Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1437

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Chapter 1437: Powering Up Together (Two)

There were fewer Comprehension Tea Leaves compared to Violet Cloud Peaches. Jian Chen had only harvested three first grade Comprehension Tea trees and one fifth grade Comprehension Tea tree. Each tree bore eighty-one leaves and he had already used up almost half of the fifth grade Comprehension Tea Leaves.

"The difference in the numbers is just far too great and basically all the Saint Kings of the humans, magical beasts, and Sea race have gathered here. Although there were many of them who did not fulfil the standards, there are still over a hundred people beyond the Eighth Heavenly Layer. Just that would require over a hundred Violet Cloud Peaches and a few of them aren't in possession of talent like Qing Yixuan's, so they'll end up wasting quite a lot of the energy in the heavenly resource. I need to give them immortal peaches that are not of the first grade," Jian Chen murmured to himself as he frowned slightly.

"Other than that, there's several thousand Saint Rulers who reach the standards to become a Saint King. If I just give them an immortal peach each, there won't be enough at all. There's even more Heaven Saint Masters, over ten thousand of them…"

"Looks like the Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers have to share an immortal peach between many people while the Saint Kings can consume an entire peach themselves. However, the people with great potential have to take priority…"

Three days later, Jian Chen finally emerged from the hall under the eager gazes of many Saint Kings. He appeared before all of them.

This was the day Jian Chen had promised to increase everyone's strength. All the Saint Kings of the three races had gathered before the hall Jian Chen had stayed in as they stared at the tightly-shut door with antic.i.p.ation and eagerness. As soon as Jian Chen appeared before them, all their eyes lit up and they politely bowed to him.

"Greetings to sovereign Jian Chen!"

"Greetings to sovereign Jian Chen!"

All the politeness from the Saint Kings originated from the bottom of their hearts. The world followed the rule of the jungle. They respected Jian Chen because of his strength. At the same time, Jian Chen had slain many foreign Saint Emperors in the battle before, protecting the continent. Just that was enough for many people to admire him.

The group of senior members from the Changyang clan stood nearby. They all watched this unfold with smiles. Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba had even teared up in joy. This was all because the person that the Saint Kings greeted was their child.

Jian Chen's elder brother, Changyang Ke, was in the crowd as well. He stared silently at this scene with mixed emotions. He was filled with envy, but his gaze bore some gloominess and dejection.

Out of the four siblings of the Changyang clan, their eldest brother had been chosen by the Pure Heart Pavilion and had been taken there. Their sister had become the saintess of the mysterious Ice G.o.ddess Hall, so she possessed an extraordinary status, while their youngest brother had become the greatest human expert now. He was an existence that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor and deserved the respect of all Saint Kings. Only he remained nameless. Even though his strength had been propelled to Saint Ruler by the Violet Cloud Peaches, he still felt the same as before. Even if he had become a Saint Ruler, he was still a nameless figure.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1437

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