Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1165

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Chapter 1165: Gathering of Four Saint Emperors

The five special old men from Mercenary City began to cast their absolutely secret technique again. Since they had consumed a lot of vitality when they had cast the technique the first time, they could be described as close to the end of their lives. They did not have much vitality left, and their lives could be extinguished at any moment. They had reached their final moments, so casting it this time was much more difficult than the first. Just the time they spent charging up was much longer than before.

Jian Chen killed through the crowd with Hei Yu and Hong Lian. He pushed his strength at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King to the maximum, seemingly able to challenge an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King. The saint artifact hovered above his head, blocking powerful attacks from the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Great Perfection from time to time.

Even though that was the case, he was covered in blood. There was his own blood, as well as his opponents' blood. He was littered with wounds, but his strength remained the same and his presence was mighty with his tough Chaotic Body.

Rui Jin and the path lord of carnal desires fight was extremely intense. Both of their strengths had reached the apex so every clash was devastating. Their battle high up the sky had gradually risen to the icy and dark outer s.p.a.ce.

Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and Jian Chen had already charged out of the Saint King's encirclement. At this moment, Hong Lian's armor disa.s.sembled again and turned into hundred-meter-long feathers that burned with endless white flames. It formed a huge wall of fire in the air, obstructing the human Saint Kings.

"I'll stop them. Hei Yu, leave with Jian Chen first." Hong Lian maintained the wall of fire as she turned and gave an order to Hei Yu.

Hei Yu nodded and did not add anything extra. He immediately grabbed Jian Chen by the arm and flew into the distance. He wanted to find some stable s.p.a.ce to create a s.p.a.ce Gate and leave. His condition was even more severe than before. If he did not get it under control in time, he would probably become doomed.

"Leave won't be that easy!" At this moment, a sneer rang through the s.p.a.ce nearby. The s.p.a.ce several hundred meters ahead rippled slightly and two burly men suddenly emerged.

The appearance of the two people caused Jian Chen and Hei Yu's facial expressions to drastically change. Hei Yu stared at them with an ugly expression and growled, "Rulers of the Beast G.o.d Continent, I never thought even you two would come."

The two people were Kaiser and the tiger emperor, but compared to last time, they were both distinctly pale.

Kaiser stared at the saint artifact above Jian Chen for a while and a gleam of light flashed through his eyes. He sneered, "Hand over the Saints' Fruit and we won't make things difficult for you."

Jian Chen put the saint artifact away. The white tiger was currently hiding within it, so he needed to remove all possibilities of Kaiser stealing the saint artifact. Afterward, with a flip of his hand, a ruined divine hall appeared. It was the Octoterra Divine Hall that had been smashed to pieces by Kaiser before.

The divine hall had always been repairing itself, but it was rather slow, so it only seemed to be in a little better shape than before. It could still withstand a few attacks from Saint Emperors, however.

"Looks like the lesson from the barrier spirit of Mercenary City still wasn't enough. Do you still want to suffer the same outcome as well?"

A sliver of fear flashed through the very depths of Kaiser and the tiger emperor's eyes when they heard him mention the barrier spirit. They had already developed a fearful mentality for the barrier spirit since it was an existence that had truly surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor.

However, Kaiser's eyes turned icy once again without much time. He coldly said, "We were too close to Mercenary City last time, which was why we disturbed the barrier spirit. It's very far away from Mercenary City here, so it's impossible for the barrier spirit to come here. You better give up on the thought of relying on it."

The terrifying temperature from behind suddenly disappeared. Hong Lian had re-equiped the Ninerefined G.o.dfire Feathermail. She was coated in terrifying white flames as she then charged toward Kaiser as a white streak. She did not pay any attention to the human experts behind. The two Saint Emperors of the Beast G.o.d Continent were far more terrifying than them, and she knew it would be very difficult to escape once they got near Jian Chen.

Hei Yu clenched his teeth. Even though he was heavily poisoned, he had no other choice right now. All he could do was reluctantly charged up with his machete and keep the tiger emperor busy.

A dragon's roar rang across the sky. Rui Jin had noticed the situation below as he fought against the path lord and immediately abandoned his opponent to return. He shot through the sky as a dazzling golden streak of light, just like a comet. He quickly made his way to the ground.

"Golden Divine Dragon, our battle is still not over!" The path lord also used his Saint Emperor abilities, moving faster than Rui Jin. He first blocked Rui Jin before striking with a hand full of vast energy. He stopped Rui Jin from providing a.s.sistance.

"Path lord, you're actually working with the experts of the Beast G.o.d Continent." Rui Jin immediately understood the truth behind the matter with some thought. He face became extremely dark.

The path lord said nothing. He used everything he had as a Saint Emperor to keep Rui Jin busy. They went back to outer s.p.a.ce and neither of them could overcome the other.

Jian Chen did not pay attention to the battles of Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu. He immediately used the Illusory Flash, flying off into the distance as fast as he could. He could only depend on himself now.

