Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1659

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Chapter 1659: Tie Ta's Departure

Tie Ta fell silent. He did not delve into the matter of the Immortals' World. Right now, all he was thinking about was Jian Chen. Everything that Jian Chen had said to him earlier and his stern expression clearly appeared in his head.

If Tie Ta were the same country b.u.mpkin from several decades ago, he would have never thought so much. However, he had truly matured after he became the war G.o.d of the Hundred Races and reached the Origin realm. After learning all this from Audriana and connecting it to what Jian Chen had told him before, he was basically certain that Jian Chen was related to the Immortals' World. He did not know whether Jian Chen's swords were the Azulet swords from the Immortals' World, but he knew there was a connection between the two.

A while later, Tie Ta suddenly stared at Audriana sternly and said with a heavy voice, "Audriana, Jian Chen is my best brother. It doesn't matter whether he has any connections to the Immortals' World, but you cannot reveal anything regarding him, especially in regards to his two swords. Even if the upper echelon of the G.o.d clan asks you, you cannot speak of it. Do you understand?" Although Audriana was the greatest G.o.dking of the G.o.d clan, Tie Ta had basically directly ordered her right now. He seemed dignified and possessed an undefiable sense of power.

"Yes sir," Audriana replied politely. Not only was she completely fine with Tie Ta's words, but she also behaved like the situation was natural. As a member of the G.o.d clan, Audriana deeply understood just how revered the war G.o.d was in the G.o.d clan. Even though the current war G.o.d was still very weak and had not fully matured, even hall elders or great elders in the G.o.d clan who basically led the entire clan would not dare to disobey the war G.o.d's will.

This was because the war G.o.d was the soul of the entire G.o.d clan. He was their belief and their pillar of support. Only when the war G.o.d was present was their G.o.d clan truly the G.o.d clan.

"I want you to swear," Tie Ta still did not find it enough as this matter was directly related to the life of his best brother; he could not afford any mistakes.

"I, Audriana, swear…"

A month later, the Elven G.o.dtree that had remained rooted in the forbidden grounds of the elves for millions of years vanished. Meanwhile, a vast swathe of kneeling people had already gathered. They extended from the top of the mountain to the base. From afar, it even seemed like the entire mountain had donned 'armor' made from countless Hundred Races cultivators.

That was not all. There were also countless cultivators of the Hundred Races who knelt on the land around the mountain. They reached into the hundreds of millions. It was such a grand view that it was enough to shock anyone and everyone.

This was because today was the day the war G.o.d would leave this world and venture into an entirely new one. Everyone from the Hundred Races would gather here to send off the war G.o.d as long as they could. Across the Wasteland Continent, there were even more members of the Hundred Races who could not make it due to their strength and the distance, or there would have been even more people gathered here.

The golden divine hall at the top of War G.o.d Mountain that everyone knelt towards suddenly began to s.h.i.+ne with a dazzling golden light. The light was so bright that it outshone the sun, replacing it as the only source of light in the world. It illuminated the Wasteland Continent one last time. The War G.o.d Hall slowly rose up from War G.o.d Mountain, climbing higher and higher and faster and faster. In the end, it turned into a streak of golden light, shooting into outer s.p.a.ce at an extraordinary speed.

At the same time, a considerable swirl gradually formed in outer s.p.a.ce, slowly transforming into the gate to the Saints' World. The War G.o.d Hall that had become a golden streak of light rapidly approached the gate.

At that moment, the War G.o.d Hall gained worldwide attention. Regardless of the humans, the sea race, magical beasts or even Forsaken Saints, countless cultivators all raised their heads to watch the War G.o.d Hall leave.

They did not do this to see Tie Ta off, but to see the War G.o.d Hall enter the spatial tunnel. Many people revealed envious expressions because they knew that the Saints' World was a higher s.p.a.ce. If Saint Emperors entered the Saints' World, it would become countless times easier to reach the Origin realm; hence, many Saint Emperors yearned for the Saints' World. Unfortunately, it was impossible to pa.s.s through the tunnel without the strength of the Origin realm.

Jian Chen sat on a rock and drank by himself gloomily on Three Saint Island. He watched the War G.o.d Hall approach the spatial tunnel and raised his gla.s.s for Tie Ta. He saw Tie Ta off from there, wis.h.i.+ng that everything would go his friend's way in the Saints' World.

"War G.o.d, the Saints' World has a total of forty-nine great planes. The spatial tunnel's connection in the Saints' World is not fixed, so please leave everything to me. I'll control the direction in the spatial tunnel to prevent us from ending up on some remote plane," Audriana's voice rang out inside the War G.o.d Hall.

Finally, under the gazes of countless people, the War G.o.d Hall arrived before the spatial tunnel. However, at this moment, an indescribably tremendous might erupted from the War G.o.d Hall. The pressure seemed to make it the supreme ruler of the universe, making the entire universe tremble. Even the laws of the world had almost shattered before it.

At this moment, the War G.o.d Hall was surrounded in a green light that teemed with the presence of life. The moment the green light appeared, the world trembled and the celestial bodies dimmed. Countless stars darkened.

The green light seemed to be enough to destroy the universe. With its appearance, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was all reduced to darkness because the light was just too powerful. It was so great that it could destroy a ma.s.sive planet in a single moment, completely exceeding what the s.p.a.ce in this world could withstand.

When a meteor a hundred kilometers in diameter approached the green light, it was reduced to dust silently.

The expressions of countless experts who witnessed this scene from the distant Tian Yuan Continent changed drastically. Their faces all became extremely pale because the very depths of their souls trembled before the pressure.

The eyes of all the Origin realm experts in the world narrowed. They were wholly fixated on the green light around the War G.o.d Hall as respect appeared in their gazes.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1659

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