Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1159: A Powerful Existence (Three)

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Chapter 1159: A Powerful Existence (Three)

Standing like an immortal, the might from Mo Tianyun deeply shocked all the experts present. Under Mo Tianyun’s tremendous presence, many Saint Kings had even lost the will to resist.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and Jian Chen were also alerted by the incomparable might, but they tried to break free. They all looked at Mo Tianyun’s projection and became extremely stern.

Mo Tianyun was projected by the five old men of Mercenary City using an absolutely secret technique. This was something that Mo Tianyun had left behind in the past, and it surpa.s.sed Saint Tier Battle Skills. However, the conditions for casting the technique were extremely arduous. Only Saint Emperors could use it. The five old men had only barely managed after fusing their strength using another secret technique.

The secret technique was left behind specifically for Saint Emperors. There was no room for doubt over its power.

Suddenly, Mo Tianyun’s figure moved. He took a step forward and the entire place immediately shook. The casual step hid an unbelievable amount of power. At that moment, s.p.a.ce seemed to freeze and time seemed to stop. The churning black mist in the Death Nest calmed down. Mo Tianyun seemed to become the only thing in the world.

Then, the s.p.a.ce beneath his foot immediately began to ripple in a terrifying fas.h.i.+on. This ripple spread toward Rui Jin and the others like a sword, moving extremely quick. 

All the Saint Kings stopped whatever they were doing. Their attention was involuntarily drawn to Mo Tianyun. His simple-looking step contained the truths of the world. It used the energy of the world.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, Hong Lian, and Jian Chen immediately felt like they were immobilized. They had been firmly trapped there by an invisible energy, only able to watch helplessly as the rippling s.p.a.ce quickly approached them like a sharp sword.

Suddenly, a powerful golden light appeared on Rui Jin. His body rapidly expanded and a layer of densely-packed golden scales covered his body. He had a.s.sumed a half-dragon, half-human form, using his supreme strength to break free. Coupled with a roar that could shake the heavens, the Sacred Dragon’s Sword had shot forward as a golden streak of light. Fusing with his sword, he stabbed at the rippling s.p.a.ce as hard as he could.

The two silently collided and did not produce a great explosion. The s.p.a.ce only violently shook, becoming blurry and distorted. Everyone’s senses were affected.

The rippling from Mo Tianyun’s foot vanished. It had been blocked by Rui Jin, but Rui Jin suffered as well. He was launched back, landing a thousand meters away in a horrible condition. The light from the origin energy armor on his body had dulled by noticeable amount.

With a clear phoenix’s cry, Hong Lian also forcefully broke free as fire flashed through the air. She turned into a huge Divine Phoenix, radiating with scorching white flames. She used the Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin to attack Mo Tianyun’s figure.

Mo Tianyun remained expressionless. He was not the real Mo Tianyun. He was only the result of a secret technique—one that had surpa.s.sed Saint Tier Battle Skills. He extended a finger and endless amounts of World Force immediately gathered from outside the Death Nest. The World Force actually condensed into a five-meter-long finger in a short moment, and that finger then shot toward the hairpin with an unstoppable force.


With a violent rumble, the origin energy weapon was knocked away by Mo Tianyun’s finger while the finger dispersed at the same time.


An elated phoenix’s cry rang out while Hong Lian used her clan treasure to protect herself. Endless amounts of white flames surged toward Mo Tianyun, enveloping him along with the five old men that were hiding within the secret technique. She wanted to burn all of them to ashes.

Mo Tianyun’s figure gradually dulled. His presence also rapidly weakened. He was not the real thing and only a secret technique. Once the technique ran out of energy, he would disperse.

Saint Force circulated within the five old men’s bodies, temporarily protecting them from the flames. However, they had become much paler, and their faces were filled with exhaustion.

“Argh!” The five old men called out at the same time. They poured their three vital energies into Mo Tianyun’s figure, allowing him to consolidate once more. Under the control of their mind, Mo Tianyun smashed a palm firmly onto Hong Lian.

Bang! With a m.u.f.fled sound, Hong Lian’s huge body was blown through the air with her white flames. She was launched far away by Mo Tianyun’s palm strike.

Roar! A deafening dragon’s roar rang through the sky. The tremendous dragon aura had enveloped virtually all of the Death Nest. Rui Jin had completely a.s.sumed his original form, turning into a hundred-meter-long Golden Divine Dragon. His scales were l.u.s.trous and s.h.i.+ned with a golden light.

Mo Tianyun remained where he was without moving. He launched a palm strike at Rui Jin from a thousand meters away. The strike suddenly became several hundred meters wide in the air as it fell toward him. It clenched the dragon tightly to its palm.

Great dragon roars rang out time and time again. Clenched in Mo Tianyun’s hand, Rui Jin was currently attacking as hard as he could, causing the palm to constantly shake.

The five old men from Mercenary City all slightly trembled. They had already become pale-white and exhaustion was spelled out on their faces. They needed to use their vital energies to cast the secret technique, and the longer they used thrm, the more vital energies would be consumed. They were already old men, so they could not last very long at all.

“He sure is worthy of being a king of the dragon. This Golden Divine Dragon has yet to become a Saint Emperor, yet it already possesses such great battle prowess.”

“It’s not because our secret technique is not powerful enough but because the dragon has origin energy treasures.”

The five old men gruffly came to a conclusion. Every single one of them possessed an ugly complexion and one of them called out, “The Golden Divine Dragon has already been trapped by us while one of the other two magical beasts has been hit by the Poison of Heaven’s End from the Heaven’s Incense School. Only the Divine Phoenix is left! Everyone use your supreme secret techniques to keep her busy. The Saints’ Fruit will belong to use without the three of them getting in the way!”

Many people became tempted. Other than the Changyang clan, the one or two experts from the other eight protector clans and a few from the ancient clans all began casting their supreme secret techniques to trap Hong Lian. It was different from before since they were not offensive secret techniques but techniques to entrap.

They all knew that Rui Jin and the others were protected by origin energy armors. No matter how powerful the attacks were, it would be difficult to injure them.

The people from the Changyang clan did not interfere. As soon as they did anything, it would be equivalent to becoming everyone’s enemy.

“I’d like to see whether you have the ability to trap me,” the phoenix said in human tongue. Her eyes had already become completely red as roaring flames leaped about them.

“Jian Chen, enter the artifact s.p.a.ce,” Hei Yu commanded Jian Chen. His complexion had already become very dark as black blood flowed continuously from the corner of his mouth. The poison was much more potent than he had imagined.

At this moment, the entire place began to shake. The entire Death Nest seemed to violently tremble, causing to everyone to lose their footing.

Closely after the trembling, a swathe of extremely dense red mist appeared from the depths of the Death Nest. It seemed to be completely created from blood as the grudges of the dead and Yin Qi cowered away.

“It’s Baleful Yin Force. It’s actually the Baleful Yin Force of the Bloodsword sect…”

“Impossible. How can there be Baleful Yin Force in the Death Nest…”

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1159: A Powerful Existence (Three)

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