Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1770

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Chapter 1770: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body (Four)

In the depths of the mine, Jian Chen sat in the air as dense and pure origin energy gathered from the surroundings. It gathered so quickly that it basically surpa.s.sed Jian Chen's rate of absorption, causing the origin energy that condensed around Jian Chen to almost solidify. It had become a coc.o.o.n completely condensed from origin energy that enveloped Jian Chen.

After all, Jian Chen currently resided within a high grade divine crystal mine. There was an astronomical number of hidden high grade divine crystals in the rock around him, making it equivalent to him sitting among divine crystals. The rate at which origin energy gathered over would obviously be shocking.

Jian Chen was like a bottomless hole as he rapidly absorbed the pure origin energy in his surroundings. As tremendous quant.i.ties of origin energy were absorbed and then refined, his chaotic neidan swelled slowly at a visible rate.

Even though the chaotic neidan grew at an extremely slow rate, only by a tiny portion each day, it was an unbelievable rate to Jian Chen who had possessed the Chaotic Body for so many years already. It was far, far faster compared to when he absorbed the energy of the Yinyang Saint Rock, or the power from the evil spirit.

This was all due to the purity of the origin energy within the high grade divine crystals he absorbed. Not only were they extremely easy to absorb, but refining the energy was much less arduous as well.

It was exactly because of this that Jian Chen's chaotic neidan had grown from the size of a pigeon's egg to a chicken's egg in just three short months of cultivating here.

"At this rate, my chaotic neidan will probably reach the limits of the ninth layer in a year," Jian Chen thought. At the same time, he became slightly excitedly; he was eager for the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body.

The ninth layer of the Chaotic Body only made his cultivation level equivalent to Deities. Once he broke through to the tenth layer, his level of cultivation would directly reach G.o.ds.

Although the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body would not be able to elevate his cultivation to OverG.o.d, his battle prowess would rise tremendously.

After all, just the toughness of the Chaotic Body at the tenth layer would be able to endure attacks from G.o.ds. Even if he did not block or dodge, G.o.ds would not be able to harm him at all.

The tenth layer of the Chaotic Body was simply too powerful. Even if regular G.o.ds launched full-powered attacks at Jian Chen, they would not be able to get through his skin. They could only draw blood if their attacks had surpa.s.sed the limits of what the Chaotic Body could endure.

This was the advantage of the Chaotic Body.

Any cultivator of the Chaotic Body could claim to be invincible among the same realm of cultivation. Only prodigies that also claimed the t.i.tle of being invincible had the right to challenge them. But even with that, the outcome would more often be the victory of the Chaotic Body than defeat.

Of course, being invincible among the same level of cultivation was not actually being the strongest at the same level of cultivation. As long as they could defeat ninety-nine percent of people at the same level of cultivation and challenge those at higher cultivation levels, they would earn the t.i.tle of invincible.

This was because there would be far too few opponents at the same level of cultivation as them. Even with an entire plane or major planet in perspective, there would only be a handful.

Nothing happened as Jian Chen cultivated. The people of the Dong'an province did not come to disturb him, which slightly surprised Jian Chen.

Naturally, Jian Chen did not know that the reason why he could cultivate in peace after taking over the mine was all because of what Bing Lou had told Nanyun Tong.

In the blink of an eye, another fifteen months pa.s.sed. Jian Chen had already been cultivating there for one and a half years now.

The chaotic neidan in his dantian had finally reached the size of a fist after the one and a half years of cultivation. He had reached the limits of the ninth layer. During this period of time, he had been cultivating many times faster than he had ever cultivated on the Tian Yuan Continent.

However, Jian Chen did not stop there. He continued to absorb the surrounding origin energy wildly. Finally, after another half a month, the amount of Chaotic Force he possessed exceeded what his chaotic neidan could possess. With a boom, surging Chaotic Force rampaged through Jian Chen's body violently and destructively. His body immediately began to tremble violently as he paled in that instance as well. His forehead became covered in cold sweat.

Droplets of blood had even oozed out of his powers as they pulsed with energy, causing Jian Chen to become all bloodied.

The cultivator of the Chaotic Body had to endure the excruciating pain of reforging the body every time they broke through. At the same time, the toughness of the body would leap up qualitatively with each breakthrough.

Chaotic Force was just too brutal. Without a tough body, it was impossible to endure the power of Chaotic Force, so with each breakthrough, the Chaotic Force would become more powerful and break the balance between the body. It would injure the body as it circulated; hence, it brought on excruciating pain.

Only when the Chaotic Body reached the same level as the Chaotic Force, becoming just as powerful, would the Chaotic Force no longer be able to harm the body as it circulated. Only then would the pain disappear.

This was the weakness of the ordinary Chaotic Body. The possessor of the Innate Chaotic Body would not have to endure the pain of reforging their body or the agony of shattering the chaotic neidan eighteen times.

Several days later, Jian Chen made his way out of the mine steadily in a new set of white robes. In the past year and a half, the mine had lost all of its divine crystals as well, being reduced to a regular mountain range.

Several kilometers away, Shen Jian's eyes snapped open when Jian Chen made his way out of the mine. With a flash, he suddenly vanished from the mountain peak. When he appeared again, he had already arrived before Jian Chen.

Shen Jian's eyes shone brightly as he stared at Jian Chen. Jian Chen's cultivation method was different, and he was actually unable to tell if Jian Chen's strength had broken through at all. He could only vaguely sense that his presence seemed to have become much more powerful than before.

At the same time, his slender body seemed to contain an extremely terrifying and powerful energy.

"You broke through?" Shen Jian asked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen smiled faintly and said, "Try attacking me."

With that, a gleam of light flashed through Shen Jian's eyes. With the clear thrum of a sword, the dark Cloudstream sword appeared in his hand in a single moment. He wielded the sword as he stabbed towards Jian Chen with lighting speed, utilising the power from the Laws of the Sword.

Since Shen Jian knew just how powerful Jian Chen was, he did not hold back his strength even though he did not use a battle skill.

With his late G.o.d level of comprehension and early G.o.d level of cultivation, his strike was no weaker than a mid G.o.d's attack. It was even slightly stronger than attacks from regular mid G.o.ds.

This was because he comprehended the Laws of the Sword, which was known to be one of the most powerful offensive laws available.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1770

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