bomb and laughed.

"You can't use this in the Dimensional Battlefield, but some may want to buy such a thing for other uses. Nevertheless, you didn't use a refurbished core to make it, so its destructive power is kind of c.r.a.p."

Stunned, Junhyuk and Sarang stared at Bebe. The Core Bomb was more than destructive enough. It could melt anything up to ranked monsters, and Bebe had called it c.r.a.p.

The yeti stared at the two of them and asked, "Have you used it?"

"It even killed some ranked monsters."

Bebe clicked his tongue and replied, "Refurbished cores can make bombs that will kill S-ranked monsters. But, you've used it well. Otherwise, it would've meant your deaths."

Bebe turned to Elise and said, "I'll give you 30,000G for it. That's more than it's worth."

Elise smiled and pulled out the rest of the Core Bombs one by one. She had fourteen total that she hadn't had a chance to use on Earth.

Bebe stared at the bombs, astonished by Elise.

"Do you have any more?"


"That's good. These are essentially defective products. Some may want to buy them, which is why I'm buying them from you, but I won't do it again."

Elise nodded.

"Can you give me half the earnings?" she asked Junhyuk.

Each bomb was worth 30,000G. At fourteen bombs, that would come out to 420,000G. Elise would earn 210,000G from the exchange.

Junhyuk did not refuse the deal. With the 210,000G she received, Elise refurbished one core. She really wanted to research it.

Gongon also refurbished his core.

Junhyuk took a moment to think. He had gotten a new sword. He could either refurbish a core or buy enhancement stones to upgrade his new sword. Shaking his head, he made his decision. While the core research was important, at that moment, Junhyuk wanted to win the battle.

Junhyuk bought four enhancement stones, and Bebe upgraded his legendary item, the Scarlet Longsword.

The longsword's original attack was 850, but after four upgrades, the attack damage went up to 1,763. By sheer attack power, it was now stronger than the Blood Rune Sword.

Junhyuk also changed his grips. The Blood Rune Sword was now held by his left hand, while Aksha's Longsword was held by his right. He did that to increase the damage of his Spatial Slash.

He didn't really want to sell the Frozen Rune Sword. More training was required for him to use three swords, but he wanted to try.

After a few more swings, Junhyuk looked at the group and said, "Let's go destroy a castle."

It could be dangerous to attack a castle with just three heroes, but he was feeling confident. His equipment included legendary items, but that wasn't all. He could also increase his sword's range and attack from a distance.

"I'll destroy that castle."

If his enemies had taken the middle path, they would use their returns.

The group took off. The allies had few minions, but there were three heroes and an expert, and they were all moving quickly. Since they had already destroyed the second watchtower on that path, they went straight to the enemy castle.

While they were heading there, Layla called him. She had joined the right path and was heading toward the second watchtower there.

If the enemies returned to the castle, Rodrey and Layla would destroy the second watchtower on their path. Taking the left path, Junhyuk's group moved toward the castle.

When they arrived, they saw no enemy heroes there. Only the undead minions were present, so when Junhyuk saw them, he shouted, "Attack before the heroes return!"

The allies started to run. There were a hundred enemy minions, and Junhyuk was thinking that the allies could kill them and destroy the castle.

As the allies ran toward the castle, the gate suddenly opened, and the heroes ran out. The enemies had used the minions as decoy and waited until the allies were close to come out. All five heroes and the champion were rus.h.i.+ng toward the allies.

The allies were lacking two heroes.

Junhyuk looked at Elise, and she buffed him. He had his new sword. All of the allies knew about it.

Knowing that hitting their heads resulted in critical hits, Junhyuk looked toward his enemies while scoping things out. Gongon had already fought the enemy knight, who was holding his head to the side of his body.


"No. His name is Durandal. He's a straight tank. His powers are defense buff, taunt and jump. I don't know about the last one."

"What about his attack stat?"

"Since he's a tank, his defense stat is high, but his attack is kinda c.r.a.p," Gongon said. The hatchling cracked his neck left and right and asked, "Do you want me to fight him?"


