Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1529

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Chapter 1529: Spiritsages

"Xiong Zhong, do you really not understand or are you just acting like you don't? The toughness of the tunnel only permits late Returnance experts to pa.s.s through. If a Reciprocity expert enters the tunnel, the tunnel will collapse. Even early Reciprocity experts may not be able to pa.s.s through safely, let alone the Spiritking who has reached mid Reciprocity. Your intense battle within the tunnel has already damaged it. Once the tunnel becomes severely damaged, not only will it be impossible for the Spiritking to pa.s.s though, but it'll be extremely difficult for us as well. If we're stopped by the people of the foreign world at that time, we might even be forced to travel back through the collapsing tunnel." The woman stared at Xiong Zhong and spoke with a high-pitched voice. She gave off a certain charm.

Xiong Zhong's face changed when he heard her words, and the metal mace in his hand dropped. He stared at the blurry Jian Chen and said, "I really hadn't thought of that. Cheang Jingyun, thank you for your reminder. However, the person who's also comprehended the Way of the Sword from the other world really does have some skill. He's blocking the tunnel. For me to pa.s.s through, I need to spend some time to kill him."

The feminine young man sneered, "Xiong Zhong, from what Cheng Jingyun has said, I've suddenly thought of a possibility. Have you purposefully begun fighting with the opponent so that you can damage the tunnel and then charge out so that we're trapped in the World of Forsaken Saints? It might just be a few years at most, but that's more than enough time for you to leave through the other world and enter the Saints' World in search of the most pure bloodline left behind by our ancestors, the Spiritsages, and once you obtain the power of the bloodline and return to our homeland, probably even the great Spiritking won't be as powerful as you."

Xiong Zhong sneered. He glared at the feminine man and coldly said, "Ouyang Yangwen, do not talk nonsense. I am loyal to the Spiritking and only the Spiritking, so how could I possibly think of something like that? At the same time, it was also the Spiritking who told us that we, the Forsaken Saint race, are actually Spiritsages that have taken cover, and regarding the search for our most pure ancestral bloodline, do you really think that it'll present itself before me as soon as I enter the Saints' World."

"I cannot determine that, but since we, the Forsaken Saints, are a part of the Spiritsages, who knows if there will be any reaction from the most pure bloodline once we reach the Saints' World, and if it does happen, a few years would be enough to obtain the ancestral bloodline and return to our homeland," Ouyang Yangwen conjectured. He targeted Xiong Zhong through what he was saying.

"Enough, enough. Ouyang Yangwen, Xiong Zhong, stop arguing. Hurry up and pa.s.s through the tunnel, so you don't displease the Spiritking any more," Cheng Jingyun said rather impatiently. Her charming voice was enough to enchant people, so it was very difficult to become infuriated by her.

As soon as Chang Jingyun brought up the Spiritking, both Ouyang Yangwen and Xiong Zhong revealed deep fear in their eyes. The two of them immediately stopped arguing as the four of them advanced together.

None of them knew much about the secret regarding the Spiritsages. This was a secret that the current Spiritking had learned by surpa.s.sing the Origin realm in terms of battle prowess and by smas.h.i.+ng through the seal in the depths of the Sacred Spirit Hall, which he then told them. Not only did the hall holding the secret require someone with the strength of G.o.dhood, but it also required them to possess that strength just to enter. They would learn many ancient secrets hidden in the hall, but right now, the four of them did not know much about the matter of Spiritsages.

The milky-white light around Jian Chen gradually disappeared. After healing, Jian Chen had recovered completely from his wounds. He watched the four figures rapidly approach him and immediately became extremely stern. This was because he could tell with a single glance that all four of them were actually Returnance experts. Even the weakest had reached mid Returnance while several other figures had appeared behind them. They were Receival experts.

This time, the World of Forsaken Saints had not sent Saint Emperors as the vanguard but Origin realm experts.

Jian Chen knew that it was no longer possible for him to stop this many Origin realm experts. He retreated without any hesitation.

At the same time, the forty-nine Saint Emperors, controlling the seven ancestral weapons, gradually retreated. The Myriad Armament Formation could only keep Receival experts at bay. They needed to avoid Returnance experts.

A golden light shone from the center of Jian Chen's eyes, and a fist-sized golden tower suddenly appeared. With a flash of golden light, several thousand powerful presences appeared in the surroundings. They were expressionless people. All of them were the King Armaments and Emperor Armaments that Jian Chen had revived. There were around seven or eight hundred Saint Emperors while the rest were Saint Kings.

With the addition of several thousand Saint Kings and several hundred Saint Emperors, the main force of the Tian Yuan Continent had increased by an entire fold.

The president and grand elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union had arrived as well. They brought along the Ruler Armaments and King Armaments they had revived. Although they had only revived a few hundred King Armaments, they had managed to revive over ten thousand Ruler Armaments.

This was a force to be reckoned with. It made up for the lack of Sainthood experts among the four races.

A dense crowd of people hovered above the ruins of Mercenary City. The humans, the magical beasts, the members of the Sea race and the Hundred Races all stood in their strongest forms. Every single one of them was prepared for battle, waiting for the arrival of the foreign army.

Very soon, the four Returnance experts from the World of Forsaken Saints exited the tunnel. The moment they stepped out onto the continent, their presences immediately rolled out. The terrifying presences from four Returnance experts immediately obliterated the dense layer of clouds in the sky. Under the terrifying pressure, the clouds had dispersed, reduced to nothing.

The presence pressed against s.p.a.ce, but even s.p.a.ce found it rather difficult to endure. The s.p.a.ce in a radius of ten thousand kilometers violently shook. It twisted and distorted, warping the sunlight and causing the entire region to descend into darkness. They had truly drained the colors from the region.

The Tian Yuan Continent violently shook. The ground sank and mountains collapsed, as if the apocalypse had arrived.

The Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors of the four races constantly retreated from the terrifying presences. All of them had paled and several Saint Rulers spat blood from their mouths. Only those fearless, painless puppets remained where they were, but they had become immobilized by the presences.

"Stop them!" Jian Chen cried out. He glanced at the four Returnance experts. His gaze soon became fixated on Ouyang Yangwen. With a flip of his hand, a disc appeared in it. A Bagua diagram was engraved onto the disc. It let out with a faint azure light while a mysterious, ancient presence circulated through it.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1529

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