Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1711

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Chapter 1711: Going into Battle

"We can only drag things out with our current situation," Mo Ling gritted his teeth. He felt very pressured against three G.o.ds. With his strength, he was confident about taking on any single one of them and not suffer defeat, but he would not be able to last for very long if he had to fight two G.o.ds at the same time.

However, even if he managed to keep two G.o.ds busy, there would still be one more G.o.d and the various Deity elders. Although Shen Jian's comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached mid G.o.d, far greater than any G.o.d present, his personal cultivation was just too weak after all. Mo Ling estimated that he would struggle a little in just keeping a single G.o.d busy. He would only be able to put up a proper fight if Jian Chen was present as well, as he had managed to heavily injure the ancestor of the Lu family before.

Although Mo Ling had never personally witnessed Jian Chen's abilities, he could already understand just how terrifying his strength was because he managed to injure Lu Tian to the point where he had to flee without the treasure of the Lu family.

"Brother Shen Jian, let's not go out for now. Let's drag it out and waste as much time as we can," Mo Ling said to Shen Jian secretly within the protective formation.

Shen Jian nodded. He also knew that they would not be able to hold off three G.o.ds with just Mo Ling and him. Dragging out things was the only method available to them right now.

"Mo Ling, will your Mo clan surrender or will you continue to put up a pointless struggle?" Ando Fu asked.

Mo Ling sneered, "Ando Fu, Lu Tian, do you really think that the Mo clan is done for just because you two are working together and have managed to gather three G.o.ds? Everyone will suffer heavy losses in the end. The outcome might even be worse than that for you."

"Even worse than that?" Ando Fu smiled deeply when he heard that. He said to Mo Ling, "Are you referring to this?" A piece of jade had appeared silently in Ando Fu's hand. He held it between his fingers, showing it to Mo Ling.

Mo Ling's eyes narrowed, and his expression immediately became ugly. He was familiar with the piece of jade, as he had personally handed it to clansmen and secretly arranged for him to stay in the provincial city. Aside from him and the patriarch, no one else in the Mo clan knew this person's ident.i.ty.

The piece of jade contained information about the G.o.dking Duanmu's jade. When he had pa.s.sed the jade to the clansmen, he had warned him many times that he could only remove the restrictions on it if the Mo clan was destroyed. He would make the information in there go public so that the entire Dong'an province would learn about G.o.dking Duanmu's jade.

Mo Ling had prepared such measures in the past to prevent the Lu family and the Ando clan from truly banding together against the Mo clan. If that really did happen, he could use it to strike worry and fear into the hearts of the Lu family and the Ando clan. Even if the Mo clan suffered the worst possible outcome, the Lu family and the Ando clan would not be able to benefit from it at all. Instead, they would have to lose their G.o.dking Duanmu's jade or even have their clans destroyed.

Yet now, the piece of jade had actually appeared in Ando Fu's hands. That would mean the person Mo Ling had sent to the provincial city had met his end.

"Mo Ling, will you give up now? Let me ask you one last time. Are you going to surrender or put up a pointless struggle?" If you surrender, I will spare you," sneered Lu Tian.

"You're dreaming if you think our Mo clan will surrender," Mo Ling said with a gruff voice. Now that his clan possessed Jian Chen and Shen Jian, he became a little more confident.

Lu Tian's gaze turned cold. He gave an order without any hesitation," Do it!" With the order, the seven Deities from the Lu family and all the Origin realm experts behind them struck out at the same time. Origin energy immediately surged as nine hundred attacks landed on the Mo clan's barrier simultaneously.

"Do it!" At the same time, Ando Fu gave his orders as well. His elders and Origin realm experts struck out at the same time as well, and they basically hit the barrier at the same time as the attacks from the Lu family.


Attacks from over a dozen Deities and over a thousand Origin realm cultivators was terrifying. When it struck the barrier of the Mo clan, a deafening sound immediately erupted. Ripples of origin energy spread out in the surroundings with various attributes, dyeing the world with various colors.

However, the protective barrier of the Mo clan was extraordinary as well. It was extremely powerful, so the simultaneous attacks from more than ten Deities and over a thousand Origin realm cultivators only made the barrier tremble and dull slightly.

"Mo Ling, I'd like to see how many divine crystals your Mo clan has to support the barrier," Lu Tian hovered in the air leisurely. He stared below with a sneer. The G.o.ds on his side did not move.

All the cultivators from the Lu family and the Ando clan did not stand around idly. They constantly barraged the Mo clan's formation with attacks. There were even a few Origin realm cultivators among the two clans who stood in formation. They poured the strength of several dozen or even over a hundred people together to erupt with the might of G.o.dhood.

The deafening sounds constantly rang out as the Mo clan's barrier shook more and more. The barrier flickered.

"Quick, quick, pour the divine crystals into the foundation of the formation…"

The members of the upper echelon who normally managed the affairs of the clan called out in a panic, ordering groups of guards to provide energy to the formation.

At the same time, on the peak of a mountain shrouded in mist within the Atomos Sword sect, the sect master stood there politely. Before him was a white-robed, middle-aged man. He had his back towards the sect master as he gazed at the sea of clouds before him.

"Ancestor, the Lu family and the Ando clan have already moved against the Mo clan. I plead the ancestor to take part and make the Mo clan pay for their previous actions," the sect master said politely.

"Yu Hao, you want the Atomos Sword sect to go war against the Mo clan just because of your disappointment of a son. Do you think it's worth it?" The middle-aged man asked the sect master without even turning back. His voice was indifferent, without any particular emotion at all.

"Ancestor, the Mo clan has gone too far. When elders Mo Shan and Mo Yun took Fan'er with them in their visit to the Mo clan before, both Mo Yun and Fan'er lost an arm in the end. That's basically a naked provocation to our sect, a slap to our face. If we don't take revenge, would we still have any dignity?" The sect master said.

"I've spoken with the two elders, and I've learnt the entire story. Wasn't everything caused by your disappointment of a son?" The middle-aged man said steadily.

The sect master's face changed slightly. He said with reluctance, "Ancestor, are we supposed to just let this matter be?"

The middle-aged man shook his head and sighed gently, "Yu Hao, you are so ignorant. I really do regret pa.s.sing the position of sect master to you slightly. If you continue like this, the entire sect is probably going to be destroyed in your hands."

The sect master was surprised. He immediately knelt in fear and said politely, "Please do not be angry, ancestor. Please calm down. It was me who did not think through everything. I did not realise what everything would result in. It's best if we don't offend the Mo clan then. Although they don't seem any greater than our sect, they've existed for much longer."

"Sigh," the middle-aged man let out a breath of disappointment. He turned towards the sect master and said, "Yu Hao, you've still failed to understand what I'm trying to say. We will not be waging war against the Mo clan." The middle-aged man paused there. His gaze became deep, and he continued, "However, the Mo clan severed elder Mo Yun's arm after all. If we don't make an appropriate response to that, our status will plummet. We won't be interfering with the battle between the Mo clan, Ando clan, and Lu family, but we will devote all our strength into killing the people of the Mo clan once they suffer defeat."

"If the Lu family and Ando clan are unable to devastate the Mo clan even when they're working together, we'll just let the matter of elder Mo Yun's severed arm be. We won't mention it again."

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1711

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