Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1781

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Chapter 1781: A Fierce Struggle Against Chanlong

"Chanlong, this kid might be young, but he's a supreme prodigy. You can't kill him. Are you certain you want to keep fighting him?" The trapped soul asked master Chanlong. He was clearly rather hesitant.

Master Chanlong's expression remained the same. Not only did his killing intent not weaken, but it even became heavier instead. He said coldly, "Jian Chen ruined it all for me, so how can I let him go? So what if he's a supreme prodigy. Do it."

With that, the eight trigrams disc in master Chanlong's hand shone brightly. Countless lines of complicated and profound inscriptions flickered, creating a set of armor completely composed of flickering inscriptions on him. At the same time, his hand seals varied, creating formations after formations in s.p.a.ce that shot towards Jian Chen.

"What a madman. Chanlong, you're mad. You're even willing to offend supreme prodigies. I can already see that you won't be able to live for another a hundred years. I can see your life being ended in the kid's hands in a few decades," the trapped soul said angrily. Although that was what he said, he did not choose to stand around. He swished his tail and directly charged for Jian Chen. He said in the meantime, "Kid, you clearly saw everything. The one who wants to do things to you is not me, but that old man called Chanlong. In the future, if you want to take revenge, directly take revenge against Chanlong. Don't blame me."

With that, the soul controlled the huge python. With a crack, he sent the python's tail towards Jian Chen mercilessly.

Jian Chen also moved. His gaze was cold as cold killing intent flickered in his eyes as well. Chaotic Force circulated within him, filling up every inch of his body. He did not dodge the python's attack. Instead, he directly charged towards master Chanlong.


The python's huge tail slammed into Jian Chen's back, turning his back into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. It revealed white bone.

However, as soon as the wound appeared, it rapidly closed up under Jian Chen's circulation of Chaotic Force. He healed up so quickly that the soul within the python sighed in amazement.

Jian Chen borrowed the force of the attack to charge towards master Chanlong even faster. He moved with lightning speed. He put his palms together as he controlled the power of the Laws of the Sword. A white sword Qi extended from his hands as it surged brightly. It stabbed towards master Chanlong's head as if it was unstoppable.

Master Chanlong was stern. Jian Chen simply moved too quickly. Not only had his huge python failed to stop him at all, but it had even allowed him to move even faster instead. He was unable to finish casting down his killing formation in that time at all. An incomplete killing formation was completely useless against Jian Chen with his power.

With no other choice, master Chanlong formed two seals with his hands and called out, "Explode!"

With a boom, the incomplete killing formation blew up loudly. Terrifying energy shockwaves wreaked havoc in the surroundings. The energy was so powerful that even peak G.o.ds would be reduced to ashes if they were struck.

The shockwaves immediately injured Jian Chen. He rapidly circulated his Chaotic Force, and on the surface of his body, Chaotic Force seemed to be flowing through. He used his tough body to endure the shockwaves.

His clothes were reduced to dust, revealing his slender body. Soon afterwards, b.l.o.o.d.y marks appeared, and blood flowed out. However, in the next moment, all the wounds closed up at a visible rate.

"Linear Lightning Release!"

Jian Chen suddenly formed a hand seal amidst the violent energy. As the seal was completed, the blown back Jian Chen turned into a bolt of lightning. He seemed to have become an extremely large sword, shooting towards master Chanlong with unbelievable speed.


Jian Chen used the Linear Lightning Release to stab master Chanlong with his own body. The armor from the inscriptions of master Chanlong's eight trigrams disc immediately dulled while the terrifying force launched him far away.

Although master Chanlong was a late OverG.o.d, he mainly focused on formations. Open battles were his weakness. Now that he faced Jian Chen, he was unable to use his formations immediately, so he immediately fell into a disadvantaged position.

Killing intent flickered through Jian Chen's eyes. He pursued master Chanlong as the huge python attacked him from behind. The python lunged towards Jian Chen with its gaping mouth open.

With a single movement, Jian Chen left behind an afterimage and appeared before the python's heart in an instance. Forming a seal, he used the Daluo Sword and a golden sword Qi immediately appeared over his hand.

Jian Chen extended his right hand and directly grabbed the Daluo Sword, heavily stabbing down on where the python's heart would have been.

However, the golden sword Qi shattered when he stabbed it down. It failed to harm the python at all. The place that he struck was unimaginable tough.

"Kid, why are you targeting the place where my defences are the thickest?" The soul within the huge python said complacently.

On the other side, master Chanlong was already several dozen kilometers away. He had become a black speck. He hovered in the sky, and blood oozed from the corner of his lip. His hands had turned into a blur as he changed between his hand seals as quickly as he could. He began to cast down formations as he tossed out a formation banner.

Jian Chen knew that he would be at a complete disadvantaged once master Chanlong managed to finish casting down a formation. He glanced at the python coldly before no longer bothering with it anymore. He quickly charged towards master Chanlong instead. At the same time, strands of sword Qi shot out like bolts of light, tearing through the sky as streaks of light towards master Chanlong.

"You're not allowed to run. Chanlong wants me to keep you busy. Kid, just blame Chanlong." The huge python swung its tail and stopped Jian Chen.

Jian Chen's face sank. The huge python before him was extremely tough all over. It was quite difficult for him to harm it at all with his current strength.

Suddenly, two strands of Profound Sword Qi appeared above his head. The Profound Sword Qi were only the size of a finger but the sword intent they gave off even struck fear into the hearts of late OverG.o.ds.

"This again… Kid, don't shoot, don't shoot. Just don't shoot at me. Shoot it at Chanlong," the trapped soul immediately became terrified when it saw the Profound Sword Qi. It rapidly retreated, clearly extremely frightened of the Profound Sword Qi.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1781

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