Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1435

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Chapter 1435: Acquaintances of the Past

Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan Continent and descended in the Changyang clan of Lore City. The Changyang clan announced something that shook up the entire continent, causing a great commotion everywhere.

All Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters would experience the chance to become a Saint Ruler if they gathered outside Lore City in three day's time.

All Saint Rulers who had comprehended Saint Tier Battle Skills or were at the Seventh Heavenly Layer or above would have the chance to become a Saint King if they gathered outside Lore City in three day's time.

All Saint Kings at the Eighth Heavenly Layer or above would have the chance of becoming a Saint Emperor if they gathered outside Lore City in three day's time.

These three pieces of information spread across the entire continent like wildfire soon after the Changyang clan announced them. All the hermit and ancient clans who had isolated themselves from the world received the news. Even the mysterious experts who remained hidden within the wilderness all year round to cultivate received the news from their friends as well. They were all astounded and could not calm down even after a very long time.

The current world lacked origin energy, making it impossible for Saint Emperors to reach the Origin realm and extremely difficult for Saint Kings to reach Saint Emperor. There were countless experts who had devoted their lives to cultivation only to stop at Saint King. On the continent, Saint Emperors had almost stopped appearing entirely. Only the path lord of carnal desires managed to become a Saint Emperor through the creation of his seven emotions and six desires, becoming the only supreme expert for quite some time.

In the eyes of all the Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent, the path to Saint Emperor had fallen apart long ago. Even those who had reached Great Perfection and were only an inch away from Saint Emperor could not avoid the miserable ending of being reduced to a pile of bones.

Yet now, the Changyang clan of Lore City had claimed that they would give Saint Kings a chance to become Saint Emperors. This matter immediately exploded among the Saint Kings, throwing countless people into an uproar.

No one doubted the abilities of the Changyang clan because they were the clan the human sovereign Jian Chen belonged to. Several months ago, a few new Saint Emperors appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent, and they all possessed close ties to Jian Chen. Everyone knew that the reason why these people could skyrocket in strength and all become Saint Emperors was all because of Jian Chen's a.s.sistance.

Some Saint Kings who fulfilled the requirements even ripped open s.p.a.ce Gates to hurry to the Changyang clan the moment they received the news. A few Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters who fulfilled the requirements did not hesitate either. They all ventured to the cities, sects, or clans with s.p.a.ce Gates as soon as they heard the news and paid a large price so that they could make it to Lore City in the shortest amount of time possible.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1435

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