Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1042: Saint King Killing Formation (Two)

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“You’re right. If so many people are frightened to the point where we would shy away just because of a tablet, would we still have any dignity to move around on the continent? I, Ji Yuanba, will be entering the Bright Moon Divine Hall no matter what today. I’d like to see the abilities of the former strongest Saint Emperor, fairy Hao Yue and how great they are. Can she use a mere divine hall to kill a Saint King?” said a burly, scar-faced, middle-aged man.

All the Saint Kings reacted to these words. The fear in their eyes disappeared, and they became determined. They were not mindless. Since they were able to become Saint Kings, life and death situations had tempered each and every one of them. They had stepped over countless corpses and climbed out from mountains of bodies. How would they fear death? Also, Saint Kings were people who stood on the very apex of the continent, so they naturally had their pride. How could they bear with the fact that just some words scared them away?

“Looks like it’s going to be quite entertaining here.” At this moment, clear laughter rang out from behind. Another striking Saint King had entered the divine hall. He looked roughly thirty years old, and was extremely handsome. He possessed a scholarly elegance, where all his movements carried great grace. Beside him was a white-dressed, devastating beauty.

“Kara Liwei!” Jian Chen became slightly stunned when he saw her. He had not thought that Kara Liwei had actually returned and would come back to the divine hall.

Afterward, Jian Chen glanced toward the middle-aged man who stood beside her. His gaze immediately froze. He recognized this man as well. It was the ancestor of the Kara clan that he had met in the imperial palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom back then.

“Kara Lot, I thought you wouldn’t come. I didn’t think you’d actually bring the treasure of your clan as well,” a heavy voice boomed from the crowd. An ordinary-looking, middle-aged man in tight robes spoke to the ancestor of the Kara clan.

Kara Lot laughed and said, “A divine hall has appeared. This is quite a matter on the continent, enough to make all the Saint Kings fight to the point of death for it. If I have enough luck, I can take the divine hall for myself, which will also benefit the clan greatly. Kazda Jianxiong, why would you think I wouldn’t come when there’s such a good opportunity?”

The middle-aged man was the ancestor of the Kazda clan, which was one of the three great clans of the Holy Empire.

Then, Kara Lot looked toward Jian Chen and smiled. “I never thought that brother Jian Chen would be here as well. Fantastic. If brother Jian Chen does not mind, I’m willing to travel with brother Jian Chen, as well as let Liwei broaden her knowledge in the meantime. Does brother Jian Chen mind?”

Kara Liwei had also discovered Jian Chen in the crowd. She could not help but think of what had happened earlier on the ferry, which caused her face to blush slightly. When she had left the ferry before, she had already left the City of G.o.d with the ancestor of the clan, but she never imagined that the Bright Moon Divine Hall would break out as soon as they arrived home. The great activity alarmed Kara Lot, who forced her to come back with him.

The Qinhuang Kingdom was a subsidiary of the Kara clan, while Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. As a result, he stood with the Kara clan. In other words, Jian Chen had no reason to turn down Kara Lot’s request. He agreed straightforwardly before beginning to talk to Kara Lot.

Kara Liwei also recovered her previous state. She arrived at Jian Chen’s side with a beaming smile. Then, she chattered with You Yue, as she held her hand. They got along well very quickly and giggled from time to time.

“Xiangtian, I never thought that you’re here as well. This is fantastic. We can travel together as great grandson and great grandfather, and I can use that time to introduce you to some matters of the protector clan, so that you can have some understanding.” The great elder of the Changyang clan also arrived beside Jian Chen. Although he was amiable, he stressed ‘great grandson and great grandfather’ when he mentioned it.

Jian Chen did not become particularly joyful when he saw this ‘great grandfather’ whose name he did not even know. All he did was agree indifferently, before devoting his attention elsewhere. Jian Chen did not have any great impressions of the people within the protector Changyang clan besides Changyang Zu Yunxiao and his wife. Deep within, he did not even accept the fact that he was a member of the protector clan.

The great elder from the protector clan slightly furrowed his brows when he saw Jian Chen’s indifferent att.i.tude. He revealed a sliver of displeasure, but he did not say anything more.

The people gathered within the divine hall slowly made their ways into the depths. However, some people seemed to have broadcasted the warning on the table, which caused the Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters who had initially decided not to take part to surge into the divine hall as well. The people within constantly increase.

At the same time, the news of the divine hall and the warning of the tablet spread through the continent like wildfire. It made many experts green with greed as even more Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Master used various methods to make their way to the City of G.o.d from all directions.

A great group of people was currently making their way into the depths of the divine hall in a bold fas.h.i.+on. A large number of Heaven Saint Masters and a few Saint Rulers would enter every room and hall they pa.s.sed.

The group of people gradually dispersed. A few Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers ran off to find their own fortunes, while only the Saint Kings remained gathered together. They steadily advanced into the depth with a cautious and vigilant fas.h.i.+on. They ignored the surrounding rooms.

“Brother Jian Chen, the most valuable thing here is the cultivation method fairy Hao Yue left behind, but treasures like that can only be obtained from the very depths of the hall. It definitely won’t be outside,” the ancestor of the Kara clan explained to Jian Chen. He pa.s.sed on the experience and knowledge he had acc.u.mulated over several thousand years to Jian Chen, while Kazda Jianxiong would add in a few things from time to time as well. Their intentions for friends.h.i.+p were self-explanatory.

The group of them arrived in a huge square where the ceiling was a hundred meters above. A huge sculpture stood in the center of the place; it depicted a lady who seemed to be around twenty years of age. Her white clothes made her seem sacred, while her hair was draped on her shoulders. She was extremely pretty, like a G.o.ddess from beyond the heavens. She did not seem like an existence that would be present in a mortal realm.

“This sculpture is undoubtedly fairy Hao Yue…”

“Fairy Hao Yue sure is a lady worthy of being known as a fairy. She really does look like an otherworldly fairy.” 

“Fairy Hao Yue’s talent is unprecedented, reaching the peak of Saint Emperor at such a young age. She became the strongest among the Saint Emperors, though it’s a pity that she couldn’t overcome the final obstacle and break through. She pa.s.sed away like that. What a pity, what a pity…”

Many of the Saint Kings stared at the sculpture with mixed emotions, as they discussed. Various emotional sighs and sounds of regret mingled together to form a hubbub.

“Fairy Hao Yue sure is an unparalleled beauty.” Jian Chen stared at the sculpture in a daze as well, as he murmured. Fairy Hao Yue’s beauty had completely exceeded the level where it could be praised as devastating. Only the Heavenly Enchantress could be compared to her out of all the people he had met.

At this moment, something suddenly happened. An extremely dense killing intent suddenly appeared, which filled the entire divine hall. It was bone-chillingly cold and as soon as it appeared, it invaded the bodies of Saint Kings, worming its way into their bone marrow. It seemed to have frozen the center of their bones, and even Jian Chen was unable to avoid it.

All the Saint Kings present revealed extremely horrible expressions. Afterward, surging Saint Force gushed out from within their bodies in an attempt to resist the invasion of the chilling killing intent.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1042: Saint King Killing Formation (Two)

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