The Strongest Hokage Chapter 143

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In the sky, didn’t have the ability to stay in the air, so he was slowly falling down toward the ground.

In the distance, Sando got stricken by, his body got injured badly, and he was getting treated by a medical ninja.

He was also the Anbu captain, but he couldn’t stop, he got easily defeated by him.

With his current strength, was able to stand still even in the face of a Kage level, a person like Sando will never have a chance in front of him!

“Are you okay?”

As he was floating down, looked very focused, but both his heart and mind were calm, Naito looked at him and also replayed with a very calm tone.

“It’s nothing.”

Naito shook his head, and retracted his fist, after he stretched his body, both his muscles and bones suddenly screamed with pain.

He just used a full power punch that broke his limit, this is caused some burden on his body, but his recovery ability was also very strong, and it started healing him immediately.

Without mentioning that the Second Stage of the lightning Armour technique is very good, although he only practiced it for a short time, it has brought him great improvements for both his body and his shock force.

Otherwise, Naito would never be able to stop the Dust Release.

When the crisis was lifted, Sak.u.m and Naito stood side by side and looked up to the sky while they had the same expression.

This is a state of high concentration, there’s almost no personal feeling in these kinds of situations, it’s an absolute state of battle, only the elites can enter such a state.

Although it’s not the same state as the Root Ninja who doesn’t have any feelings, yet in these kinds of battles, it can also be possible to abandon all feelings for a short period of time, to le the mind enter an absolutely calm state.

It must be said that Naito reached such a level only because he experienced countless battles before. had nothing to be afraid of because Naito has entered the same state as him!

“Konoha’s White Fang and Ashura…”

Onoki was floating in the air, looking at the two of them with a very cold stare.

Unfortunately, his full power dust blow was interrupted by, but he didn’t expect that shot to be blocked by Naito!

Compared to this small issue that Onoki was thinking about, Naito and were thinking about a bigger one.

Why did the Tsuchikage come here?

Naito and were thinking about the same thing, it’s necessary to know that under normal circ.u.mstances like these, the Kage should sit in his village to protect it.

Once he moves out of his Village, it will be easy to be targeted by other villages, and in this case, it will be both the Rain and the Sand, what is he thinking?

Even if he doesn’t die here, he might get badly injured.

Therefore, the only reason that will make a kage move out from his village is if there’s another kage engaged the battle, but the war was still in its early stages, and all of the Villages were using their Anbu Captain and their a.s.sistance to lead the armies.

But at this moment, the battlefield had the Tsuchikage, his a.s.sistance, and the Anbu Captian of the Rock Village, almost all of them are here.

Onoki doesn’t he care about his village anymore?!

Naito and had doubts in their hearts, but at this moment, he’s already here, and if you don’t know the answer, just shouldn’t think about it.

Both of them were in a state of absolute concentration, in a battle against the Tsuchikage and his powerful Dust Release, they shouldn’t think about anything else but how to deal with him.

There was no trace of fear inside their hearts.

This is a War!



Most of the s.h.i.+n.o.bis from the Rock didn’t know that Onoki is going to engage the battle, so at this time, they wake up from the shock they had when Naito blocked his dust and revealed a very inspired expression.

The Tsuchikage engaged the battlefield!

The dust blow made some effect on the battlefield, the s.h.i.+n.o.bis from both sides were feeling dizzy, which made the two get divided equally!

This is the power of the Tsuchikage, his t.i.tle is no less compared to the White Fang and Konoha’s Ashura!

On the other side, Konoha’s s.h.i.+nbois were also shocked, they never thought that the Tsuchikage is going to engage the battle, but when they saw how Naito blocked his Dust Release, and how almost managed to cut his head, they felt somehow confident.

So what if the Hokage wasn’t here?!

They had on their side two of the strongest elites on their sides!

Onoki looked down on Naito and, his expression was very gloomy, and he didn’t know what to do next, finally, at the next moment, he waved his hand then shouted.

“Destroy them!”

“Yes Sir!!”

The moment they heard these two words the whole morale of the Rock’s army raised, their expression changed and charged at Konoha’s side.

The Ninjas of Konoha didn’t look less confident than them, they didn’t have any fear, they screamed and charged toward them too.

The war has exploded again!

However, even inside this fierce battle,, Naito and the Onoki didn’t move, all the attacks were bypa.s.sing through them.

In fact, no one dared to attack them.

The three men were facing each other, Naito seemed to be the weakest part out of the three, but after he managed to block Onoki’s dust, he needed to be aware from him, he’s not less important than

Even is no less than Naito, the guy almost managed to cut Onoki’s head!

The Tsuchikage’s expression became cold.

It might be true that Hatake for now is stronger than Naito since he was at his peak, but Naito was growing a lot every day under his a.s.sistance… This is needed to be stopped!

At this age, this strength is so terrible!

He came to the battlefield knowing that the Third Hokage Sarutobi will never be in it, the only reason for him to leave his Village and came all the way to the battlefield is to kill Naito and stop him from being a big threat in the future!

Onoki’s Killing intent was very strong.

At the next moment, Onoki suddenly put one hand next to the other, and a white halo light start to appear on his palm, then with one move he sent away that force toward them.

Even if you are far away, you could easily feel the horrible chakra flowing.

It’s the Dust Release!

Whoom!! Whoom!!

Facing this technique, Naito and didn’t hesitate, and almost moved at the same time!’s power can be very terrifying too, after all, he was using the Raiken technique, which is working the same way as the Raikiri, yet he was injecting it into his sword, it was very fast, and it could cut anything.

Yet Naito speed was even higher, using his Soru Technique, Naito was able to cross over the battlefield in seconds!

Naito and both moved so fast crossing the battlefield leaving after images everywhere.

The two of them moved precisely the same way, and suddenly, blood was splas.h.i.+ng everywhere, and the bodies of countless of Rock s.h.i.+n.o.bis got cut into two halves.


There was a hint of irritability in Onoki’s eyes, If Naito and got mixed in the crowd, he would no longer be able to fight.

Onoki’s Dust Release has a very wide range, if he throws it wildly, he can cause a very devastating damage to the battlefield.

But Onoki couldn’t do that since the Rock s.h.i.+n.o.bis were mixed with Konoha’s, and he could kill his allies this way.

Of course, Naito and’s intentions weren’t killing the Rock’s s.h.i.+n.o.bis, but to prevent him from using the Dust release.

If they kill the Rock s.h.i.+n.o.bis, the number of the Rock’s army will drop, they will end up retreating, then Onoki will just wipe everyone with his dust release.

So, they were actually just pa.s.sing by them.

Naito and were thinking the same way, this was only a plan to drag the fight to another location.

The Strongest Hokage Chapter 143

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