Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1664

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Chapter 1664: Fully Prepared

"There's one last thing to do. We can leave this world after this and go to the Saints' World," Jian Chen said to Shen Jian.

Shen Jian stared at Jian Chen and suddenly smiled, "There must be something I can help out with for this last thing, right?"

"That's right!" Jian Chen took out a beast fur from his s.p.a.ce Ring and pa.s.sed it to Shen Jian. He said, "I still need to cast down a teleportation formation so that we can return to this world. Although we still haven't left, I do know that there are many lower worlds. Without a teleportation formation to pinpoint the location, it'll be extremely difficult to return to here. The materials I lack are written on the beast fur. I hope you can help me with collecting them."

"A teleportation formation!" Shen Jian frowned, "If I recall correctly, casting down a teleportation formation is not an easy matter at all. It requires an extremely great mastery over the Way of Formations. Even though there have been a few teleportation formations in our world, they've come from countless years ago, and they don't possess the power to cross worlds. It'll be quite difficult for you to cast down a teleportation formation from the Saints' World to here."

"I don't need a complete formation. I just need an anchor so that I can pinpoint this world's location. Although it's a little complicated, I don't think it'll take too long for me to cast one down," said Jian Chen.

"Alright, I'll help you collect these materials."

Afterwards, Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan Continent and used all the power he could muster in that world to find for the missing materials for the teleportation formation. He himself remained in Flame City, absorbing the information about formations from the sword spirits. They sword spirits were not particularly familiar with formations, but they still had been around for a long time after all, so they knew a lot. Just a teleportation formation to act as an anchor was nothing difficult for them to explain.

At the same time, Jian Chen visited Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao many times in an attempt to learn how to cast a teleportation formation. Unfortunately, Feng Xiaotian was of no help to Jian Chen even though he knew about it slightly. In the end, Jian Chen visited fairy Hao Yue. After all, she was also a person from the Saints' World and obviously possessed broad insight.

To Jian Chen's joy, fairy Hao Yue actually possessed quite some mastery over formations. He immediately asked her about teleportation formations with modesty and benefited greatly in the end. He felt enlightened.

Jian Chen visited the Bright Moon Divine Hall often in the following period of time. He asked her about any problems and confusions he encountered about the teleportation formation. Only half a year later when all the materials he needed were sent to him did he enter seclusion once again. He devoted himself to studying the teleportation formation and even used up some of his few remaining Comprehension Tea Leaves.

Jian Chen had rarely ever come across teleportation formations, so casting them made it even more difficult. Even with the sword spirits' a.s.sistance and the knowledge he gained from fairy Hao Yue, he was still very far away from truly being able to cast down one.

One year, two years, three years… Time pa.s.sed slowly, while Jian Chen had also failed countless times at creating a teleportation formation. The materials he had on him rapidly depleted. Fortunately, the materials were not the greatest kind, so they could be found in both the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints. Jian Chen did not need to worry about insufficient materials given how there were countless people across the two worlds collecting materials for him.

Finally, Jian Chen achieved success in the fifth year. A glimmering formation was inscribed on a piece of rock, radiating with a powerful pulse of energy.

Jian Chen revealed much joy as he stared at the complicated formation with almost perfect inscriptions. Even though the formation did not possess the ability to teleport people away, which made it only half complete, it was more than enough to act as an anchor for the Tian Yuan Continent. He no longer needed to fear being unable to find the Tian Yuan Continent in the Saints' World with this formation.

Afterwards, Jian Chen removed a fist-sized sphere of stone from the teleportation formation and carefully placed it into a wooden box, putting it away. The stone sphere possessed a form of connection with the teleportation formation, which would be crucial for him to return after going to the Saints' World.

Afterwards, Jian Chen cast down more than a dozen other formations in various places on the Tian Yuan Continent as he was afraid that the teleportation formation would be damaged. He chose extremely remote locations for each one, and he left behind a sword formation to protect each one. At the same time, he removed a similar spherical stone from each formation, storing them away carefully.

Jian Chen still did not feel that it was secure enough. In the end, he directly flew into deep outer s.p.a.ce and cast down three formations across the two halves of the moon. Afterwards, he cast down a few more on a few distant planets from the moon.

These would form his path back home. He could not afford to make any mistakes. Even though no one would ever destroy his work if he announced it with his current prestige, he needed to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Jian Chen was finally relieved after settling the matter of the teleportation formation. He returned to the Tian Yuan Continent and immediately summoned all the Origin realm experts in his world.

Very soon, the sea G.o.ddess, Houston, Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, Shangguan Mu'er, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, and so on all gathered in Flame City. They all seemed to understand why Jian Chen had summoned them there, so they all experienced extremely mixed emotions.

"Great-grandfather, seniors, I will be setting off for the Saints' World before long. I was wondering if any of you wished to come along. However, the Saints' World is exceedingly dangerous, where the Origin realm is basically nothing powerful. You have to be mentally prepared," Jian Chen said with mixed feelings. He was unable to remain calm as he was going to leave soon. Although he would still return in the future as he had even cast down the teleportation formations, he did not know who would still be alive when he did return.

"Oh yeah! We're finally going to the Saints' World. Big brother, you have to take me to go search for master. I miss master so much."

Aside from Xiao Ling, who cheered excitedly, everyone else remained silent.

After a moment of silence, the sea G.o.ddess broke the silence first, "I'm still a little too weak right now. There's no hurry for me to go to the Saints' World, so it won't be too late for me to go after I reach Reciprocity."

"Originally, there were ten of us who arrived in this world. Currently, only the three of us have awakened. We won't be going to the Saints' World for now. We plan on staying here for another ten thousand years. If they still don't awaken in those ten thousand years, we can only choose to leave," said Feng Xiaotian. He also spoke about the intentions of Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie.

"Jian Chen, I'll go to the Saints' World with you. I have the Empyrean Demon Orb, so I shouldn't become a burden to you," Houston smiled, deciding to go with Jian Chen.

After the discussions, only the white tiger, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, Houston, and Shangguan Mu'er planned on going to the Saints' World with Jian Chen. Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, and the sea G.o.ddess all chose to stay behind.

"Jian Chen, you have to take me with you. You can't forget about me, the great Nubis!" At this moment, Nubis barged in loudly despite having been missing for quite a while. He had directly yelled out, showing no respect towards Jian Chen.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1664

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