Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1436

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Chapter 1436: Powering Up Together (One)

"Ruler, it doesn't matter whether you're a part of the Turtle clan. You will always be the most respected and greatest ruler to the entire clan. The only reason why we are so glorious today is all because of ruler," an elder of the clan said emotionally. He felt respect from the bottom of his heart for Jian Chen.

"Ruler, my life belongs to you. It doesn't matter whether you're a human or a part of the Sea race, I, Tai Dou, will always treat you as my master," Tai Dou dropped to his knees and said extremely seriously while he kept his head very low.

Jian Chen's emotions became rather mixed as he looked at these people. With a flip of his hand, a neidan appeared. It slowly drifted before the elders of the clan under Jian Chen's control.

The elders of the Turtle clan immediately became fixated on the small neidan. They could sense an extremely dense Turtle clan ruler's Qi within it.

"I obtained this neidan before, and it was exactly because of this that I possessed the ruler's Qi of the Turtle clan. This belongs to your clan, so I am returning it right now," Jian Chen softly said as he sighed inside. It was because of this neidan that he had become connected to the Turtle clan in the sea realm. At the same time, it was also the reason the grand elder had given up his life to save him.

This neidan had added a lot of ups and downs to his journey in the sea realm.

The elders of the Turtle clan remained on their knees. None of them extended their hands to accept the neidan.

Jian Chen said when he saw this, "My connection with the Turtle clan was all brought on by this neidan. Now that the clan has returned to its former glory, I have completed the grand elder's final wish. I will not be going to the Turtle clan very often from now on, so just treat the neidan as something I have left to the clan. After all, this neidan has accompanied me for quite some time in the past."

The Saint Kings of the Turtle clan all became very depressed. They carefully accepted the neidan with heavy emotions and a slight sense of devotedness, holding it in their hands like a treasure that they feared they would break. At that moment, the neidan had become a treasure that had surpa.s.sed all else in their eyes.

This was because this was the item left to them by the greatest ruler in their history. It was something that had accompanied him for quite some time. The neidan was not worth a lot by itself, but it held significant value to the Turtle clan.

"You all have consumed Violet Cloud Peaches to reach Saint King before. The immortal peaches can only be consumed once every hundred years, so you won't be able to take part in this gathering this time," Jian Chen said to them.

"Ruler, we've come this time only to meet you personally. There was nothing else that we wanted," an elder politely replied. He felt no regrets at all. With their original strength, becoming a Saint King would have been an extremely distant dream to them. Some of them would not have been able to reach such a level of cultivation ever. The ruler had let them all become Saint Kings, so they were already extremely delighted.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1436

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