Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1432

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Chapter 1432: The Fifth Layer of the Chaotic Body (One)

Finally, Jian Chen ran out of options. He could only accept the extremely precious ten-thousand-year-old Icesoul.

The extreme coldness within the Icesoul had been removed, but it was unable to change its base properties. As a result, it still felt like ice to Jian Chen when he held is in his hand. However, he did not feel cold at all. Instead, he felt warm inside.

He understood just how important the Icesoul was to Changyang Mingyue. If it was used by her, the increase in strength she would gain would definitely be greater than if it was used on himself. After all, he practiced the Chaotic Body. The energy required to progress through each layer was incalculably large. However, Changyang Mingyue did not think about herself at all. She was willing to progress a little slower just to help him, which touched Jian Chen.

"Brother, come. I'll find a room for you and then I will personally watch over you so that you can absorb the entire Icesoul," Changyang Mingyue pulled Jian Chen toward a room meant for cultivation.

Jian Chen did not resist. He knew just how determined his sister was and that it would be useless no matter how he resisted. All he could do was burn her kindness deeply into his heart and never forget about it.

Jian Chen entered a cavern of ice under Changyang Mingyue's lead. Coldness filled the room. It was abundant like the energy of the world. A piece of cus.h.i.+on-like, pure-white ice sat in the center of the room and gave off waves of coldness.

"Brother, protector Shui has said that this piece of profound ice is extraordinary. It will bring you benefits if you cultivate on it. You can emerge after you completely absorb the Icesoul," Changyang Mingyue said as she pointed at the piece of ice. After that, she closed the door to the room with a wave of her hand, leaving Jian Chen in there all by himself. She sat down outside to personally keep guard for Jian Chen.

"Protector Shui, you can't change matters that I've decided on. I know you're thinking about me and that you want me to become even stronger, but it's been tough on my brother in the years he's spent outside. He may no longer be weaker than me now, but I know that he has risked his life to obtain his current powers. When he was suffering outside and being chased around the world by others, I did nothing as a sister. I was unable to help him, but I have the power now. I have to help him this time no matter what. This is my responsibility as a sister," Changyang Mingyue uttered inside as she sat outside the room with her eyes closed.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1432

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