Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1735

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Chapter 1735: The Pill Room

Even though Mo Ling and Ando Fu were extremely excited and burned with the desire to enter, they did not set foot into the dwelling. Instead, they both looked at Jian Chen. If Jian Chen did not dare to enter, the two of them would not be bold enough to enter either.

Now that Jian Chen's strength had been gradually revealed, Ando Fu was not the only one who became extremely fearful of him. Even Mo Ling was unable to talk to him as casually as he did in the past.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. He endured the dizziness he felt as he carefully made his way into the dwelling.

The OverG.o.d's dwelling was expansive and simple. There was a huge, round square. There were several buildings littered around the square, labelled with 'Pill Room', 'Pill Refinery', 'Cultivation Room', 'Sword Comprehension Building' and 'Scrolls Pavilion'.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian both looked towards the Sword Comprehension Building, while Mo Ling and Ando Fu looked between the Pill Room and the Scrolls Pavilion.

As for fairy Hao Yue, she only glanced past these places before losing interest. She did not believe that there would be the items that would a.s.sist her in rebuilding her body here.

Shen Jian looked away from the Sword Comprehension Building very soon, directing his gaze towards the Pill Room. He said to Jian Chen, "Let's go into the Pill Room and have a look first."

"Sure," Jian Chen nodded before making his way over to the Pill Room with Shen Jian. Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the other followed behind them closely. None of them moved by themselves.

The Pill Room was also protected by formations, but it was nowhere near as powerful as the one at the entrance. It was only at the level of G.o.ds, forming a basic defence. It was obviously not enough to stop them, so they smashed through the formations with ease.

The heavy fragrance of pills immediately surged up when they entered the Pill Room. The small room was filled with over a hundred jade bottles. They were stored away neatly, creating quite a pleasing sight. Each bottle possessed a label for the pill it stored.

"Consolidation Pills. It's a relatively common pill, with its greatest effect being consolidating your foundation. It has quite a good effect on people with unstable foundations. It can also replenish the vital energies of people slightly. Of course, if the condition is too severe, the pill will be useless. You'll need pills of higher grades…"

"Soul-clearing Pills. It's a type of pill that stabilises the soul and has an impressive effect on those with unstable souls. Apart from that, it can be ingested by people who are unable to restrain themselves and might end up suffering from Qi deviation to lower the risk…"

Mo Ling and Ando Fu had both lived for a very long time, so they were obviously rather knowledgeable. They had seen most of the pills in the room, so they began to introduce them.

"T- t- these are Renewal Pills. There are actually Renewal Pills here." Suddenly, Mo Ling's face changed and immediately became filled with surprise and joy. He immediately grabbed a jade bottle and examined it carefully. He said excitedly, "These Renewal Pills have reached the fifth grade of the Truth Tier. Every single one of them is priceless. They can go for a million low grade divine crystals each, or even higher sometimes. They can only be bought in the royal city of the divine kingdom. You can't find them in the provinces."

Ando Fu also rushed over and said excitedly, "They really are Renewal Pills. Renewal Pills specialise in recovering origin energy. Every single one of them is priceless, but there's a reason why they're priceless because they're extremely powerful. Even late G.o.ds can replenish all their expended origin energy within half a minute of consuming a Renewal Pill. At crucial times, Renewal Pills can save lives."

"What! Even late G.o.ds can replenish all their origin energy within half a minute?" Jian Chen was also surprised when he heard of the effects. He immediately rushed over.

Mo Ling immediately pa.s.sed the jade bottle to Jian Chen. Jian Chen did not hold back, directly accepting it and opening its lid. He saw ten pure-white and perfectly round pills sitting in there. Each one was the size of a thumb.

Jian Chen closed the bottle. Then he searched through the shelves and found that there were actually six bottles of the pills in total. Each bottle held ten pills, resulting in sixty pills in total.

In the end, they all came to an agreement for Jian Chen and Shen Jian to each take two bottles of the Renewal Pills each, while Mo Ling and Ando Fu each took one. Originally, Mo Ling and Ando Fu had refused to take an entire bottle, only asking for one or two of the pills. After all, it was mainly because of Jian Chen that they could even make it in here. Mo Lin and Ando Fu even suspected that Jian Chen probably could smash through the formation by himself with his two strands of Profound Sword Qi even without their help.

However, Mo Ling and Ando Fu each took a single bottle in the end after Jian Chen's insistence.

Ando Fu's feelings became extremely mixed as he held the bottle of pills. Originally, he believed that he was only Jian Chen's hostage. Even after coming into the G.o.dking's dwelling, he was only a tool to open a path. He would not have a share of whatever they found in here. However, he never expected Jian Chen to treat him just like Mo Ling, without any discrimination at all. He had even given him a whole bottle of the precious Renewal Pills without any hesitation.

"Revival Pills. These are great for healing, having reached the seventh grade of the Truth Tier. A single pill can go for one and a half million low grade divine crystals in the royal city. There are actually two bottles here…"

"Firecloud Pills. These are pills that can temporarily strengthen of the person who ingests it. It can forcefully raise their cultivation by a minor level, ignoring the restrictions of the laws of the world. However, they'll suffer an extremely intense backlash as well and become greatly weakened…"

"Thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. Each bottle has ten pills, and there are actually four bottles here…"

"Heavens, these are Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. They're even more valuable than the Renewal Pills. Just the Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pill in the royal city fetches for a price of ten million low grade divine crystals…" Ando Fu's shocked voice rang out in Jian Chen's ears.

Jian Chen beamed when he heard that there were Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills. He arrived before Ando Fu in flash and s.n.a.t.c.hed the bottle from his hands. He opened its lit eagerly. There were also ten pills inside.

"Quick, help me have at look how many bottles of Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills there are," Jian Chen said eagerly. These pills were exactly what he needed.

"Brother Jian Chen, there's another bottle here. It's also the last bottle. There are only two bottles in here." Mo Ling pa.s.sed a jade bottle to Jian Chen. To no surprise, there were also Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills in there.

"Two bottles. That's twenty pills," Jian Chen clenched the two bottles. He felt extremely joyful as he ignored the intense dizziness in his head.

Twenty Ten-thousand-year G.o.d Origin Pills were equivalent to two hundred thousand years of cultivation. That could make his chaotic neidan much larger.

Even though the twenty pills were not necessarily enough for his Chaotic Body to advance to the tenth layer, it was enough for him to get one step closer to the tenth layer. It could even allow him to reach the peak of the ninth layer. At that time, all he needed to do was consume a few heavenly resources or absorb a few divine crystals, and he would be able to reach the tenth layer successfully.

"He really is G.o.dking Duanmu's disciple after all. Just his Pill Room contains so many precious pills. His wealth has completely exceeded any other OverG.o.d," Mo Ling and Ando Fu sighed in amazement. The disciple of G.o.dking Duanmu was much wealthier than their ancestors.

"Soul Recovery Pills. These are pills that specialise in recovering the power of the soul. Jian Chen, the power of your soul has been greatly consumed, so these pills should be useful to you." Shen Jian walked over with a white jade bottle.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1735

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