Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1626

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Chapter 1626: The Bloodline of the Forsaken Saints

Among them were also some strong-willed people who were not affected by Jian Chen's voice, as well as those who just stared at the golden thread that had appeared from the distance in confusion. However, the gentle sound of a zither rang out shortly afterwards and those people who did not do anything yet immediately became dazed. Soon, they extended their hands and grabbed the golden thread like robots, pouring their Saint Force into it without holding back at all.

This did not just happen on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even the many fighters from the Wasteland Continent, Beast G.o.d Continent, sea realm, and the various islands offered up their power. They poured all of it into the Primordial G.o.dsilk, and it was quickly converted into the Primordial G.o.dsilk's power.

The crack in outer s.p.a.ce grew wider and wider as the evil power hiding within the blood-red cloud slowly glided out. It slowly travelled towards the core of the evil spirit. The evil spirit could probably fuse with its second power in just a few seconds if this continued.

Fortunately, only a fragment of the evil spirit's soul controlled the second source of power. The fragment of its soul was unable to use the tremendous power for battle, so the second core of power would only demonstrate its might after fusing with the core of the evil spirit.

All the Sainthood and Origin realm experts rapidly paled on the battlefield. They had channeled all their Saint Force and origin energy into the Primordial G.o.dsilk as fast as they could, so they became weaker and weaker due to the loss of energy.

After receiving the support of such great power, the Primordial G.o.dsilk began to glow once more. At the same time, as more and more origin energy and Saint Force was converted into its own power, the golden threads shone brighter and brighter, becoming more and more dazzling. Eventually, it shone like the sun, illuminating the entire world.

"No, no! How can this d.a.m.ned power appear again? I hate this power; I hate this presence. Hurry up and descend, my second half! Let us fuse together," a mental pulse filled with dread and urgency spread out from the core of the evil spirit. Even though the core was indestructible, it was also the evil spirit's weakest form. In its current state, it was able to ignore everything from Jian Chen and the others, but it was unable to ignore the power of the Primordial G.o.dsilk. The Primordial G.o.dsilk's power was able to harm its so-called indestructible core.

The core of the evil spirit trembled more and more violently. It had finally suffered heavy wounds from the Primordial G.o.dsilk, dispersing at a visible rate. However, the rate of dispersion was basically nothing compared to the entire core. Making the entire core dissolve would probably take ten days at the very least.

However, the evil spirit's second half of power had already begun to descend from outer s.p.a.ce. It enveloped the Tian Yuan Continent as a huge blood-red cloud, dyeing the sky red. Blood seemed to splatter across the entire world. The second half would fuse with the evil spirit in just a few seconds at this rate.

Jian Chen, the Spiritking, all the Origin realm experts, and the Sainthood experts raised their heads at the sky at this moment. They stared at the descending cloud. All their eyes were filled with an unwillingness to accept reality but more people had gazes filled with despair.

They all understood that they would all be doomed once the evil spirit fused with the second half of its power.

Jian Chen smiled miserably. He had never thought that he would lose his life due to this crisis. It also filled him with a refusal to accept the truth.

There were some Receival protectors from the World of Forsaken Saints who had considered escaping this world to the Saints' World. However, the opening of the tunnel could not be completed in such a short amount of time, and it was impossible for the evil spirit to just let them go.

Fairy Hao Yue had already stood up in the Bright Moon Divine Hall. Her eyes shone, and her face was stern. She said to Jian Chen, "Jian Chen, give up on this world. I'll forcefully open the pa.s.sage to the Saints' World by burning my soul. You can take those close with you to leave with me. If you don't go now, it'll be too late." Fairy Hao Yue had already made up her mind to leave by herself at any time. However, she needed to use a secret technique if she wanted to leave alone, and she was not willing to pay the price so easily. She would also suffer the risk of having her soul disperse entirely. After all, she no longer possessed her peak strength. She was just a fragile soul now.

If she could persuade Jian Chen, she would get Jian Chen to take the Bright Moon Divine Hall and leave this place even if she had to burn her soul to forcefully open the pa.s.sage. The price she would pay would lessen drastically as well.

