Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1160: The Blood-Red Skeleton

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Chapter 1160: The Blood-red Skeleton

A series of exclamations rang out. Disbelief flooded the faces of many people. The people from the ten protector clans were affected in particular. They were all shocked inside.

There were descriptive records of everything within the Death Nest in the ten protetor clans. All of the information originated from the countless times their ancestors had explored the land, and they had recorded everything about the place. However, the existence of Baleful Yin Force in the Death Nest had never been mentioned. There was only copious amounts of Yin Qi and grudges.

“The Baleful Yin Force is a special, secret technique of the Bloodsword sect. Does that mean there is an expert of the Bloodsword sect cultivating here?”

“That’s impossible. I’ve met experts of the Bloodsword sect before. It’s impossible for their Baleful Yin Force to appear here, and the energy that has just appeared is countless times more powerful.”

“What terrifying Baleful Yin Force. Even so far away, my soul is still affected. It feels like it’s being siphoned away by the Baleful Yin Force.”

All the Saint Kings’ expressions changed. They all stared at the extremely dense, blood-red mist in shock. The Baleful Yin Force did not approach them, but their souls were all affected anyway. This filled them all with deep shock.

Tian Jian also became extremely stern. He stared at the Baleful Yin Force in interest and gruffly said, “What powerful Baleful Yin Force. It’s actually several hundred times more powerful than Houston’s. How was it created? If it originates from a person, then that person’s strength would be too terrifying.”

Jian Chen stared at the cloud of Baleful Yin Force unblinkingly. He thought inside, “Is uncle Xiu cultivating here? Has he already become a Saint Emperor?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, m.u.f.fled sounds reverberated from the depths of the Death Nest. The ground constantly trembled as a demonic, hundred-meter-tall figure gradually emerged from the cloud of Baleful Yin Force.

All the Saint Kings became stunned when they saw the demonic figure’s appearance. It was actually a hundred-meter-tall skeleton. It was completely blood-red, as if it had bathed in blood. It stood in the Baleful Yin Force and actually seemed to be a part of it.

“The Baleful Yin Force is from this skeleton!” Someone cried out from the crowd. With that, everyone immediately looked closer. Indeed, they discovered that the extremely dense Baleful Yin Force was radiating from every single bone of the skeleton.

The Baleful Yin Force actually originated from the huge skeleton that had appeared out of nowhere. This made many people extremely surprised.

“The skeleton’s formed from countless bones of Saint Emperors. It’s all from the experts that were buried here,” another knowledgeable person cried out. What he said astounded every single Saint King.

“How is this possible? How have the remains that Mo Tianyun buried all those years ago formed such a huge skeleton…”

“Did someone do something to the Death Nest, which is why a huge skeleton has appeared here?”

“The Saint Emperor ancestors of our ten protector clans have searched the Death Nest many times in the past, but rarely did they ever come across the remains of Saint Emperors. Many of them had vanished, so they thought that Mo Tianyun had refined them through a huge formation. Looks like all the remains were hidden away instead…”

“Who hid these remains? Was it Mo Tianyun…”

“The ancestors of my clan were once confused about why Mo Tianyun created a place like this. It looks like Mo Tianyun did not just make this place for the Saints’ Fruit. There’s other secrets that we don’t know about.”

Various discussions arose in the surroundings. The protector clans as well as some of the ancient clans knew many secret regarding the Death Nest. All of them said whatever they knew. Coupled with a few conjectures from other people, all of them immediately thought of a lot of things.

The appearance of the giant skeleton had temporarily attracted everyone’s attention. They had stopped fighting while many of them focused on the skeleton.

At this moment, the blood-red skeleton moved. It extended one of its bony arms and an endless amount of Baleful Yin Force immediately radiated from its bare bones. As a dense, red mist, it rolled toward everyone.

Before the mist had even approached them, all the Saint Kings felt like their heads were splitting open as a stabbing pain appeared in their souls. At that moment, all of them seemed to lose control of their souls. All their souls wanted to fly out of their heads and fly over to the Baleful Yin Force.

All the Saint Kings were extremely shocked. The Baleful Yin Force was just too terrifying. Even with their powerful souls, they struggled to withstand it.

All the Saint Kings dared not stay any longer. They all retreated quickly as if they had seen a ghost. They all became filled with dread because of the Baleful Yin Force.

Jian Chen’s soul was affected just like the other Saint Kings, but two powerful lights of violet and azure erupted in his sea of consciousness soon afterward. The sword spirits used their own strength to protect Jian Chen’s soul.

A bead appeared above Hong Lian and Hei Yu. It lit up with a hazy glow which protected their souls, allowing them to remain unaffected by the Baleful Yin Force.

The five old men from Mercenary City also stopped casting their secret technique. They quickly retreated like everyone. They were exhausted, so they avoided the advancing Baleful Yin Force.

“It’s a pity that using that secret technique consumes far too much energy. We don’t have anything left to try other things with it, or we could try destroying that skeleton with the technique,” one of them became dejected within. He felt rather helpless and regretful.

Mo Tianyun’s figure vanished after it lost their support, and Rui Jin recovered his freedom. A golden light flickered on him as he loudly roared at the sky. The roar was filled with anger, but just when he wanted to charge at the five old men, his face suddenly hardened. He also discovered the change in the situation.

“Rui Jin, let’s leave here quickly. That skeleton is very troublesome,” Hong Lian’s voice rang in Rui Jin’s head. Hong Lian had a.s.sumed a human form already.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1160: The Blood-Red Skeleton

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