Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1774

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Chapter 1774: Jian Chen Interferes

"Fairy Hao Yue has succeeded in condensing her body?" Delight immediately appeared on Jian Chen's face as he looked towards the entrance.

But the next moment, he frowned and became extremely stern. He could already see fairy Hao Yue fleeing with a pale face as many OverG.o.ds pursued her aggressively.

Jian Chen's face became sunken. He directed his gaze towards the huge formation that had been created silently, and a gleam of cold light flashed through his eyes. It was filled with cold killing intent.

The teleportation formation was completely formed from cultivators at various levels standing in specific places. It seemed like a mess that lacked any order; only those who knew about or were familiar with formations could notice the mysteries hidden within.

As a result, basically no one else apart from Jian Chen discovered the teleportation formation outside the dwelling.

However, as fairy Hao Yue rapidly fled from the dwelling, the people who stood in formation began to move. Clearly, they wanted to send fairy Hao Yue away as soon as she emerged.

"Don't panic, listen to my instructions," an old voice rang out in the heads of all the cultivators who took part in the formation. Only those in the formation could hear the voice.

The owner of the voice was an extremely ordinary young man who hid amongst the crowd. The strength he revealed was not great; it was only at the level of early G.o.ds.

He did not raise the attention of the people gathered outside the dwelling at all with his strength. Coupled with his apparent ordinariness, no one noticed him.

At this moment, the young man's eyes shone brightly. He stared at the dwelling eagerly and excitedly. He thought inside, "Fight, fight. The more fiercely you fight, the better. It's best if you all become injured. Only then will I be happy. Hmph, the possessions of G.o.dking Duanmu are destined to be mine. No one will be fighting over it with me."

The young man slowly extended his right hand. He held an eight trigrams disc in his right hand, and a huge sleeve covered it.

The rumbles from the dwelling became even more intense. Fairy Hao Yue rapidly approached the entrance. Right now, even the many G.o.ds and Deities gathered outside the entrance could see her clearly.

Many people immediately began to retreat rapidly, backing away from the entrance. They were afraid that they would become innocent casualties of the shockwaves from the battle between OverG.o.ds.

However, many people chose to remain where they were. To no surprise, these people included the many cultivators who took part in the teleportation formation.

"Get ready!" The young man also became nervous in the crowd as he communicated with all the people in the formation. It had already reached the moment of truth now.

Finally, under everyone's gazes, the white-clothed fairy Hao Yue flew out of the dwelling. A layer of clear moonlight surrounded her.

"Activate the formation!" The young man basically bellowed towards the people in the formation secretly. At the same time, he threw his eight trigrams disc into the sky.

Immediately, a powerful beam of white light shot into the sky, and the huge teleportation formation outside the dwelling was activated. It shone with light as terrifying energy rolled through the surroundings, causing the expressions of everyone outside the dwelling to change.

"It's a formation. This is a formation…"

"Someone actually secretly cast down such a powerful formation outside the dwelling. Heavens, I actually failed to sense it at all when I was standing in it…"

"This tremendous formation has actually been cast using several tens of thousands of people. Heavens, what extravagance. The person who cast down this formation must possess great mastery over formations…"

Many cultivators stared at the formation in shock as they cried out outside the dwelling.

At the same time, fairy Hao Yue frowned as she gazed at the formation in the surroundings. Fury had covered her face, and she snorted coldly, "It's actually a teleportation formation. Looks like the place where I'll be sent to has already been set up long ago. Hahaha, I never thought that I'd be reduced to the point where I would fall for the schemes of ants." Fairy Hao Yue laughed coldly. She had already entered the teleportation formation now. Immediately, with a single movement, she shot towards the exterior as quickly as she could.

Suddenly, an eight trigrams disc flew over from the distance. It shone with a hazy light as profound formations flickered and revolved around the disc.

The appearance of the disc had caused the s.p.a.ce there to thicken. s.p.a.ce actually froze at a visible rate, suspending the origin energy there and disturbing the region of s.p.a.ce.

Fairy Hao Yue was affected as well. She moved extremely slowly as a mysterious power sealed up her surroundings.

Fairy Hao Yue's eyes were cold. Even though she had fallen into a horrible situation, she did not panic. She remained as calm as she was normally. However, her pupils gradually whitened. They shone with pure-white light like moonlight as if her pupils had become moons.

Fairy Hao Yue's comprehension of laws in her former life had reached an extremely profound level. However, she still had not recovered her soul, so she was unable to use the power of laws from her peak condition. However, now that she had run out of choices, she was prepared to burn her soul again and use the power of laws from the Primordial realm.

At this moment, extremely powerful sword Qi soared into the sky outside the teleportation formation. Jian Chen, who had been hidden within the crowd all along, moved. Densely-packed, raindrop-like specks of sword Qi gathered around him. Even though the sword Qi was weak and unable to harm OverG.o.ds or even kill G.o.ds, it was fatal to Deities and Origin realm cultivators.

G.o.ds and Deities took up a tiny portion among the several tens of thousand people who stood in the formation. Most of them were at the Origin realm.

Fairy Hao Yue could not help but become startled when she sensed the sword Qi suddenly appear. She quickly turned her head towards Jian Chen and immediately stopped burning her soul. She could not help but smile faintly.

Jian Chen was stern as icy-cold killing intent shone in his eyes. As he extended his finger, the countless strands of sword Qi around him immediately shot towards the people in the formation as a huge, silver-white chain.

Countless strands of sword Qi ripped through the sky as they shone with dazzling white light. From afar, it seemed like a waterfall that was extending and spreading across the sky, creating an extremely grand scene.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1774

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