Kaiser and the tiger emperor sneered at the same time as they watched Jian Chen leave. Kaiser steadily questioned, "Cangqiong, you're still not going to start moving? The sooner you take it, the sooner we can get back."

Another figure appeared in the empty air. It was a white-clothed old man whose silver hair danced in the wind. He possessed an otherworldly charm and seemed to possess the presence of an immortal.

The third Saint Emperor of the Beast G.o.d Continent had come to the Tian Yuan Continent as well. With all three of them present, only the greatest powers of the ten protector clans could stop them.

All the human experts' expressions changed, becoming ashen. All three Saint Emperors of the Beast G.o.d Continent had gathered here and the human Saint Emperor had switched sides, working with them to steal the Saints' Fruit. What other power did they have to face them?

"Is the Saints' Fruit going to end up with the magical beasts this time?" A feeling of powerlessness engulfed many Saint Kings from the protector clans and the ancient clans, coupled with a deep disgrace. The Saints' Fruit was a sacred item of the humans, and it had always been consumed by humans since ancient times. It had never been taken away by magical beasts. It would become an unredeemable disgrace etched into history if the Saints' Fruit ended up with the magical beasts.

Cangqiong levitated in the sky as he looked at Jian Chen's back. A gleam of light flickered in his eyes as he hesitated, "The Saints' Fruit has actually been obtained by him. He's the person who's looked after the Winged Tiger G.o.d for so many years. He's the Winged Tiger G.o.d's savior, so do I lay my hands on him or not? Do I let him take the fruit and let him reach Saint Emperor? Or do I take the fruit so that Kaiser and the tiger emperor can heal up?"

At this moment, a vast presence appeared far away. It was as powerful as a Saint Emperor's, and actually momentarily drew the attention of the three Beast G.o.d Continent experts.

After charging up for so long, the five old men from Mercenary City finally used the absolutely secret technique again. The five of them poured their strength together and used their remaining vital energies to conjure Mo Tianyun's image.

"The Saints' Fruit is a sacred item of the humans. It can be taken by any human, but it can never end up with outsiders," the five old men said in unison. Afterward, Mo Tianyun extended his hand and expanded to be three thousand meters long. He grabbed at Cangqiong, and as the hand fell, it actually froze the s.p.a.ce there, preventing Cangqiong from running away. He ended up being trapped by the giant hand.

Booms constantly rang from the giant hand. Cangqiong was currently attacking with everything he had in attempt to break through the hand.

The five old men trembled violently. They became extremely pale. The secret technique was supported by their vital energies, so it was equivalent to siphoning away their lives. It had already been very difficult for the five of them to cast the secret technique a second time in their current conditions, so they had literally put their lives on the line. They could not last for very long.

"Do it!" At the same time, the great elders of the Changyang clan secretly communicated with each other. They formed seals with their hands at the same time and used an ancient secret technique.

"Borrowing from the forces of the world, Locus Reversal!" They called out at the same time. Suddenly, they disappeared, having moved to another location through the ancient secret technique. They had switched positions with the rock beside Jian Chen, arriving by his side instantaneously.

"Don't resist! Relax!" Changyang Zu Xiao spoke in a stern voice. They formed hand seals again and used the Locus Reversal a second time. This time, they traveled several dozen kilometers, appearing in a region of empty land with Jian Chen.

"The people of the Changyang clan had escaped with the Saints' Fruit!" The other humans all reacted by crying out. They quickly pursued.

Changyang Qing Yun glanced past the people pursuing them and heavily said, "The s.p.a.ce here is unstable, so it's very difficult to create a s.p.a.ce Gate. Let's go!" The other great elders did not hesitate at all, immediately leaving the area as quickly as possible with Jian Chen.

"G.o.d dammit, how did it end up like this!?" Kaiser and the tiger emperor could not help but swear. They were extremely irritated. Originally, they had thought everything would be flawless, but never did they think that Cangqiong would end up trapped, allowing Jian Chen to flee with the Saints' Fruit.

"Little phoenix, you're much stronger than before but still not enough to injure me. I have matters to attend to today, so I'll fight with you some other day," Kaiser growled. He wanted to go chase Jian Chen.

However, Hong Lian immediately sent the Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin at Kaiser with terrifying white flames, forcing him to face it seriously. He had no time to chase Jian Chen.

"Before we decide victory today, you won't be leaving!" Hong Lian coldly said. Her attacks became more intense before pinning Kaiser down. Hei Yu was the same, using everything he had to keep the tiger emperor busy and prevent him from leaving.

Although the path lord and Rui Jin fought an intense battle in outer s.p.a.ce, they always paid attention to what was happening below. Seeing how Jian Chen had actually fled with the Saints' Fruit, the path lord immediately panicked. He no longer bothered with Rui Jin, wanting to pursue Jian Chen.

"Human Saint Emperor, our battle is still not over!"

With a golden flash of light, Rui Jin slashed across the top of the path lord's head while he was distracted. He cut through some hair, almost injuring the path lord.

The path lord was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated. His face was pale-white. He had said the same thing to Rui Jin just before. He did not think that the same line would be thrown back to him so quickly.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1165

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