Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1464

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Chapter 1464: Martial Soul Force (One)

Jian Chen removed some Ruler Armaments and King Armaments from his s.p.a.ce Ring and gave them to the grand elder and president. He also told them about the method of reviving the Saint Weapons as well as the experience he had gained from his attempts.

Now that both the president and grand elder had reached the 8th Cla.s.s, they possessed the ability to revive Saint Weapons. The pressure on Jian Chen would be reduced with their help. At the very least, they would him save a lot of time.

What they lacked most was time, seeing how the next wave of the invasion from the foreign world could come at any moment!

The president and grand elder accepted the beast hide that recorded the method of revival like it was a treasure. They held it carefully in their hands as joy filled their hearts.

Quan Youcai and Kara Liwei enviously stood on one side. They also felt the urge to reach Cla.s.s 8.

After a moment of hesitance because Jian Chen was taking in the grand elder and president's excited faces, he revealed the secret of the puppets to them so that they could prepare themselves mentally.

Their reactions were just as Jian Chen had expected. They became stunned. Jian Chen did not give them any time to react, leaving the artifact s.p.a.ce with a wave of his hand. The four of them had been sent out as well.

When the president, grand elder, Kara Liwei, and Quan Youcai returned to the union headquarters, Jian Chen was already gone. He had left first. Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai were dejected since they wanted to thank him.

Jian Chen visited Lore City first and sent his mother into the artifact s.p.a.ce. The white orb had not been completely absorbed by Jian Chen. It was egg-sized now.

"Mother, cultivate without worrying in here. Here is an orb condensed from Radiant Saint Force origin energy. If you can absorb all of it, you may not reach the 8th Cla.s.s, but there is more than enough to reach the 7th Cla.s.s," Jian Chen softly said to Bi Yuntian before pa.s.sing the solid orb to her.

Bi Yuntian was over fifty years old but only seemed to be in her twenties or thirties. She wore a luxurious white dress and a snow-white cloak on her back. She seemed graceful and kind.

Bi Yuntian immediately looked at the egg-sized orb that was constantly emitting strands of origin energy. Curiosity filled her eyes before she carefully accepted it. She examined it closely and asked, "Xiang'er, is this origin energy of Radiant Saint Force?"

The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force was a power that only Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Masters could possess. Although Bi Yuntian had seen it before because of her special status, this was the first time she could sense the mysteries of the power at such a close range.

"Correct, this is Radiant Saint Force origin energy, but it's much purer than ordinary origin energy. Cla.s.s 6 Radiant Saint Masters only need to fuse a strand of it into their soul and their souls will morph, allowing them to step into the 7th Cla.s.s. Their souls will condense and will be unbound from the body, just like Saint Rulers. Mother, you may not have reached the peak of the 6th Cla.s.s and are unable to fuse a strand of origin energy, but the Radiant Saint Force in the artifact s.p.a.ce is many times denser than the outside world. If you keep the orb near you, you will cultivate even faster. You'll be able to reach the peak of the 6th Cla.s.s quickly, and at that time, you'll be able to absorb the origin energy within the orb to reach the 7th Cla.s.s," said Jian Chen.

"Cla.s.s 7," Bi Yuntian murmured. Her eyes were filled with excitement and antic.i.p.ation, but she calmed down. She looked at Jian Chen lovingly and gently said, "Xiang'er, I'm already very satisfied and proud of you being able to reach such heights. Becoming a Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master is no longer important to me. You should keep this...o...b..with you. You need it more than me." Bi Yuntian pa.s.sed the orb back to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen gently shook his head and smiled, "Mother, I've already reached the 9th Cla.s.s. no longer any use to me, so just keep it. Take it and cultivate at ease here so that you can become a Cla.s.s 7 sooner."

"What! You're already a Cla.s.s 9…" Bi Yuntian was immediately shocked when she heard that Jian Chen had already reached the 9th Cla.s.s. She stared at him in amazement. Disbelief was written all across her face.

Just like that, Bi Yuntian temporarily settled down in the artifact s.p.a.ce. She did what Jian Chen wanted her to do, cultivate and work toward becoming a Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master.

Jian Chen left the artifact s.p.a.ce after having settled this matter with his mother. The tower-like saint artifact immediately shot into Jian Chen's forehead and disappeared.

Jian Chen returned to Flame City. When he was about to enter the same secret room to revive Emperor Armaments, he suddenly heard fairy Hao Yue's voice. "Jian Chen, please come to me Bright Moon Divine Hall."

Jian Chen was taken aback, but without any hesitation, he entered the back courtyard of the city lord's estate in just a few flashes. He arrived before the entrance of the divine hall.

The entrance opened automatically and Jian Chen stepped inside. He disappeared very quickly into the divine hall.

He found fairy Hao Yue in the same hall he had met her in before. She sat on a high throne as an illusionary figure, looking down on Jian Chen who sat below. Her gaze seemed to be able to pierce everything. She stared at Jian Chen closely, as if she could see everything inside and outside him.

Fairy Hao Yue sighed in surprise after some time. She said, "I never thought that you would become a Cla.s.s 9 Radiant Saint Master so soon. This is something I must congratulate you on accomplis.h.i.+ng. If you hadn't advanced as a Radiant Saint Master, your soul would still be at the level of a Saint Emperor. The complete soulcore at Cla.s.s 9 just happens to be at the same level as your soul, which is why the two could fuse perfectly, allowing your peak Saint Emperor soul to reach its current power at early Returnance. You must be able to refine Martial Soul Force now."

Jian Chen was shocked after listening to her. Only now did he understand why his soulcore and soul had fused so perfectly. As it turned out, it was because his Cla.s.s 9 soulcore was the same level as his peak Saint Emperor soul. The two of them could only meld together perfectly when they were at the same level.

Although his soul had stepped into the Origin realm when he had reached the 8th Cla.s.s, that was because of his incomplete soulcore. If he did not create a soulcore, his soul would have remained at the peak of Saint Emperor. The two of them would never have properly fused together.

"Fairy Hao Yue, may I ask you what Martial Soul Force is?" Jian Chen asked while modestly clasped hands. Although fairy Hao Yue was not a Radiant Saint Master, her understanding of Radiant Saint Masters was enough for her to guide him, a Cla.s.s 9 Radiant Saint Master.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1464

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