Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1204: Feng Yixiao’S Enemy

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Chapter 1204: Feng Yixiao’s Enemy

A sliver of burning desire finally appeared in Dugu Feng’s eyes. This was a desire to become a Saint King. Jian Chen’s words had influenced him very much.

“It’s just a pity that Sans is out on a mission and not here. Otherwise, there would be one more person at the table with us. Speaking of which, Sans should take up the position as captain,” Jian Chen rather regretfully lamented.

“The Flame Mercenaries may have been founded by Sans’ father, but his strength is still low. If he becomes captain, it’ll become difficult for everyone to follow his orders. It might result in fractures within the mercenaries as well,” Dugu Feng fearlessly replied.

Jian Chen did not get mad, “Right now, we need Sans to grow up properly. Once he has enough strength, I’ll pa.s.s on the position to him so he can take over his father’s organization. I’ll be able to hand it over for his father.”

With that, Jian Chen’s eyes froze. He looked toward the east. He seemed to be able to see through many obstructions and everything that happened outside could not escape his eyes even though he was inside.

“There’s someone who has come with ill intentions. Looks like I’ve come at the perfect time,” Jian Chen mentioned in a heavy voice as he slowly lowered his cup.

“What! Someone’s come looking for trouble?” Bi Lian obviously heard Jian Chen’s mutterings. She became shocked. There was no one on the continent who did not know the name of the Flame Mercenaries. Ever since they had taken the city back from the Extinguis.h.i.+ng Alliance, they had established their strength, such that all the major organizations on the continent would fear them. There was no one who dared to cause trouble for the Flame Mercenaries now, so Bi Lian had even begun to doubt if she had heard what Jian Chen had said correctly.

Surprise appeared in Bi Hai’s eyes as well. Other than the ten protector clans of the continent, there was no one who would dare to provoke them with Jian Chen’s infamy as the captain. Even the ten protector clans were extremely fearful of Jian Chen.

“Perhaps it’s a group even more tremendous than the protector clans?” At this moment, an odd thought actually crossed Bi Hai’s head, but he soon made a self-deprecating smile.

Suddenly, a vast presence appeared in the sky, almost enveloping the entire city. The presence possessed the violence and boldness of a vicious beast. The howls of wolves seemed to ring out when the presence appeared.

This was the powerful presence of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. It immediately pressed down upon countless mercenaries in the city to the point where they could not breath. Many people became pale-white as they felt like a mountain was squas.h.i.+ng their chest, suffocating them.

The mercenaries were not powerful. There were only a few Heaven Saint Masters and most of them were not even Earth Saint Masters, so they were unable to endure the presence of a Saint Ruler.

A young man who seemed to be around thirty years of age hovered in the air above the city with his arms crossed. His eyes were slightly closed, and he was emotionless, staring fixedly at the city lord’s estate below.

“Who dares to cause trouble in Flame City!? Name yourself!” Someone yelled out from the estate, and with that voice, five old men shot into the sky from various parts of the estate. They were lightning fast and were out of the building in a flash before disappearing from where they were. They reappeared in the sky, facing the young man.

The five Saint Rulers were all people who had joined the Flame Mercenaries. Aside from Bi Hai, they were the only other Saint Rulers in the entire city.

The black-robed man on one side clearly recognized the young man among the five of them. His eyes narrowed and his complexion became rather unnatural. He exclaimed, “It’s actually you, the wolf king of greed, Feng Yixiao.”

The young man glared at the old man and coldly smiled, “Gu Tu, I’ve searched you for five whole decades. I never thought that you’d actually be hiding in the Flame Mercenaries, which sure was unexpected. I let you escape last time, but I’d like to see where you run this time.” With that, Feng Yixiao’s presence skyrocketed. The powerful energy of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler leaked from his body, which vaguely condensed into a howling wolf. Immediately, the wind began to blow wildly as energy of the world surged messily through the air.

The five Saint Ruler all became extremely stern as fear filled the depths of their eyes. Their senses were exceptional, and they could tell that Feng Yixiao was at the peak of the Ninth Heavenly Layer. He was a terrifying existence with half a foot planted across the threshold of Saint King, so he was even more terrifying than most Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. On the other hand, the strongest of the five of them had only reached the Fifth Heavenly Layer recently while the weakest was only at the Second Heavenly Layer. They were nowhere near Feng Yixao’s level, so even if they worked together, they would not be able to defeat Feng Yixiao if they really began to fight.

“Feng Yixiao, this is the base of the Flame Mercenaries. I am a great protector of the mercenaries, so I cannot allow you to act so brazenly here. Are you not afraid of offending the Flame Mercenaries and declaring war against us?” Gu Tu asked His enmity with Feng Yixiao was irreconcilable, and he had almost died to Feng Yixiao’s hands fifty years ago, but he managed to flee in the end out of luck. Now that Feng Yixiao had come knocking on the door again, he was even more powerful than fifty years ago. Gu Tu could not flee even if he wanted to, so all he could do was rely on the Flame Mercenaries to scare him away.

Feng Yixiao’s killing intent in his eyes became denser. He coldly said, “Gu Tu, this is the enmity between the two of us. It has nothing to do with the Flame Mercenaries, so quit trying to scare me off by bringing them up.”

Gu Tu laughed aloud. He looked at Feng Yixiao like he was looking at a joke, “Legend has it that the wolf king of greed is afraid of nothing and always does as he wishes. No one can stop him, much less change his mind. Looks like that is untrue today, being scared like this by the Flame Mercenaries.”

Feng Yixiao’s eyes grew colder as fury filled his face. Powerful killing intent began to radiate out uncontrollably. What Gu Tu had said had completely agitated him.

“Feng Yixiao, you will never have the chance to kill me. Of course, unless you don’t want to live since you are taking on the risk of becoming a public enemy of the Flame Mercenaries by attempting to kill a great protector of the Flame Mercenaries.” Gu Tu became even more fearless when he saw how Feng Yixiao was fearful of the Flame Mercenaries. He began laughing aloud. Back then, he had almost pa.s.sed away after being hunted down by Feng Yixiao, so he hated him very much. He could finally vent all of his anger now.

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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1204: Feng Yixiao’S Enemy

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