Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1218: Proceeding To The Ice Goddess Hall (One)

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Chapter 1218: Proceeding to the Ice G.o.ddess Hall (One)

Jian Chen and Nubis searched through the Darkness Divine Hall again after removing the Saint Tier Battle Skill, but it was a pity that they did not obtain anything else. Jian Chen was still very satisfied, however, since a complete Saint Tier Battle Skill was the greatest item he could have found.

Jian Chen and Nubis left the Darkness Divine Hall and returned to the other people’s side. They saw that the experts of the Bloodsword sect had already been waiting for quite some time, as they had already killed off the several thousand of the Underworld sect.

“Sect master, where’s Luo Qi? And the sect master of the Underworld sect, Gu Zhen? I suspect that he’s still alive and probably hiding somewhere in the divine hall,” Jiang w.a.n.g asked courteously. He felt rather surprised when he did not see Luo Qi’s corpse.

“They’ve fled. I never thought that they hid a s.p.a.ce Gate in the divine hall,” Jian Chen said with some regret.

Rui Jin furrowed his brows slightly with that. He said, “In my Dragon’s Domain, s.p.a.ce Gates can’t form at all. How can they flee through a s.p.a.ce Gate? I’ll go check out the place where they used the ‘s.p.a.ce Gate.’” Rui Jin entered the ruined divine hall with that while Jian Chen and the others followed behind.

In the room Luo Qi and the old man had fled from, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, Jian Chen, and the others stood around, examining the formation on the floor.

“This isn’t a s.p.a.ce Gate.” Hong Lian fixedly stared at the formation on the ground and realized that there was something wrong very quickly. Fixed s.p.a.ce Gates were similar to the formation on the ground, but there was an extremely clear difference between the two.

“Correct. This isn’t a s.p.a.ce Gate, but an ancient teleportation formation. I never thought that something like this would be here. No wonder they managed to flee my Dragon’s Domain,” said Rui Jin.

“An ancient teleportation formation?” Jian Chen murmured. He was filled with curiosity, and even Jiang w.a.n.g and Nubis became doubtful.

Rui Jin explained, “I’ve only found information regarding the teleportation formation from my inherited memories. These formations only appeared in ancient times and were extremely valuable. Not only do they have similar uses as s.p.a.ce Gates, able to teleport a certain number of people or things, they’re completely unaffected by the surrounding s.p.a.ce, so they can be used even in heavily distorted or even shattered s.p.a.ce. The teleportation distance is extremely far away as well and can break through all limitations of s.p.a.ce. They are far more powerful than s.p.a.ce Gates.

“But according to my inherited memories, even in ancient times, these formations were extremely rare. No one knows their origins, and there was no one who could make them because the requirements for creating one were just far too great. You would need to reach an utmost mastery with formations and then possess an extremely great comprehension of s.p.a.ce. No one could fulfil these two requirements in ancient times, especially in regard to the comprehension of s.p.a.ce. Even the level of Saint Emperors was nowhere near enough. The teleportation formations from ancient times seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and were slowly used up. I never thought I’d actually see one today.”

“I never thought that the Underworld sect would actually be in possession of such a valuable teleportation formation. Looks like they were not fated to die today.” Jian Chen thought. After learning about the teleportation formation, he knew that it was impossible to stop them from getting away today.

“The former sect master of the Underworld sect, Gu Zhen, is still likely to be alive. Looks like he left with Luo Qi. I just wonder if Gu Zhen has fully healed from his wounds and whether he’s made any improvements in his cultivation. A thousand years ago, Gu Zhen was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King, so if he did, that would be troublesome,” Jiang w.a.n.g worried.

“Vice sect master, don’t worry. Uncle Xiu has handed the Blood Divine Hall to me. I’ll give you control of the divine hall, so even if the sect master makes a full recovery, he won’t be able to do anything to you with the divine hall,” said Jian Chen.

They did not stick around for long, leaving the desert very quickly. All the s.p.a.ce Rings from the were handed to Jian Chen as well, but Jian Chen only glanced through them. He pa.s.sed them all to Jiang w.a.n.g after seeing that there was nothing that he needed in them. Although there were quite a decent amount of wealth in all the s.p.a.ce Rings, money no longer held any true value to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not return to the base of the Bloodsword sect. After handing over the divine hall he had obtained from uncle Xiu, he went to the Changyang clan with Rui Jin and the others.

Since they had already confirmed that at least two Saint Kings had managed to flee, the Bloodsword sect needed to make preparations to protect themselves. Currently, they only had Jiang w.a.n.g as their Saint King, and he was only of the Third Heavenly Layer. He was not an opponent of any of the Saint Kings that managed to flee, so handing the divine hall to Jiang w.a.n.g could protect them against Luo Qi and Gu Zhen’s revenge.

Pondering over the problem after returning to the Changyang clan, Jian Chen still ended up getting You Yue to watch over the Flame Mercenaries for a while. Although You Yue was still weak, he clearly felt much safer about it when he thought about You Yue’s powerful master.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had already helped him enough in recent times, so Jian Chen could not shamelessly request them to watch over the Flame Mercenaries.

Jian Chen had sent out all the scouts of the Bloodsword sect as well, searching for the experts who had fled everywhere on the continent. Although Jian Chen knew that it would probably amount to nothing, he would not give up on the slightest hope. Every single day that the Saint Kings were still alive would be another day he was unable to be at peace.

In recent times, the most popular topic of discussions across the continent was the Bloodsword sect. The Bloodsword sect that had vanished for a thousand years had actually reappeared. Not only did it draw a great deal of attention from various organizations, the sect even did something that shocked countless people. All the hidden bases of the Underworld sect scattered across the continent were found by the Bloodsword sect and washed with blood.

An even more shocking piece of news swept through the continent closely after that. The Underworld sect that had existed for over a hundred thousand years on the continent had actually been wiped out by the Bloodsword sect, stunning countless people. The disturbance created by the news was so great that even Mercenary City and the three great empires were affected.

After all, the Bloodsword sect was an organization equivalent to an ancient clan. Coupled with Houston, who was at the Great Perfection of Saint King, they would be an absolute existence even among ancient clans. It was impossible for such a great organization to not cause a disturbance after it suddenly returned.

Jian Chen did not pay attention to the commotion on the continent while he stayed in the Changyang clan. He was currently with his second aunt, Yu Fengyan, in a pavilion within the garden. Yu Fengyan’s eyes were red and swollen; streaks of tears covered her face. She constantly used her silk handkerchief to wipe away more tears.

She had missed her daughter for many years now. Other than returning once when Jian Chen had been forced off the continent, she had not received any news of Changyang Mingyue since, which made Yu Fengyan worry since she only had one daughter. She basically spent all her time thinking about her daughter, and she had become much more haggard after all these years of longing.

Yu Fengyan’s yearning for her daughter reached an unprecedented peak with Changyang Hu’s return. She finally came and found Jian Chen after no longer able to hold it in.

“Xiangtian, I know you’re a famed expert of the continent now, but I miss Mingyue far too much. Can you take me to see Mingyue? I’m begging you. I just want to catch a single glance of her and then I’ll be happy,” sobbed Yu Fengyan. She was extremely saf.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1218: Proceeding To The Ice Goddess Hall (One)

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