Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1442

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Chapter 1442: The Heavenly Enchantress' Father

Lore City of the Gesun Kingdom became as peaceful as it had been before. However, the current Lore City was no longer the same as before. It had become a sacred city on the continent and this sacredness had even spread among the Sea race and magical beasts.

This was because the experts of the three races would never forget the great increase in strength they had experienced there. Not only had the name of the city been permanently engraved in the hearts of the people who had successfully broken through, but even the experts who had not fulfilled the requirements held some respect for the city.

This was because several thousand Saint Kings and several tens of thousands of Saint Rulers had been born outside the ordinary city in just a few short days.

As Lore City became renowned among the three races, the position of city lord became a representation of status as well. Although the city lord of Lore City was not an impressive expert, the position's status increased with the city's fame and became extremely special.

However, the position as city lord had been taken up by a member of the Changyang clan long ago and the king had given the city to the Changyang clan quite some time ago as well.

Although Lore City became as peaceful as it had been before the gathering, everyone felt that the population of the city had clearly increased. Countless unfamiliar people poured into the city daily, forming groups of threes or fives. They were quite powerful and spent extravagantly, clearly originating from large clans or organizations.

However, without any exceptions, all these people of great statuses would immediately become obedient when they entered the city. They would temporarily stay there as if they were on a pilgrimage, gazing in the direction of the Changyang clan from far away. Their eyes would be filled with respect and admiration.

There were even many Sea race, magical beast, and Hundred Races Saint Rulers and Saint Kings who settled there permanently. They all dismissed the violent temperaments they usually showed and become obedient law-abiding citizens of the city.

Although the four races now gathered in Lore City and the city became a great mixture of powerful and weak organizations, with some that had enmity with others, there was no conflict at all to everyone's surprise. No one dared to make trouble in the city, let alone start fighting.

After gaining the agreement from his three aunts, Jian Chen used valuable heavenly resources to purify their bodies and alter their talent in the Changyang clan. They all embarked on a journey of cultivation, just so they could live longer.

Bi Yuntian chose to continue her path as a Radiant Saint Master. The cultivation methods she practiced were valuable ones personally gifted to her by the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union. Coupled with the personal guidance from the president and grand elder whenever they visit the city, Bi Yuntian's cultivation increased extremely quickly.

Jian Chen's uncle, Bi Dao, had consumed a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach and reached Saint Emperor as well. However, since his strength mostly came from venerable Poisonsword, he continued to practice his supreme poison arts after becoming a Saint Emperor. He sparred with Nubis many times to perfect them.

The ancient Tianmu clan had gained two Saint Kings as well, making up for the death of their ancestor and their lack of a Saint King. However, Jun Mohao and w.a.n.g Yinhong had both consumed first grade peaches because of Tianmu Ling, unlike the other Saint Rulers who had only gained a piece. This allowed their strength to increase drastically. They could not be compared to ordinary Saint Kings.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1442

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