Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1697

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Chapter 1697: Sparring with Swords

"Sparring with swords? I'm not interested," Mo Yan did not even consider it. She directly turned him down. She hated weapons.

"There has always been a rumor outside that the Precision Sword Style of your Mo clan is not as great as the Atomos Sword Style of our Atomos Sword sect. In the past, your father was able to reach a stalemate against mine was not because of the power of your Precision Sword Style but because your father knew a fourth grade Truth Tier Battle Skill," Yu Fan continued. His gaze was already rather cold. He did not mind Mo Yan's coldness towards him because she treated him like this every time. He had already grown accustomed to it when considering Mo Yan's status. However, he was unable to endure her acting so enthusiastically towards another man who was more handsome than himself while completely ignoring him.

Mo Yan glared at Yu Fan after hearing his words. She called out coldly, "Who said that our Precision Sword Style isn't as great as your Atomos Sword Style? Yu Fan, isn't it just sparring with the sword? Sure, I'll take you on. Let's see whether our Precision Sword Style or your Atomos Sword Style is better."

Jian Chen shook his head secretly to one side. He really had nothing to say, seeing how easily Mo Yan had been goaded.

"Mo Yan is going to suffer. However, it's not like something like this is bad for her." Jian Chen did not step in. Mo Yan's personality really did need to be properly fixed. She would naturally be fine as long as she remained in the Mo clan right now, but if she went out to the outside world, survival would be a great struggle.

Seeing that Mo Yan had actually agreed, Yu Fan secretly celebrated. Then he turned to Jian Chen and said coldly, "Sister Mo Yan and I are sparring, so you better stand far away. If you secretly learn my sword style, my sect will never spare you."

Jian Chen rubbed his nose. After warning Mo Yan to be careful, he directly walked away to one side.

The twenty guards who had always followed behind the young master stood far away as well. In the end, they walked towards Jian Chen and stood with him.

Jian Chen dismissed all the female servants and guards in the sea of flowers. They could not allow anyone to spectate their spar up close, just in case they decided to pick up a few moves.

"Brother, how would I refer to you?" A disciple from the Atomos Sword sect greeted Jian Chen. He was not very old, and he only seemed to be in his thirties from his appearance. However, that was just his appearance. In reality, he had already cultivated for who knew how long.

"Jian Chen," Jian Chen clasped his hands and responded plainly.

"My name is Zhou Bing. You can call me senior Zhou Bing. However, Jian Chen, I must remind you out of good intentions that during the spar between the young master and the young lady, it's best if we don't interfere. No matter what happens, we have to act like we know nothing, understood?" Zhou Bing said with hidden meaning.

Jian Chen frowned when he heard that. He snorted coldly, "If it's only a spar and no injuries or deaths happen, I naturally wouldn't interfere in anything. After all, ordinary sparring is good for Mo Yan as well. However, I'll have to do something if anything beyond sparring happens."

Zhou Bing's face changed slightly, and the nineteen other disciples immediately moved. They had surrounded Jian Chen, and they all appeared to be rather hostile.

"Jian Chen, that's the young master of the Atomos Sword sect and the young lady of the Mo clan. Are you sure that you have the power as an independent cultivator to interfere? You should listen to me and act like nothing has happened at all. Even if something really does happen, it'll be the problem between our Atomos Sword sect and the Mo clan. It won't have anything to do with you," Zhou Bing said sincerely as if he was thinking for Jian Chen.

Jian Chen glanced past the disciples who surrounded him and smiled coldly with his arms crossed, "I'd still recommend you to tell your young master to not go overboard when sparring. I'm also considering for you by saying this. After all, you won't be any better off if anything happened to the young master as his guards."

"You don't have to worry about that, brother Jian Chen. Even in the Mo clan, there is no one who dares to touch the young master," Zhou Bing forced out a smile.

Mo Yan had already begun fighting against Zhou Fan. A Reciprocity guard had already cast down a barrier around their location to prevent the shockwaves of their spar from destroying the sea of flowers. As they were both at Sainthood, they did not need to worry about their battle destroying the barrier.

The two who sparred showed what they had. They both used the techniques from their styles. The Precision Sword Style of the Mo clan and the Atomos Sword Style of the Atomos Sword sect clashed together, resulting in streams of energy.

Jian Chen watched this from afar. After conversing with Zhou Bing, he had already realised that this spar might not be as simple as it seemed on the surface.

"Zhou Fan's strength is not great, and his battle intent or skills aren't fantastic either, but he's clearly much stronger than Mo Yan… What is Mo Yan doing? That's not how you use a sword. Is she using a sword or a blade? She's just swinging it randomly…"

"How is that the Precision Sword Style? It seems more like a blade style to me, no, an axe style. T- that's a sword, not a spear. Why is she using the sword as a spear…"

Jian Chen had no idea how to react as he watched Mo Yan used the sword. He had no idea how to a.n.a.lyse it. Mo Yan's skills with the sword were just horrendous. She did not even have the foundations for the sword.

Although Mo Yan and Yu Fan were of the same cultivation level, Mo Yan's skill with the sword and experience in battle were nowhere near Yu Fan's, so Mo Yan completely lost the upper hand before long. Very soon, she was forced into a flurry by Yu Fan.

Rip! At this moment, Yu Fan's sword Qi swept past and Mo Yan's right sleeve was immediately ripped off, revealing her white arm.

Mo Yan gritted her teeth and did her best to fend off Yu Fan's attacks. Yu Fan's perversion was agitated when he saw Mo Yan's white arm, and he revealed a perverted look. He stabbed out a few times, and he cut through Mo Yan's clothes each time, reducing her clothes to tatters immediately. It revealed large areas of her skin. Her clothes no longer covered her body.

"You're shameless," Mo Yan was furious.

To one side, Jian Chen's face had sunken as well. With a cold snort, he directly stood up.

"Brother Jian Chen, it's best if we wait here patiently. There are some matters that we can't interfere in," Zhou Bing stood up as well and said sincerely to Jian Chen. At the same time, the nineteen other disciples all surrounded Jian Chen with hostility.

"Sister Mo Yan, you have to be careful. This move is called 'The Gentleman Strikes out with his Divine Sword, the Peach Blossoms on the Mountain Bloom," Yu Fan smiled like a pervert as he directly tried to remove Mo Yan's inner garment with a single strike.

Powerful killing intent flickered through Jian Chen's eyes. He directly hurled a punch at Zhou Bing's chest. Although he was at Reciprocity, he was still unable to withstand a single attack from Jian Chen. He could not even react to Jian Chen's punch, and blood spurted from his mouth as he was blown away like a cannonball.

There were three other disciples around Zhou Bing. When Zhou Bing collided into them, the three disciples all vomited blood and were blown away as well. Cracks rang out from all over their bodies and their bones were broken.

At this moment, when Yu Fan's sword was only an inch away from Mo Yan's inner garment, Mo Yan began to pale and panic.

From afar, Jian Chen's gaze was cold. He did not hide his heavy killing intent at all. He directly extended a finger towards Yu Fan from far away.

His movement immediately produced a silver-white sword Qi that flew out with a flash. The sword Qi moved extremely quickly, more than a hundred times faster than Yu Fan's sword. It struck the barrier around the two of them in a single moment.

The barrier was as fragile as ice before the sword Qi. As a matter of fact, it was as if it did not exist at all, shattering instantly. The sword Qi continued onwards without slowing at all, shooting towards Yu Fan's sword with lightning speed.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1697

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