Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1528

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Chapter 1528: Ouyang Yangwen

Jian Chen only managed to shake off the force after being blown to the edge of the tunnel's entrance. He immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. The clothes on his upper body had already been reduced to shreds the moment the mace had struck him, so the gaping hole in his chest was extremely eye-catching. All the flesh and blood there had vanished.

Jian Chen was slightly out of breath. He lowered his head to examine his wound before looking forward once again. Xiong Zhong, who had become blurry since he was so far away, did not immediately begin fighting again. Instead, he healed as quickly as he could.

This time, Jian Chen used a strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy without any hesitation. His body was covered by a dense layer of milky-white light. The gentle origin energy fused with the wound on his chest, and coupled with the powerful regeneration abilities of his Chaotic Body, his wound immediately began to heal at an astonis.h.i.+ng rate. The flesh around the hole in his chest began to regrow.

Even though Jian Chen was extremely injured, he quickly made a full recovery with his powers as a Cla.s.s 9 Radiant Saint Master.

On the other side, Xiong Zhong constantly staggered back before colliding with a Saint Emperor behind him. The Saint Emperor vomited blood from the collision and was blown away.

The Saint Emperors of the foreign world carefully arrived before Xiong Zhong. They gazed at his wounds and asked out of habit, "Elder Xiong, are you fine? Do you want us to call the grand elder for support?"

Xiong Zhong snorted as two streams of white air poured out of his nose. He pushed away the Saint Emperor who had asked about his wellbeing and said coldly, "There's no need for you to find Ouyang Yangwen to deal with someone who hasn't even reached the Origin realm. If Jian Chen didn't have two powerful weapons and his comprehension of the Way of the Sword was not as great, how would he be able to stop my advance." Reaching there, Xiong Zhong sneered, "Laws are the key to reaching G.o.dhood. In the countless years our World of Forsaken Saints has existed, we've given birth to countless Spiritkings. Who knows how many people have reached Reciprocity. However, none of them have ever managed to comprehend laws. Only the appearance of our current Spiritking managed to disprove the rumour that no one in our world could comprehend laws. He's become a legend of our world. Meanwhile, Jian Chen has comprehended the same type of law, but he's too weak. I need to kill him in this battle. Not only will it give me merit, but I'll be able to purge any future problems as well, and those two swords cannot end up in Ouyang Yangwen's hands no matter what."

A frigid light flashed through Xiong Zhong's eyes. He did not want to give Jian Chen the time to catch his breath, so he suddenly charged forward. However, the muscles on his face twisted unnaturally as he moved. He was experiencing intense pain.

"These G.o.dd.a.m.n power of laws prevent wounds from healing. This is a power controlled by G.o.dhood experts. It's a great threat to Origin realm experts. Even though only a tiny sliver has been deposited in my body, I'm unable to purge it without expending a lot of time with my strength at late Returnance," Xiong Zhong immediately frowned when he looked at the slashes on his body. They all possessed the power of laws. He needed to devote a portion of his strength to suppress the powers and prevent the wounds from becoming even more severe. However, that would lead to a loss in battle prowess.

"Xiong Zhong, if you really can't do it, back off. Stop trying to do what you can't. Look at you. Not only have you been reduced to such a horrible condition, but you've even been injured. Tsk tsk, those wounds caused by the power of laws aren't easy to be dealt with, and according to my understanding, the person who's comprehended the Way of the Sword hasn't even reached Returnance. If I were you, I would hide in the World of Forsaken Saints, away from the public out of shame for being injured by a person who's not even at Returnance despite being late Returnance." A feminine voice rang out from behind. It was obviously mocking Xiong Zhong.

Xiong Zhong's face suddenly sank as a sliver of cold killing intent flashed through his eyes. He coldly replied without even looking back, "Ouyang Yangwen, don't get too He also uses the sword, but compared to you, he's far greater. His strength is indeed not as great as mine, but even if you take him on all by yourself, you won't come out fine."

"Xiong Zhong, you're describing the wrong person. It's normal if you are injured by him, but against me, it would be no different than squas.h.i.+ng an ant." The feminine voice rang out once again. It was filled with arrogance, holding no regard for Jian Chen.

When the voice vanished, three figures gradually appeared behind Xiong Zhong. The person to the left was a short old man. He seemed extremely old. His wrinkles had all squished together. He was bald and hunch-backed, as if it was extremely difficult just for him to walk. He gave people the feeling that he had reached the end of his life and was about to pa.s.s away.

The person in the middle was a young man who seemed less than twenty years old. His handsome face was indescribable. If it were not for a few features that seemed masculine, it would have been extremely easy to mistake him as an alluring beauty. However, the young man lacked the masculinity present in men. Instead, he was filled with a feminine presence, which was a rather disturbing sight.

The person to the right was an extremely seductive woman. Her body was curvy while her dark hair was glossy. She possessed a pair of alluring eyes and extremely exquisite facial features. Coupled with the charm she unintentionally revealed when she spoke or smiled, the woman seemed like a seductress.

"Gongxi Ming, Cheng Jingyun, why have you come?" Xiong Zhong asked as his eyes glowed with a cold, merciless light.

The woman gently smiled. She radiated with charm as she giggled, "The Spiritking has given orders, so how is it possible for us not to come? Xiong Zhong, the disturbance you caused in the tunnel is far too great, which has already displeased the Spiritking. I clearly saw him frown."

"Did the Spiritking really frown?" Xiong Zhong's expression finally changed. He became rather uneasy. It seemed like he had committed a mistake.

Although the current Spiritking in the World of Forsaken Saints was ruthless, he be described as benevolent compared to the past Spiritkings. However, the fear he struck in the hearts of the other Receival and Returnance experts was far greater than any Spiritking in the past.

This was because the current Spiritking was just far too powerful. There was no exaggeration at all to call him the strongest throughout the history of the World of Forsaken Saints. He had gained the right to reach G.o.dhood. His battle prowess had already reached G.o.dhood even if he would be regarded as the weakest among the higher realm of cultivation.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1528

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