"If Jian Chen plans on being stubborn, I have to leave by myself even if I have to take the huge risk with my life," thought Fairy Hao Yue.

"The Tian Yuan Continent reveres me as their human sovereign. I carry the burden of that name, so how can I abandon them and leave all by myself? Not to mention that I am not one who fears death," Jian Chen declined firmly.

At the same time, a blurry figure appeared on the top of the Elven G.o.dtree that remained rooted in the territory of the elves. She was the greatest G.o.dking of the G.o.d clan, Audriana.

"There's no more hope for this world. Looks like I can only abandon the clansmen here and leave with the war G.o.d," Audriana murmured to herself.

The blood-red cloud rapidly descended from the sky. It radiated with a tremendous pressure. Meanwhile, all the Origin realm and Sainthood experts from the two worlds clenched the Primordial G.o.dsilk tightly in their hands. They were filled with a strong sense of refusal to give in.

At this moment, a Saint Ruler from the World of Forsaken Saints actually cut his hand as he had used too much power. Blood immediately began to flow and dripped onto the Primordial G.o.dsilk. It was actually silently absorbed.

The section that the Saint Ruler held onto began to s.h.i.+ne brightly the moment the Primordial G.o.dsilk absorbed the blood; it was even brighter than other parts. However, it was not that obvious, making it impossible to tell with the naked eye.

However, Jian Chen had already refined the Primordial G.o.dsilk, so he had established a connection with the threads long ago. He was able to catch any changes to the Primordial G.o.dsilk. He became stunned when the blood was absorbed and immediately turned his eyes towards the Saint Ruler from the foreign world. Jian Chn's eyes immediately began to s.h.i.+ne when he saw the Saint Ruler's cut hand.

"Blood can actually boost the power of the Primordial G.o.dsilk? But I've clearly already tried it before. The blood of my Chaotic Body doesn't cause any reactions from the Primordial G.o.dsilk," Jian Chen thought. He found it to be rather doubtful, but he still immediately gave out an order, "Everyone, cut open your hand and drip your blood onto the Primordial G.o.dsilk."

Quite a few people obeyed immediately, cutting open their hands and letting their blood drip onto the Primordial G.o.dsilk. There was a portion of them whose blood did not fuse into the Primordial G.o.dsilk, but the Primordial G.o.dsilk absorbed the blood of the others.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk immediately began to s.h.i.+ne much brighter after absorbing the blood, glowing with an even more radiant gold. The changes to its luminance could be discovered with a single glance, and it became even more effective against the core of the evil spirit.

"It's the World of Forsaken Saints. The blood of their fighters actually has a wondrous effect on the Primordial G.o.dsilk. Not only can the Primordial G.o.dsilk absorb their blood, but their blood seems to be extremely nouris.h.i.+ng to the Primordial G.o.dsilk. However, the blood from the fighters of our world has no effect," Jian Chen immediately beamed in surprise and cried out involuntarily when he discovered this.

"The bloodline of the people from the World of Forsaken Saints is not simple," the sword spirits murmured as well.

The Spiritking's eyes narrowed, and he immediately cried out, "Quick, all Forsaken Saints immediately let your blood flow and let the Primordial G.o.dsilk absorb it. This is the only hope to stop the crisis of the world." With that, the Spiritking cut open his hand before everyone else and let his blood fuse into the Primordial G.o.dsilk. The other people from the World of Forsaken Saints did not hesitate either; they all cut open their hands as if their final hopes laid on that and offered up their blood.

As expected, the Primordial G.o.dsilk absorbed all of the blood from the Forsaken Saints; it did not leave a single speck. Immediately, the Primordial G.o.dsilk exploded with light, and its powers rapidly recovered.

The evil spirit cried out miserably with the strengthening of the Primordial G.o.dsilk. Its core rapidly dispersed, clearly receiving great damage.

Jian Chen glanced at the sky. The cloud of blood had already arrived above his head and would fuse with the core of the evil spirit in just a few seconds. At a time like this, the Primordial G.o.dsilk was unable to wipe out the evil spirit's core no matter how powerful it became.

"There's not enough time!" Jian Chen's heart sank heavily.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1626

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