Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1627

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Chapter 1627: A G.o.dking's a.s.sistance

At this moment, a green light shot over from the distance at an unbelievable speed. An illusionary tree had arrived in a single moment. Its tremendous presence of life permeated the surroundings and stopped the cloud of blood from descending. When the cloud of blood came into contact with the illusionary tree, it actually came to a halt.

"I'll sacrifice thirty percent of my life force to stop the evil spirit's power and buy time for you. However, in my current form, thirty percent of my life force is nowhere near as great as thirty percent from when I was at my peak condition, so it won't be able to earn that much time. You have one day at most. If you can't destroy the evil spirit's core in a day's time, then I can only leave here with the war G.o.d," Audriana's voice rang out in Jian Chen and the Spiritking's mind. The Origin realm experts of the two worlds only saw an illusionary tree that levitated and shone with endless green light, stopping the descent of the evil spirit's power. They did not hear Audriana's words.

Jian Chen immediately became overjoyed when he heard her words. Audriana was far more powerful than he had ever imagined. He originally thought that Audriana did not even have the power to interfere. She had been reduced to a soul after all, so no matter how powerful she was in the past, she would have become extremely weak. At the same time, Audriana was a G.o.dking from a higher world. Her status was more than enough for her to view those below her as ants. Why would she care about the lesser organisms of the Tian Yuan Continent? He had already witnessed this from protector Shui. Protector Shui had ended an entire era in the past after all.

However, he never thought that even though Audriana clearly had the power to take Tie Ta away, she did not do so. Instead, she sacrificed thirty percent of her life force to help them earn a day's time. Jian Chen felt rather surprised that a mighty G.o.dking would be willing to pay such a great price to a.s.sist people that appeared to be ants in her eyes, even after she herself had ended up in such a miserable state.

But regardless of all that, Audriana's actions were a great kindness towards the four races of the Tian Yuan Continent and the various lives in the World of Forsaken Saints.

A gleam of light flashed across the Spiritking's eyes. He gazed deeply in the direction of the Wasteland Continent before looking at the illusionary tree that had stopped the descent of the evil spirit's power. The light in his eyes flickered a little before he devoted himself to pouring his blood into the Primordial G.o.dsilk. At the same time, he revolved his cultivation method to quickly replenish the blood he had just lost.

"W- what is this? There is actually a terrifyingly tremendous power that can go against the crisis of the world?" All the Origin realm experts from the two worlds gazed at the sky. They stared at the ball of resplendent green light in complete shock.

They were not the only ones who reacted this way. All the Sainthood experts from the two worlds stared at the sky as well. All their gazes gathered on the illusionary tree hovering in the sky as they became both shocked and delighted.

"That seems to be the Elven G.o.dtree? No, that's impossible. The tree may be extraordinary and displayed great power in the ancient times, but it's only equivalent to Saint Emperors. How did it stop the terrifying, evil power?" The Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent understood the origins of the tree. Disbelief covered their faces.

"That's the Elven G.o.dtree. Since when did their divine tree become so powerful, so powerful that it can stop the evil power? Even sovereign Jian Chen and the Spiritking from the World of Forsaken Saints can't accomplish that." The Sainthood experts from the Hundred Races all stared at the tree in the sky in shock. Disbelief was plastered on all of their faces, and some of them even rubbed their eyes out of doubt. They suspected that they had seen an illusion.

The Elven G.o.dtree had existed for a very long time. The various races from the Hundred Races were all familiar with its existence, but since when did it become so powerful?

All of them became even more shocked when they sensed the unimaginably dense life force from the tree. The life force was just too tremendous, completely exceeding the understanding of many people. They could even vaguely feel that it could compete with the evil power.

"Quick, don't waste time. We only have a day. If we don't destroy the core of the crisis in a day's time, we'll all die," the Spiritking said with a heavy voice. They could only rely on the Forsaken Saints to destroy the evil spirit because their bloodline was special. Only their bloodline could a.s.sist the Primordial G.o.dsilk.

At that moment, all the people from the World of Forsaken Saints that had come to the Tian Yuan Continent got involved. All the Sainthood experts, protectors, elders, and even the Spiritking offered up their blood to support the Primordial G.o.dsilk. On the other hand, the people from the four races ran out of things to do as they were no longer of any use in the current situation.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk shone brighter and brighter before becoming a golden disc like the sun. It illuminated the entire world, outs.h.i.+ning the blood-red sky and dyeing it golden instead.

The core of the evil spirit trapped inside could no longer remain calm. It rampaged wildly as it shrieked out miserably. It was filled with pain. Its so-called indestructible core was shrinking bit by bit. Once it completely vanished, the evil spirit would cease to exist.

This lasted for a half a day, and the evil spirit's core shrank by a third of its size. The Forsaken Saints who had offered up their blood had all become pale long ago. They were haggard and many of the Saint Rulers and Saint Kings could not even maintain a stable footing; they were about to fall out of the sky at any time.

Every single one of them had become extremely weak due to the severe loss of blood. Although their bodies constantly produced more blood, it was nowhere near as fast as the consumption rate. At the same time, it took a very large toll of their bodies to constantly produce new blood, severely exhausting their vital energies.

Meanwhile, people constantly surged out of the tunnel connecting the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints. These people had especially hurried over under the orders of the Spiritking to offer up their strength to fend off the crisis.

Jian Chen looked around, and he gradually frowned. Half of the time they had had already pa.s.sed, but two-thirds of the evil spirit's core still remained. If this continued, they would not be able to destroy the evil spirit's core in time. Although people hurried over constantly from the World of Forsaken Saints, their strength was nowhere close to the people who had taken part in the battle in the very beginning. At the same time, the original Saint Rulers and Saint Kings from the foreign world would have to stop after four more hours because they had basically reached their limits and were almost bled dry.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1627

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