Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1568

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Chapter 1568: The Evil Power

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er left the entryway after leaving behind the s.p.a.ce Rings. They made their way to the Lunastron Pit

The Lunastron Pit was an extremely deep ditch on Dragon Island. The ditch was created when the Yinyang Saint Rock crashed into the island, and the odd phenomena that started appearing on Dragon Island was due to the rock. Many living corpses had appeared and then the Winged Tiger G.o.d disappeared from the world along with the Dragon and Phoenix clans.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er arrived inside the pit filled with stardust. Stardust was a material for forging the twin swords into immortal artifacts. It was one of the best materials on the Tian Yuan Continent, but it was basically worth nothing in the Saints' World.

Mo Tianyun had created the formations at the bottom of the pit. The formations led to the location of the rock. Fortunately, the sword spirits knew this formation, so Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er pa.s.sed through it by following the instructions of the sword spirits. They followed a specific pattern and location for entry. When they took their eighth step, the landscape around them suddenly changed. They had left the pit and appeared in the dark, cold reaches of outer s.p.a.ce. Stars glimmered all around them as far as they could see. The planet the Tian Yuan Continent lay on was hidden among all the stars.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er crossed an unimaginably great distance by taking that final step. They had appeared in a location so far away from the Tian Yuan Continent that even they were not certain where they were.

Although the two of them had experienced this in the past, they were still shocked, and their shock was even greater than the first time. The two of them were only Saint Rulers when they experienced this the first time they came. Both their knowledge and insight was extremely limited when they first teleported. They thought that one could cast formations that could transport people across such distances just by surpa.s.sing Saint Emperor. Yet only after becoming Origin realm experts did they gain an even deeper understanding of how complex the formation was.

They could move as they wished through outer s.p.a.ce, but they were limited to a certain distance. They would not find it problematic to visit a nearby moon, but if they wanted to come to this distant planet, they would end up lost in the sea of stars and that was not taking into account the amount of time they needed to devote to traveling. They would not be able to find their way back if it were not for the formation beneath them.

"Follow my steps. Don't take a single wrong step. If you're off by a slight amount, you'll become lost," Jian Chen sternly said to Shangguan Mu'er through a communication technique. Even he refused to be careless at that moment. He listened to the sword spirits.

Shangguan Mu'er nodded slightly. She understood why she needed to be careful. She obediently stood behind Jian Chen, unwilling to take a single wrong step.

With the a.s.sistance of the sword spirits, every step taken by Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er happened to land on a crucial point in s.p.a.ce. With each step, the tremendous sea of stars around them would change. This was due to the fact that they were traversing great distances with each step. However, when they took their thirtieth step, their surroundings suddenly changed. With a closer look, one would realize the two of them were actually in a tunnel that was ten meters wide. Beyond the tunnel was chaotic, making it impossible to see anything.

Every process was the same as when they had first visited this place. Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er pa.s.sed through the tunnel and successfully arrived near the Yinyang Saint Rock. They appeared in a hazy, gray s.p.a.ce that lacked any signs of life. The entire world was dead silent.

There had been nothing here originally, but when Mo Tianyun moved the rock here, the yin and yang Qi that leaked out of the rock changed the laws of the world. Yin and yang Qi was responsible for creating everything in the universe, so it gradually formed a dead world.

Jian Chen felt relief after entering the world of the Yinyang Saint Rock. The two of them made their way to where the rock lay with ease.

The place the rock rested was above a conical ditch. The rock hovered above the deepest part of the ditch.

The rock let out a radiant white and black light, completely obscuring its surface, but Jian Chen was still able to see the rock hidden within the light.

The Yinyang Saint Rock was not big. It only seemed to be the size of a fist. The fist was both black and white. However, a terrifying energy was hidden inside, enough to startle Jian Chenm If the energy inside the rock erupted, it would destroy the entire universe.

At the same time, Jian Chen could clearly see the specks of red light that flickered in the rock. They seemed to glimmer with life.

Jian Chen had no idea what the red light was, but the moment he saw them, all the hair on his body stood on end. A certain coldness uncontrollably penetrated his body, all the way down to his bones. Even his heart began to beat a heavy beat at that moment.

He was not the only one who experienced this. Even Shangguan Mu'er revealed a different expression. Her eyes were fixated on the rock. She felt the same way as Jian Chen.

"Is this the evil energy hidden within the Yinyang Saint Rock?" Jian Chen stared at the light that shot into the sky as well as the specks of red light inside the rock. He was extremely shocked.

Jian Chen had experienced such intense feelings after just a single glance. The terror of the evil power had greatly exceeded anything Jian Chen could imagine.

"What an evil power. Once this power breaks free, it will lead to a destructive disaster. Looks like this is the disaster of the world. It can't be stopped by people. Only the Primordial G.o.dsilk will work." The illusory figures of the sword spirits appeared as they sternly stared at the rock.

Suddenly, their faces changed as they both cried out, "Oh no, the evil power inside is actually absorbing the yin and yang Qi. It's only becoming stronger. We have to find a way to stop it, or once it reaches a certain state, even the Primordial G.o.dsilk won't be able to stop it."

"But the evil power is hidden within the rock, and we can't touch the rock either. If the balance between yin and yang is lost, we'll probably face disaster even without the evil power fully maturing." Jian Chen frowned.

"We can only fight on behalf of the yin and yang Qi now. Master, you can't waste any time. Immediately start absorbing the yin and yang Qi. Absorb as much of it as you can. We cannot let the evil power continue growing," Qing Suo said with a heavy voice.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1568

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