Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1694

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Chapter 1694: Xi Yu Breaks Through

Right now, whether it was the Lu family or Jian Chen, they were all in great need of time. The Lu family needed time to mine as many divine crystals as possible, while Jian Chen needed time to increase the strength on his side. The high grade divine crystals hidden within the Dark Cloud Mountains were just too valuable. Even with the Lu family locking down the information as much as they could, everyone understood that it was impossible for this matter to remain a secret. One day, the matter would be exposed. By then, it would no longer just be the four organisations who would come forth to fight over the mine, but the more powerful clans in the Dong'an province would get involved as well.

"Looks like claiming that mine won't be easy," Jian Chen thought. With his current strength, he would not be too pressured if he had to fight against early G.o.ds. He might even be able to kill early G.o.ds when working together with Shen Jian. However, once he came across mid G.o.ds or even late G.o.ds, they would not be easy to deal with. Even if he had Shen Jian to work together with, they probably would not be able to defeat late G.o.ds.

"Only if my Chaotic Body could reach the next layer. The ninth layer of the Chaotic Body gives me the cultivation equivalent to Deity in the Saints' World. If I can reach the tenth layer, then I'll become a G.o.d. With the Chaotic Body, I'll be invincible against any opponents with the same cultivation. Even against peak G.o.ds, I'll be able to dominate them," Jian Chen thought. However, he also understood that the energy he required for each layer of the Chaotic Body would be several times or even a dozen times more than the last layer. The energy required to reach the tenth layer would be extremely terrifying. He would not be able to find the cultivation resources he needed for it in a short amount of time.

Even Shen Jian required around a million low grade divine crystals to go from early to mid Deity, and he had no idea just how many low grade divine crystals he needed to go from mid to late Deity. The number of divine crystals required for him to go from late Deity to G.o.d would be astronomical, yet to reach the tenth layer of his Chaotic Body, he would require at least ten times the amount Shen Jian would need to go from Deity to G.o.d.

"If I have the mine in the Dark Cloud Mountains all to myself, I should be able to reach the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body with ease." Jian Chen shook his head and no longer thought of the matter. The Dark Cloud Mountains was the only high grade divine crystal mine that had been discovered in the Dong'an province. Unless he possessed enough strength to fend off all the powerful clans in the entire province, the mine would not be fated to be his.

"I just hope that the Lu family can excavate as much as possible. I'll directly go find them after Shen Jian breaks through."

At this moment, the origin energy in the surroundings began to pulse violently. All the origin energy in the surrounding radius of ten thousand kilometers seemed to have been caught in a tremendous suction force, gathering over from all directions and forming a tremendous swirl of energy above the Mo clan in the blink of an eye. It was all sucked away by one of the seven halls that the elders resided in.

The abnormal movements of the origin energy had attracted the attention of everyone in the clan. Whether it was the patriarch or the five cultivating elders, all their eyes snapped open, and they emerged from their residences with a flash. They all looked towards the hall where the swirl of energy had condensed over.

Jian Chen also glanced over. He stared at the hall for a while and murmured, "This Xi Yu's talent really is impressive. She has even reached late Deity. If you give her some more time, she'll become a G.o.d."

Not only were G.o.ds existences regarded as ancestors in this region, but they were also peak experts even across the entire Dong'an province. Jian Chen had already learnt from the patriarch of the Mo clan that there were no OverG.o.ds at all in the entire Dong'an province.

"Yu'er has broken through again," the patriarch smiled happily. The five other elders all felt envy inside.

"Xi Yu's talent is just too outstanding. When the patriarch saved her from outside, she was just an infant who had almost lost her life. Back then, I was already at mid Deity, yet now that Xi Yu has reached late Deity, I'm still stuck at mid Deity…"

"Xi Yu has only been cultivating for a little over two thousand years at most. Although the patriarch used a large number of heavenly resources and other resources to nurture her, her cultivation rate is still really astonis.h.i.+ng. It's just a pity that our clan's strength is limited, so we can't provide resources like those large clans and sects. If we sent Xi Yu to a large sect, she probably would have become a G.o.d long ago with the talent she has displayed and the guidance of a master."


The elders of the Mo clan all sighed in amazement. They all experienced some regret. They all believed that having Xi Yu remain in the Mo clan was just spoiling her talent.

The swirl of energy above Xi Yu's residence only gradually dispersed after a few hours. A while later, the door to the residence slowly opened, and Xi Yu slowly walked out in white clothes.

"Congratulations, elder Xi Yu, on breaking through and reaching a new level of cultivation," Jian Chen clasped his hands towards Xi Yu and congratulated her from the bottom of his heart.

"Haha, Xi Yu, you've shaken all of us off your tail now. We're no longer as great as you now," the five other elders all came up to congratulate her as well. They all smiled, experiencing joy from the bottom of their hearts.

"Sister Xi Yu, you've become more powerful again. I knew sister would be the most powerful." Mo Yan and the patriarch of the Mo clan walked over from afar.

Xi Yu nodded indifferently towards Jian Chen before conversing with the other elders. She smiled as she spoke and was rather polite.

Jian Chen paid no heed to Xi Yu's att.i.tude. After congratulating her, he turned around and left, walking past the patriarch. The patriarch clasped his fist politely towards Jian Chen.

He also understood that unless he exposed his strength at G.o.dhood, no one in the Mo clan would place any particular focus on him. The patriarch was only polite to him because of Shen Jian.

This was because the Mo clan did not lack Origin realm cultivators. They did not even place much importance on peak Reciprocity cultivators unless they broke through to G.o.dhood.

Although peak Reciprocity was only a single step away from G.o.dhood, the step was as wide as a chasm. It had stopped countless peak Reciprocity cultivators. There were even many peak Reciprocity cultivators who would never be able to comprehend laws and reach G.o.dhood, pa.s.sing away from old age in the end.

Obviously, Jian Chen would not purposefully expose his strength just to obtain some status in the Mo clan.

"Hmm? Jian Chen, you've emerged too? I've come looking for you so many times, but every time, the guards said you were in seclusion," Mo Yan naturally discovered Jian Chen and said happily. Her eyes then swiveled, and she seemed to think of something. She looked at him strangely and whispered, "Now that sister Xi Yu has broken through, you've emerged. Tell me honestly, have you secretly fallen in love with sister Xi Yu?"

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1694

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