Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1605

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Chapter 1605: Breaking Free

"What! You say you've only been cultivating for less than a hundred years?" The Spiritking's voice was filled with shock. Even with his mental fort.i.tude, he struggled to maintain his composure. His heart churned.

He had used at least eight whole centuries to go from a mortal to what he now possessed, but he was still named the most outstanding genius in all of the World of Forsaken Saints' history, crowned as the strongest Spiritking. However, Jian Chen had used less than a hundred years to reach his level and fight him to a stalemate, which filled him with disbelief.

Going from a mortal to G.o.dhood in just a hundred years was very startling, even though he had only just reached the lowest levels of G.o.dhood. Even in the Saints' World, such a terrifying growth rate would cause a huge commotion.

"I never thought that when we killed each other, you ended up surviving just like me, being transported to foreign worlds that neighboured each other. What has surprised me even more is that you actually successfully reincarnated several years earlier than me." Jian Chen's feelings were mixed as he sighed emotionally inside. The Spiritking from the World of Forsaken Saints had weighed on his shoulders like a mountain in the past, almost to the point that he found it suffocating. He had even treated the Spiritking as the greatest enemy in his life, but he had never thought that the Spiritking came from the same world as him.

Jian Chen was amazed. He was amazed by how anything could happen in the universe.

Jian Chen had even guessed that the reason why Dugu Qiubai had reincarnated with him was because of the sword spirits. He could still remember the extremely bright azure and violet lights when he closed his eyes for the last time. They were resplendent and dazzling and covered the entire sky. Perhaps when the sword spirits awakened back then, the s.p.a.ce and laws in that lower world had been influenced since their powers were too great, reincarnating Dugu Qiubai as well.

After all, the energy of the world he lived in in the past was so thin that only mortals existed. There was not a single cultivator. It could not compare to the Tian Yuan Continent. It was obviously impossible for a world like that to be tough at all, so the weakened sword spirits could easily tear through it.

Jian Chen was not very surprised by their great age difference. After all, when he and Dugu Qiubai were reincarnated, neither of them knew just how long they had spent crossing through s.p.a.ce. Dugu Qiubai might have only reincarnated several decades, centuries, or even millennia after he had died while Jian Chen had reincarnated even later than that.

This was similar to the sayings and rumors regarding reincarnation among mortals. No one would know just how much time would pa.s.s the moment someone died to when they started their next life. It could be a single moment, a few millenia, several dozen millenia, or even longer.

"Jian Chen, I am indeed weaker than you in terms of talent, but I must obtain a piece of land in this world. The environment of your Tian Yuan Continent cannot compare to the World of Forsaken Saints. If my world is h.e.l.l, then yours would be heaven. As the current Spiritking, I must think of my people. If you insist that the people from my world cannot set foot on the Tian Yuan Continent, there's only one thing I can do, and that's to defeat you." The Spiritking stared at Jian Chen deeply. He was extremely determined. Although he would venture to the Saints' World in the end, only Origin realm experts could go there. He still had many weaker clansmen in the World of Forsaken Saints, so before he left, he needed to find them a suitable place to inhabit.

As a result, the Spiritking and Jian Chen did not behave like they were close even though they came from the same place. They both only considered their own races.

Jian Chen's eyes grew colder. He said, "If that's the case, we can only continue our battle until someone is defeated."

However, soon after Jian Chen spoke, a terrifying pulse appeared deep in outer s.p.a.ce. It possessed enough power to shake the world, immediately causing Jian Chen's face to change. He suddenly s.h.i.+fted his eyes to look in that direction.

He stared in the direction where the Yinyang Saint Rock lay, but because it was so far away, Jian Chen was unable to see what was happening. All he could do was sense the great formation in the depths of s.p.a.ce.

At the same time, the Spiritking's eyes narrowed. He stared into the depths as well. He was stern since he, too, could feel the extremely powerful pulse from the distant region of s.p.a.ce. It made him s.h.i.+ver inside.

All the other Origin realm experts on the Tian Yuan Continent sensed it as well. Their attention all gathered in the same direction and they became extremely stern. They had no idea what was happening, but they all felt their hearts jump when the pulse appeared. They also felt chills run down their spine.

Chills rarely ever happened to them. In fact, they had never experienced such a visceral feeling before.

"The evil power hidden within the Yinyang Saint Rock has actually broken free. How did it break free so soon?" Jian Chen's face became extremely ugly. When he had left with Shangguan Mu'er, there was still a sh.e.l.l of the Yinyang Saint Rock, which formed a jail that sealed in the evil power. He had estimated that the remaining rock could keep the evil power trapped for a few more years, up to a few dozen more years, enough time for him to deal with the threat of the foreign world and even refine his Profound Sword Qi. Unexpectedly, the remaining rock only kept the evil power trapped for less than a day. The evil power had absorbed all of the energy and had broken free.

"I can sense extremely dense origin energy in the depths of s.p.a.ce. No wonder there's no origin energy in this world. It's all there. Where is this place?" The Spiritking asked. He was not curious at all and was grim instead, because he could feel an extremely intense sense of threat from the pulse of energy.

"Quick, heal. Heal as soon as you can. We don't have much time," Jian Chen said with a deep voice. His voice was rather hurried. At that moment, he became extremely grim as well. He immediately began to heal as quickly as he could.

The Spiritking stared at Jian Chen before taking out a pill and consuming it. He sat down where he was to heal.

"What terrifying thing is hidden there?" The Spiritking asked. His wounds were also recovering rapidly but at a slightly slower rate.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1605

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