Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1465

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Chapter 1465: Martial Soul Force (Two)

"Martial Soul Force is a power that emerges once the soulcore fuses with the soul. It's not something that can be possessed by people who are not both fighters and Radiant Saint Masters. Martial Soul Force will radiate uncontrollably when the soulcore and soul fuses together. You've undergone that process already, so I think you understand what this Martial Soul Force is a little," explained fairy Hao Yue.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen's eyes. He asked, "Is this Martial Soul Force a type of pressure that targets the soul?"

"Martial Soul Force is an extremely wondrous power. Through my understanding, it is similar to soul attacks and specializes in harming the souls of others, but it is far more terrifying than ordinary soul attacks. However, since there are far too few cultivators who are both fighters and Radiant Saint Masters in the Saints' World, even I have not personally seen people use it. I've only heard of them, so my knowledge regarding Martial Soul Force is limited. If you want to understand it in further detail, you can only investigate it yourself.

"But I once heard a rumor that a single OverG.o.d, who was both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master, managed to slay several hundred G.o.ds in a single moment and heavily injure over ten other OverG.o.ds with Martial Soul Force alone. Two of these OverG.o.ds even ranked within the top three thousand on the OverG.o.d's Plaque. You should know how powerful Martial Soul Force is now." Fairy Hao Yue closely observed at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was shocked. It was not rare for a single person to take on many others on the same cultivation level. He could do it right now. However, to heavily injure them in a single moment and kill several hundred people who were only one cultivation level lower was far too shocking. After all, the time taken was just far too short.

At the very least, when he had first forged the Azulet swords, he had claimed that he was invincible among Saint Emperors and could take on Origin realm experts, but he definitely would not have been able to kill several hundred Saint Kings and over ten Saint Emperors in a single moment.

Jian Chen's breathing became rather ragged. He became extremely excited and was in shock thinking about how powerful Martial Soul Force was. If he possessed this ability and the astonis.h.i.+ng battle prowess of that OverG.o.d mentioned by fairy Hao Yue, he would not need to fear the invasion of the World of Forsaken Saints even if the invasion force possessed an absolute advantage with regards to the number of Saint Emperors and even Origin realm experts that would come.

According to the glorious battle record of that OverG.o.d from the Saints' World and with Jian Chen's soul now at the Returnance realm, he would be satisfied with the ability to heavily-injured Receival experts, not even Returnance experts. At the same time, it was extremely likely that he could kill Saint Emperors like how that OverG.o.d had killed G.o.ds, ending the lives of hundreds in a single moment.

"Martial Soul Force is very powerful. Even the Saints' World has publically recognized it, which is why those who are both Radiant Saint Masters and fighters are known to be impossible to fight. Only the prodigies groomed by a few large organizations have the right to stand up to them in battle. However, there are very few people who can use Martial Soul Force. With my estimation, it would be difficult for you to find even ten people who can use it across the entire Saints' World."

Fairy Hao Yue fell silent for a while. She then gazed at Jian Chen and continued, "There's one more thing. Throughout the countless years that the Saints' World has been around, I have never heard of a user of Martial Soul Force who has reached the level of Grand Prime."

Jian Chen was unaffected by this revelation. His face did not change because it was impossible to break through to Grand Prime. He practiced the Chaotic Body. In the history of the Immortals' World, no one had reached Immortal Exalt with the Chaotic Body either.

Seeing no response from Jian Chen, fairy Hao Yue thought he did not know what a Grand Prime was, so she said, "Jian Chen, you're now in possession of strength in the Origin realm, so it's time for you to understand a little of the basic information regarding the higher world. The cultivation realms in the Saints' World are split into five major realms: Mortal realm, Sainthood, Origin realm, G.o.dhood, and Primordial realm.

"The Mortal realm corresponds to those below Saint Ruler on the Tian Yuan Continent. Sainthood is Saint Ruler, Saint King, and Emperor while the Origin realm is Receival, Returnance, and Reciprocity. Your current strength is in the Origin realm, but I am not sure how to rank you with the cultivation method your practice. It's very difficult for me to determine your exact strength. The only thing I can determine is that your soul has already reached the level of Returnance.

"Beyond the Origin realm is G.o.dhood. It has four minor cultivation realms: Deity, G.o.d, OverG.o.d, and G.o.dking. Beyond that is the final major realm of cultivation, the Primordial realm!

"The Primordial realm is split into three minor cultivation realms: Infinite Primes, Chaotic Primes, and Grand Primes. Grand Primes are peak existences in the Saints' World. The status they hold there is equivalent to Saint Emperors on the Tian Yuan Continent. They are the strongest in the higher world and have reached the end of the path of cultivation. Jian Chen, you are destined to never reach the apex as both a fighter and Radiant Saint Master. If you go to the Saints' World in the future, even if you devote your entire life to cultivation, you will never be able to hold a supreme status like on the Tian Yuan Continent regardless of how shocking your talent is. Do you not feel disappointed because of that?"

Jian Chen smiled at ease, "Fairy Hao Yue, I'm still far from G.o.dhood, so isn't Great Prime just too distant for me right now? And I've never purposefully pursued status throughout my life, let alone care about it. In the past, I only worked hard to live. My goal was to not be felled by the blade of my enemies as well as to gain enough strength to protect my friends and family."

Fairy Hao Yue wanted to praise him. "It's best if you can maintain a mindset like that. However, your talent is so great that you could even be ranked among the prodigies groomed by large clans. Even if you can't become a Grand Prime in the future, you can reign supreme below Grand Prime and still dominate."

"I thank you for your praise." Jian Chen clasped his hands with a smile.

"Alright, Jian Chen. I haven't called you over to only tell you about Martial Soul Force. Even I've never seen it before, so the main reason I called you here is to personally witness the wonders of Martial Soul Force and see whether it's as powerful as it's rumored to be," fairy Hao Yue said.

"I will demonstrate Martial Soul Force since you want to see it. However, as I am unfamiliar with it, I may not be able to control it, so please be careful, fairy Hao Yue," said Jian Chen.

Fairy Hao Yue snickered, "I may only be a soul now, but I'm not something you'll be able to harm within this divine hall."

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1465

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