Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1701

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Chapter 1701: A Visit From a G.o.d

"A G.o.d has actually silently infiltrated our Mo clan. Ancestor, may I ask who it is? Is it the one from the Lu family? Or is it the one from the Atomos Sword sect? Or the Ando clan?" The patriarch of the Mo clan asked politely. He was extremely grim.

A G.o.d had appeared in the Mo clan; this was a significant matter. However, the patriarch was fortunate that the ancestor of the Mo clan had emerged from seclusion at a time like this, or else the consequences would have been unthinkable.

The Mo clan was one of the four great organisations in the region, possessing quite the strength with several Deities as elders. However, strength like this would only crumble before a G.o.d. If a G.o.d had infiltrated the clan, wiping out the entire place was only the matter of raising a hand. Even if all the elders in the clan fought against the G.o.d together, they would not be able to pose a threat to the G.o.d at all.

Although there were a few legends in the Saints' World where a few peak Deities could kill ordinary G.o.ds, basically all of them were the prodigies of large sects and clans. It was impossible for a legend like that to happen in the Mo clan.

The ancestor of the Mo clan stared at the shocked patriarch. A strange light flickered through his eyes, and he walked over to a seat steadily before sitting down. He said to the patriarch, "Have you really not realised?"

The patriarch shook his head and replied in shame, "It's junior who has been useless. I haven't discovered the G.o.d who has infiltrated the clan even now. If it were not for the ancestor suddenly emerging from seclusion, I probably would not even have known that a G.o.d has appeared in the clan."

The patriarch sank into his thoughts and said, "I can't blame you now that you mention it. After all, your cultivation level hasn't reached that level yet, so it would be very natural for you to be incapable of sensing it." The ancestor became stern and asked, "Xingfeng, let me ask you, who is that person who chopped off Mo Yun's arm in a single stroke? Why has he appeared in our Mo clan?"

The patriarch of the Mo clan was not slow-witted. When he heard the ancestor mention Shen Jian and remembered the impressive strength he had displayed, he immediately linked Shen Jian's ident.i.ty to the G.o.d mentioned by the ancestor. He was stunned at first, and then his expression changed suddenly. His eyes widened as disbelief flooded his face. His heart churned wildly.

"Ancestor, are you saying… are you saying… are you saying that brother Shen Jian is- is- is a G.o.d?" The patriarch could no longer keep his calm, crying out uncontrollably. This news was like a clap of thunder in his head, and he was now completely dumbstruck.

"So he's called Shen Jian. Correct, the G.o.d I was speaking of is him," murmured the ancestor.

"Impossible, that's impossible. When brother Shen Jian first came to our Mo clan, he was only at Reciprocity. He only broke through to G.o.dhood a few months ago and is only an early Deity right now. How can he be a G.o.d? Are you sure you haven't mistaken him for something else, ancestor?" The patriarch explained in a hurry. He felt very confused inside, as Shen Jian had indeed only broken through to G.o.dhood recently. How had he become a G.o.d in the blink of an eye?

The ancestor sighed gently. His expression became very mixed. He had become either envious or jealous.

"Xingfeng, you're right. Shen Jian's cultivation level is indeed at early G.o.dhood, but his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword has already reached the level of G.o.d." The ancestor was filled with mixed feelings.

"What! Brother Shen Jian's comprehension of laws has already reached the level of G.o.d? T- t- this…" The patriarch felt his mouth dry up. The various times he had interacted with Shen Jian flashed through his head. He found it very difficult to believe that Shen Jian's comprehension of laws had already reached such an unbelievable level.

"This Shen Jian is a deviant. There are countless people in the Saints' World who have reached the peak of their cultivation but cannot advance any further due to the lack of comprehension of laws. Even with the entire world in perspective, there are very few people who can comprehend laws much greater than their personal level of cultivation, yet Shen Jian has done it. At the same time, I can feel that Shen Jian did not make a breakthrough in his comprehension in our clan. In other words, his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had already reached the level of G.o.d when he was still at the Origin realm. When he struck out just then, I even felt that his comprehension of laws has exceeded mine. It's extremely likely that it has reached mid G.o.d," said the ancestor. He was extremely envious. His cultivation level had reached early G.o.d many years ago, but he had never been able to break through to mid G.o.d as he was unable to further his comprehension of laws.

He was not the only one. Even the ancestor of the Lu family, Ando clan, and the G.o.d from the Atomos Sword sect were the same. The laws of the world limited their strengths, preventing them from becoming mid G.o.ds.

The patriarch was completely stunned. Shen Jian, who had only broken through a few months ago, had actually comprehended the laws at the level of mid G.o.d. In other words, did that not mean he could directly become a mid G.o.d as long as he had sufficient resources?

That would make him even more powerful than the ancestors of the four organisations!

"Yan'er actually saved a G.o.d!" The patriarch s.h.i.+vered inside when he thought of that.

Although Shen Jian was only an early Deity right now, the patriarch had already begun to treat him as a mid G.o.d because his comprehension of laws had reached that level. He would be able to cultivate to mid G.o.d without any obstructions unlike the elders in the clan. Even though they had reached peak Deity, they would not necessarily be able to break through to G.o.d for the rest of their lives.

This was because cultivation could be slowly acc.u.mulated, while the comprehension of laws would not grow with cultivation. It was exactly because of how difficult it was to comprehend the laws of the world that peak Reciprocity cultivators did not possess much status in the Mo clan.

"Xingfeng, come with me to visit Shen Jian. Shen Jian has always kept his strength concealed in our Mo clan. If it weren't for what happened today, we probably still wouldn't know he was a G.o.d. Since he doesn't want to expose his strength to the public, we'll follow through with his intentions. Don't raise the attention of others when we go visit, and keep what I told you today a secret, just in case you make Shen Jian unhappy, understood?" The ancestor said. He seemed like a rash man, but he was actually extremely sharp-minded.

"Yes, ancestor. I'll go arrange this immediately."


At night on the same day, the entire clan was lit up brightly. Groups of guards patrolled around the clan. They were all expressionless and cold.

"Greetings to the patriarch!"

"Greetings to the patriarch!"

Near the seventh hall, figures flickered before the light of the lanterns. The polite voices of patrolling guards would ring out.

The patriarch strode over with his hands behind his back. To no surprise, he was making his way towards where Shen Jain resided.

A person in black clothes followed the patriarch silently. He moved without making a single sound. He wore a veiled hat that concealed his appearance and face, making him seem like a phantom through the night. The patrolling guards would even miss his existence if they did not pay close attention.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1701

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