Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1438

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Chapter 1438: Severance of Emotions and Desires

"Why, just why did I need to waste several thousand years to become a Saint Emperor while they only need a few days to become one? Even those Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings have broken through in a few short days, making it through the Ninth Heavenly Layer and Great Perfection permanently.

"Back then, I used my comprehension of the cultivation method for the Pure Heart Pavilion and poured my soul out in order to create a different cultivation method, allowing me to become the only human Saint Emperor. Yet now, there's suddenly over a hundred of them and they've broken through so easily. Why, just why does it have to be so difficult for me and so easy for them? This is unfair. I cannot accept this…"

The path lord sat in a room and roared out. His face had already become warped and, coupled with his sickly appearance, he seemed extremely vicious.

"Jian Chen, it's you. It's all because of you. Sure you cultivate fast, but do you really have to make all these people, who are not related to you at all, become Saint Emperors and make my cultivation, which I spent thousands of years on, not worth a single cent? You're purposefully directing this at me," the path lord gritted his teeth. He was filled with hatred. He blamed Jian Chen for everything.

Originally, the path lord had been the only Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent, the only human Saint Emperor, who even the ancient protector clans didn't easily offend. His name could shake the entire continent, and he was known as the greatest human expert both in name and reality. However, after Jian Chen appeared, everything changed. Not only had Jian Chen taken his status as the greatest human expert, but Jian Chen also received the admiration of everyone. Even worse, Jian Chen was helping many people reach Saint Emperor, allowing the Tian Yuan Continent to gain several dozen Saint Emperors. The path lord's status, which was once the greatest, only dropped lower and lower with each coming day.

"I want to break through. I want to break through Saint Emperor and become an Origin realm sovereign. Today, I'll completely sever my seven emotions and six desires and complete the cultivation path I have created." Madness filled the path lord's eyes. Raising his hand, a powerful force gushed out and smashed through the stone door of the room. He left.

This was a miniature world carved out by the path lord himself. Not a lot of people lived in it, only a few thousand. Other than the several dozen wives of the path lord and his hundred or so children, the others all belonged to the sect that the path lord had created. They were the disciples of the Carnal Desires sect.

The Carnal Desires sect had been founded by the path lord several thousand years ago. All of them cultivated in the miniature world and rarely left, which was why they were not very well-known on the Tian Yuan Continent. Many people did not even know that a sect like this existed.

The place where the path lord cultivated was near the sect. As soon as he emerged, two middle-aged men heard the commotion and flew over from afar. They bowed to the path lord and politely said, "Greetings to the path lord!"

The two men were both Saint Rulers. They were the only two Saint Rulers in the Carnal Desires sect and the strongest experts aside from the path lord. They all practice the cultivation method that the path lord had created.

The path lord was emotionless. His eyes were filled with a cold ruthlessness. His looked at the two men like he was looking at two corpses.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1438

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