Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1244: Disaster Of The Ice Goddess Hall

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Chapter 1244: Disaster of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall

“My true ident.i.ty is not important, and I obviously have methods to return here,” Mo Tianyun faintly smiled. He was very much ease. He caught a glance of the three destroyed saint artifacts below and with a gentle wave of his hand, the destroyed pieces immediately flew over, still covered in a thin layer of frost. They hovered by his side.

Protector Shui’s gaze was very sharp as she stared unblinkingly at Mo Tianyun. She did not stop what he was doing, however.

Mo Tianyun indifferently glanced over the three ruined saint artifacts. The thin layer of frost melted at a visible rate before dripping from the weapons. However, when the water droplets struck the freezing surface of ice below, they did not refreeze. Instead, they melted deep holes through the tough ice, as if they contained a terrifying amount of heat.

In the blink of an eye, the thin layer of frost had disappeared and the suppressed glow of the treasures began to flicker. However, the glows were extremely dull.

Mo Tianyun slowly extended his hand to gently rub the broken places on the saint artifacts. His hand did not contain any presence of energy and seemed completely normal, but under his hand, the saint artifacts slowly closed up. In just a short while, Rui Jin’s Sacred Dragon’s Sword, Hong Lian’s Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin, and Hei Yu’s machete had returned to how they had looked before. The two pieces had fused back together.

At the same time, the origin energy that radiated from the three saint artifacts was actually even more abundant than before.

Protector Shui’s eyes narrowed suddenly when she saw this. Her face became filled with disbelief. Destroying low-level saint artifacts was obviously a piece of cake for experts at her level, but repairing one was not simple at all. Mo Tianyun had used a few short seconds to completely repair the three broken saint artifacts. There was no way she could have done something like that.

With the saint artifacts repaired, Mo Tianyun then pointed once at each of the three frozen magical beasts. With a crisp explosion, the thin layer of frost that had trapped Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu burst apart, scattering in the air as ice.

However, Rui Jin, Hong Lian and Hei Yu did not recover immediately. Not only had the coldness frozen them into statues, it had frozen their energy and the signs of life within them, even their souls. However, with the layer of frost gone, the coldness within them lost its source so it began to rapidly weaken.

The three of them slowly recovered their frozen energies and signs of life. Their souls had always been protected by their pearls, so even though they had lost their connection to the outside world, they could still feel the coldness rapidly weaken very clearly.

Without any hesitation, the three of them immediately used all they had to circulate their energy and purge the coldness. The residual energy dispersed very quickly with their full power, allowing the three of them to finally regain their freedom.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu immediately opened their eyes. They saw a white-robed man standing with his back to them at first glance, separating them from protector Shui. Their origin energy weapons hovered in front of him.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with shock. They were not stupid, so they immediately realized that this person was definitely responsible for their escape. However, what filled them with disbelief was that in an age where even Saint Emperors were rare, there was another expert that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor alive. They were greatly affected by this piece of news.

The three saint artifacts in front of Mo Tianyun flew to them as streaks of light. At the same time, Mo Tianyun’s voice rang out, “Take these items and leave here. Immediately find a place to enter seclusion. Do not emerge until you become Saint Emperors. The Tian Yuan Continent will be in for war soon, and the outcome is difficult to predict!”

“Yes, senior!” Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu courteously bowed to Mo Tianyun before leaving with their saint artifacts. Even after leaving, they wondered just who that man was, but before sovereign-like people who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor, they dared not ask. This was because they understood that even Saint Emperors would be as weak as ants before experts like him, let alone them, Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

Protector Shui did not even glance at the three of them. Her gaze was fixed on Mo Tianyun for the entire process. Finally, she said in a cold voice, “Mo Tianyun, have you come just to save them?”

Mo Tianyun shook his head, “I’ve used so much effort to come down not because I want to save them. I do however have some news regarding the Ice G.o.ddess Hall, which I think will interest you.”

Protector Shui narrowed her eyes and her breathing became slightly hurried. She had already left the Saints’ World for over three million years. She had not heard any news of it the entire time.

“What news? Speak!” Protector Shui’s ice-cold voice became rather eager. She knew that Mo Tianyun had probably come down from the Saints’ World and that he knew the most recent news. However, she could sense something bad from the way Mo Tianyun spoke.

Mo Tianyun said, “This might not be good news to you. Among the four protectors of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall, all of them have advanced from G.o.dking into the Primoridal realm except for you, Shui Yunlan, who has to endure the fact that you cannot make any progress in cultivation by coming to a lower world to wait painfully for the reincarnated Snow G.o.ddess.”

“So what? Wu Han, Bing Qin, and Cai Xia’s talent isn’t any worse than mine. In such a long amount of time, it’s logical for them to reach the Primordial realm,” Protector Shui coldly replied. If that was the bad news Mo Tianyun was referring to, she had no need to become so nervous.