Junhyuk wanted to test his new weapon. He really wanted to check on one thing first, so looking at the allies, he said, "Penslin, the skeleton archer, is present, so be careful with him. His attack takes time, but he has a fifty-meter range."

"That's the longest possible distance. What about his damage?"

"It's double that of the previous heroes we fought. That chinless undead is capable of teleporting behind you, and he also has a stealth power."

Gongon shrugged and said, "In any event, are our individual powers better than theirs?"


"What are we waiting for then?"

Junhyuk smirked at Gongon and said, "Before we begin, I want to test something out."

The enemy had the undead minions blocking their path, and Junhyuk ran toward those minions. The allied heroes and Elise followed behind him.

As Junhyuk ran, Penslin nocked an arrow. He wanted to attack at the same time Junhyuk attacked. The other enemies also started to move.

Junhyuk swung Aksha's Longsword.

It lengthened to twenty meters, and as soon as it did, Junhyuk used his Spatial Slash. Would the Spatial Slash work when the blade was at full extension? Junhyuk wanted to test that very thing.

The blade blinked, and the Spatial Slash triggered without problem. Their heads were their weakness, so the cut travelled to one. The Spatial Slash cut a gash across Penslin's head. It was a critical hit, and Penslin died on the spot.

The critical hit had triggered the extra damage, and because Aksha's Longsword's attack stat was very high, Penslin died with a single hit.

While Penslin died, Dolorac was also injured. The other enemy heroes were fine because they had been running toward Junhyuk, so they were out of the shockwave's range.

Doloract lost 65 percent of his health from the shockwave. The shockwave's damage was 60 percent of the original attack's damage, which meant that the Spatial Slash could also kill Dolorac.

Junhyuk decided to pa.s.s by the enemy heroes because he wanted to finish Dolorac. Another critical hit and he would be able to do it.

Durandal ran toward him and used his jump to close in on Junhyuk. However, Junhyuk did not care. He trusted Gongon, who was following him.

Gongon enlarged, and Junhyuk teleported, pa.s.sing by his enemies. Epilen was stealthing, but his movement speed wasn't great. Epilen was standing right next to where Junhyuk appeared, so Junhyuk swung at the hero.


Epilen blocked the attack, but his invisibility got cancelled. Junhyuk teleported again, heading for Dolorac, and as he did, bolts of lightning fell from the sky.

Epilen was visible, so Sarang wasted no time in attacking him. Junhyuk trusted Sarang to cover him, so he kept going after Dolorac. However, someone was attacking him from behind: Alondo.

Alondo swung his scythe, so Junhyuk raised his force field. While Alondo tried to get to him, Junhyuk closed the gap with Dolorac, using his jump skill to do so.

Dolorac quickly raised his staff, but the sword lengthened suddenly. It bent like a whip and snapped at Dolorac. That was a counter move possible only with knowledge of Aksha's swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Dolorac's eyes widened when he got hit by the whip-sword. The attack took 30 percent off his health. Following that, Junhyuk pierced Dolorac's jaw with the Blood Rune Sword in his left hand.

While Dolorac faded, Junhyuk turned around. His enemies knew that nothing would work against his force field, so they decided to target Gongon and Sarang.

Durandal reached the allied formation first among the enemies. He extended his head toward the allies, and Gongon's and Sarang's eyes changed. They attacked Durandal, but only with regular attacks.

Their regular attacks dealt a lot of damage, but it was obvious that the allies' powers were locked by Durandal. Durandal's taunt worked at long range, and Sarang was drawn to the hero. Seeing that, Alondo closed in on her and slashed her with the scythe. Following him, Epilen stabbed her from behind with his dagger.

With those two attacks, Sarang lost all of her health and triggered her ultimate.

Junhyuk tried to join the fight, but suddenly, Zaira appeared. He wished that Zaira would save Sarang. As he continued to run, he extended his new longsword forward, and it grew to twenty meters.

Legend Of Legends 420 New Weapon 3

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