Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1494

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Chapter 1494: Leaving the Sea of Despair

Jian Chen stared at the sword slashes that were still present on the surface on the Anatta Tower and said with a deep voice, "I have confirmed that the artifact spirit did not pa.s.s away from the explosion created by the Immortal Emperor's essence blood. Since he's still around, I can't break the seal on the tower even if I had the ability to. Once the suppression from the seal is gone, the artifact spirit will be able to recover rapidly, surpa.s.sing my own growth rate."

Jian Chen removed the wooden box with the black pearl from his s.p.a.ce Ring after some silence. With a thought, he placed the wooden box inside the Anatta Tower. He felt like leaving it in the Anatta Tower was safer and worried that something might happen someday if he carried it with him.

He still did not understand the use of the pearl. Possession was only one of his and the sword spirits' guesses. At the same time, he did not want to test the effects of the pearl either. He understood that testing them would only be detrimental. Thus, testing it was pointless.

"I may not be able to use the power of the Anatta Tower right now, but it's a fated G.o.d artifact of the Anatta Grand Prime after all. It's created from rare items of the world. Even if it can't display any powers at all, just the weight of the tower is probably enough to flatten a planet." Jian Chen's lips gradually curled into a smile as he stared at the finger-sized tower in the center of his hand. He did not obtain what he wanted from this journey, which filled him with some pity, but he felt like it was worth the trip just for the Anatta Tower.

Even if the Anatta Tower had no special abilities, just the weight of it would not be something a Receival expert could withstand. Jian Chen had refined the first layer, hence gaining access to the basic controls, which was why it was as light as a feather in his hands. However, once it left his side, it would become extremely heavy. He had no doubt that the tower could crush Receival experts to death.

With a thought, the tower immediately disappeared from Jian Chen's hand. An imprint that seemed the same as the Anatta Tower appeared in the center of Jian Chen's hand. It was exquisitely designed and seemed like a birthmark.

He originally could have fused it into his soul, but Jian Chen did not plan on doing that before he had completely refined it. The risks were just too great.

Jian Chen reluctantly glanced at the flat region one last time before leaving.

The way back was also extremely difficult. Jian Chen had no idea how long he had been wandering in the endless mist, let alone the number of times he had been teleported away. In the end, he found his way out by luck, leaving the disorienting Sea of Despair.

The endless mist within the Sea of Despair did not vanish with the disappearance of the Anatta Tower. It churned just like before.

Jian Chen did not remain outside the Sea of Despair for long. He immediately shot into the sky, leaving the sea realm in just a single moment. With a huge splash, he emerged from the sea and rushed into the blue sky. He then transformed into a violet streak of light and instantly flew away, moving extremely quickly.

Flame City was bustling. All the streets and alleyways were filled with people and activities. Carriages filled with goods rolled down the wide streets as burly mercenaries accompanied the vehicles in orderly fas.h.i.+ons, coming in and out of the city. Even though mercenaries of various places had gathered in the city, causing it to become a mixture of strong and weak, there had never been any cases of violence within the city.

The current Flame City was no longer as simple as the headquarters of the Flame Mercenaries. From a certain aspect, it had already replaced Mercenary City, becoming a holy land to all mercenaries on the Tian Yuan Continent. Although Flame City could not compare to the past Mercenary City in terms of heritage, that did not affect its supreme status among the mercenaries of the continent.

This was because the city lord of the city was the greatest human expert, Jian Chen! He was a supreme existence on the Tian Yuan Continent, fully deserving the t.i.tle of sovereign.

The vice city lord, Bi Lian, had become a famed figure on the Tian Yuan Continent long ago as well. Even the magical beasts, the Hundred Races and the Sea race had heard rumors about her.

A violet streak of light tore through the sky above the city. It vanished in the blink of an eye, having arrived in the city lord's estate already. The violet light moved just too quickly and soundlessly. Coupled with how it was daytime, there were very few experts who sensed the arrival of the light in the city.

Bi Hai snapped open his eyes as he cultivated in a secret room. A smear of pride appeared on his face, and he murmured, "After having gone missing for around a dozen years, my grandson's finally returned. Throughout these years, basically everyone in the world has been discussing whether a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master can revive Saint Weapons or not. I'm curious as well, but I can finally find out." Bi Hai stood up and left the room with a smile.

"Brother, brother's returned." Bi Lian and You Yue sensed Jian Chen's return in a moment as they strolled through the gardens. They were immediately pleasantly surprised, and in a flash, they left. They hurried over as quickly as they could.

It had been around a dozen years since Jian Chen had last appeared. Back when he had become a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master, he completely vanished after taking the large pile of Saint Weapons. He faded out of sight. He was only seen by Tie Ta, the sea G.o.ddess, and the other few Origin realm experts during the second invasion from the World of Forsaken Saints.

At the same time, Dugu Feng, Yun Zheng, Senior An, Jiede Tai, and other members of the upper echelon all put down what they were handling at the time and immediately rushed to the main discussion hall to meet Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not sit on the city lord's throne within the hall and instead stood silently in the center of the room. He did not radiate a presence at all, making him seem like an ordinary person. Two rows of elite soldiers kneeled to his left and right in black armor. Every single one of them was no weaker than a Heaven Saint Master. Two of them were Saint Rulers.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1494

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