“It indeed would be nothing if that was all of it. However, you probably would never have thought that Wu Han would become a traitor and would trap Bing Qin and Cai Xia. Two of the three elders have fallen while the remaining one has fled with heavy injuries. Their whereabouts are unknown. The Ice G.o.ddess Hall is basically under Wu Han’s control now, and Wu Han has already entered the forbidden grounds to go to where the Ice G.o.ddess is healing. She wants to lay her hands on the Ice G.o.ddess while she is heavily injured,” said Mo Tianyun.

Protector Shui was greatly astounded. Mo Tianyun’s news was just far too shocking, to the point where she struggled to believe it.

“Impossible, that’s impossible. Even if Wu Han reaches the Primordial realm, she’ll only be an Infinite Prime at most. How can she become a traitor? And the three elders of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall are all Chaotic Primes. It’s impossible for Wu Han to be the opponents of the three elders. How could she have killed two of them,” protector Shui cried out. She had considered the fact that Mo Tianyun might be tricking her, but she could vaguely feel that Mo Tianyun would not use something so absurd to try to trick her.

“With Wu Han’s strength, it’s indeed impossible, but it’s a whole different story if there’s someone helping her,” said Mo Tianyun.

“Who? Who is helping Wu Han?” Protector Shui’s voice became shrill and heavy killing intent filled her icy-cold eyes.

“Nan Potian!” Mo Tianyun stressed each syllable.

Protector Shui s.h.i.+vered inside, “Nan Potian? The Nan Potian of the Moon G.o.d Hall?”

“Correct. The Moon G.o.d has disappeared. It’s rumored that the Moon G.o.d died after failing to break through to Grand Prime. The Moon G.o.d Hall is under Nan Potian’s control now. The elders of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall suffered sneak attacks from him. Two died and one was injured. Other than that, I learned that Wu Han is having an affair with Nan Potian.”

With that, protector Shui suddenly jerked as sorrow filled her eyes. If her face was visible, it would have been sheet-white. All of the members of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall were female and every single member needed to maintain their purity. Having their bodies contaminated by men was an unforgivable crime. This was a particularly harsh rule for the four protectors. If one of them were contaminated by men, all four of them would be punished.

“Then what’s the situation of her majesty?” Protector Shui urgently asked. She had already guess that the person who had actually moved against the Ice G.o.ddess was probably Nan Potian of the Moon G.o.d Hall. Although the forbidden grounds of the Ice G.o.ddess were protected by very powerful formations, Nan Potian was a Chaotic Prime. He was daring enough to lay his hands on the Ice G.o.ddess, so he definitely had something he could rely on.

“That I do not know. This is all that I know actually. If you don’t want the Snow G.o.ddess to fall into the hands of Nan Potian, it’s best if you don’t return to the Saints’ World. Even if you do, you can’t go to the Ice G.o.ddess Hall,” Mo Tianyun sternly explained.

Protector Shui calmed down very quickly. Light flickered in her eyes as she paid close attention to Mo Tianyun, “Mo Tianyun, why are you telling me this? Are you connected to the Ice G.o.ddess Hall in a certain way?”

Mo Tianyun’s face suddenly sunk and instantly became filled with fury. He said heavily, “I am not connected to the Ice G.o.ddess Hall, but Nan Potian meddled with my affairs, so I obviously will disrupt his plans.”

Protector Shui came to an understanding with Mo Tianyun’s explanation. No wonder Mo Tianyun had purposefully come over to tell her this. He had an enmity with Nan Potian.

Mo Tianyun continued, “There’s something else. You’re not allowed to touch Jian Chen here or interfere with any of his matters.”

“You probably don’t know who Jian Chen is. His existence is a hidden threat to our Saints’ World,” replied protector Shui coldly. She did not want her change her plans at all in regards to this.

Mo Tianyun looked at her in scorn and said, “Shui Yunlan, I know much more than you. However, I feel like you should consider how you will make it through the disaster of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall and not do things that are rather pointless. At the same time, with Jian Chen’s connection with the Snow G.o.ddess, he might end up as a crucial figure in a.s.sisting you overcome this problem.”

“Hmph. Her majesty the Ice G.o.ddess was injured by the Immortal Exalt from the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, and she still remains injured. Isn’t the problem we currently face caused by that Immortal Exalt? We don’t need the successor of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens interfering with matters of our Ice G.o.ddess Hall,” snorted protector Shui coldly.

“Then compare it to the survival or death of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall. I have delivered my message, and I wish you all the best.” Mo Tianyun did not say anything more. He threw that out before silently vanis.h.i.+ng.

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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1244: Disaster Of The Ice Goddess Hall

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