Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1431

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Chapter 1431: Ten-thousand-year Icesouls (Three)

"Sister!" Jian Chen beamed with delight when he saw Changyang Mingyue. He temporarily put the matter of Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu aside and immediately walked over.

"Brother, you've finally come. I've waited for you for so many years already. It's been way more than the single year we agreed on before," Changyang Mingyue brightly smiled at Jian Chen as she stood at the entrance of the divine hall. She had spoken like she chastising Jian Chen, but she had no intentions of angering him at all.

Jian Chen smiled apologetically. He had always been busy with the revival of the sea G.o.ddess during that time. He had gone into the Sea of Despair with Yadriam in search of the sea G.o.ddess' supreme divine hall and just that had taken a very long time. When the two of them had returned with the divine hall, the agreed time had pa.s.sed long ago. Afterward, he had to handle the sea G.o.ddess' resurrection ceremony and stop the two other hall elders.

Returning to the Tian Yuan Continent after that, he needed to handle the invasion of the foreign world, so he was just busy, forcing him to temporarily put off the promise, all the way until today.

Jian Chen gave Changyang Mingyue a simple explanation and Changyang Mingyue immediately smiled, "Brother, you don't need to explain things to me. I'm not blaming you." Changyang Mingyue gently sighed as she reached there, "It's just a pity that I haven't been able to leave the Ice G.o.ddess Hall in all these years, making you suffer so much all by yourself. Otherwise, I would have helped you no matter what and taught all those enemies that have made things difficult for you a lesson."

Jian Chen smiled from the bottom of his heart when he heard her words. He said, "Sister, I now possess that strength. All my past enemies are no longer my opponent, even if they are Saint Emperors."

"Yeah, you've become so impressive now. You conducted a slaughter against the Saint Emperors of the foreign world, none of them were your opponent. You killed at least two hundred of them. I learned all this from protector Shui. Sigh, and I had thought that I was very powerful now, but I've only just discovered that I'm still not as great as you," Changyang Mingyue smiled. She did not become depressed at all and became happy for Jian Chen instead. She felt proud of her brother's strength.

"Brother, why don't you quickly tell me about the interesting things you've come across over the past few years. I'm extremely curious as to how your strength has increased so quickly," Changyang Mingyue asked out of interest.

Jian Chen gently smiled and soon gave a brief overview of everything that had happened to him over the past few years. However, he described many events in a single sentence and did not go into detail, including the matter regarding the Xuanhuang Microcosm. It was not because he did not trust Changyang Mingyue, but he was worried about revealing something to protector Shui, who had an unfathomable strength.

Jian Chen did not know how strong protector Shui was even now, whether she was of the Origin realm or at G.o.dhood. He believed that even his communication techniques would not be able to hide what he said from her ears.

"Sister, seniors Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu who came with me a few years ago were sealed up here by protector Shui. I am completely in debt to the three of them. It's even possible to say that I would not still be alive if it wasn't for the three of them. Please help me persuade protector Shui to release the three seniors," said Jian Chen. He knew that he could only rely on his sister to save the three of them with his current strength.

"What! Something like that happened? This protector Shui is going more and more overboard, even laying her hands on your saviors. Let's go. I'll take you to see protector Shui right now," Changyang Mingyue was furious. She really cared about her brother. To her, his saviors were her saviors as well. Protector Shui's treatment of the three of them had angered her once again.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1431

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