Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1801

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Chapter 1801: Obliteration

"This Wayner Yan does have some ability," Jian Chen thought. He had come across quite a few early OverG.o.ds in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling, but none of them were on the same level as Wayner Yan.

It could be said that Wayner Yan was the strongest early OverG.o.d he had encountered so far. He was no weaker than Ling Hougong, or even slightly stronger.

This was because the battle skills that Wayner Yan possessed all came from the Earth Spirit sect. They were of high grade and possessed extraordinary might.

"Taiyi Sword Technique!" Jian Chen formed a hand seal, and a bright, white light surrounded him instantly. He turned into a sword as he shot into the sky with dazzling light.

From afar, he seemed like a comet in reverse. He collided with the huge mountain that blotted out the sun with a seemingly unstoppable force.

The mountain was no ordinary mountain but something condensed from Wayner Yan's cultivation as an early OverG.o.d and his power of laws through a battle technique. It possessed an extremely terrifying might.


Jian Chen directly collided with the colossal mountain, and a visible ripple of energy gushed out, expanding as a ring.

Jian Chen was like a sharp sword, directly driving through the bottom of the mountain. He moved linearly through the mountain with lightning speed. In just a short moment, he pierced through the entire thing, emerging from the highest point. He was like a miniature sun, s.h.i.+ning with dazzling light as he hovered in the air.

A tiny crack suddenly appeared on the colossal mountain condensed from Wayner Yan's battle skill. The crack immediately caused a chain reaction. More and more cracks appeared, covering the entire mountain very soon.


In the end, the entire mountain collapsed with a deep rumble. It turned into surging energy that wreaked havoc as a storm, while the mountain itself vanished from the s.p.a.ce there.

Wayner Yan trembled violently; blood spurted from his mouth and into the sky. He became even paler. He raised his head as he stared at Jian Chen in shock. At this moment, Jian Chen had seemingly become a sword.

He had already readjusted his judgement of Jian Chen before, yet Jian Chen's strength still managed to surprise him.

"The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is actually so powerful. His cultivation level is clearly lackl.u.s.tre, and he only possesses a slight edge in terms of laws. I thought that even if he would emerge victorious in his battle against Wayner Yan, it would be quite difficult, but looking at it now. Wayner Yan is nowhere close to being Jian Chen's opponent. He has actually been completely suppressed in their battle," Xuan Dou stared at Jian Chen in surprise. Clearly, Jian Chen's strength had left him taken aback as well.

Moreover, he knew that Jian Chen had not used his full strength today. This was because he had not used his trump card, which he revealed in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling back then. That move had allowed him to take the lives of early OverG.o.ds.

"Looks like the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has the upper hand."

"Wayner Yan has already become heavily injured, while the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is completely unscathed apart from his tattered sleeve. The patriarch is just too powerful."

"The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan's strength is probably even greater than the OverG.o.ds of the five great provinces. No wonder they showed him so much respect and even sent important members of their clan to congratulate him."

The G.o.ds of the provincial city all communicated with each other secretly. They were all amazed as they looked at Jian Chen in fear and admiration.

"A few days before, there was an OverG.o.d who fought against master Chanlong. Could that person be the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan?" Suddenly, a spectating G.o.d said softly.

Everyone present immediately became startled when they heard that, and they all paled soon afterwards.

Master Chanlong was a late OverG.o.d and a formation master. He possessed extremely great mastery over formations, so many OverG.o.d feared him very much. As a result, he was exceedingly famous.

If the mysterious expert who fought against master Chanlong outside the city before was the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, he would simply be too terrifying.

At that time, everyone stared at the figure that seemed smaller than an ant in the distant sky. They all wondered about that. No one paid any attention to Wayner Yan at that moment.

Suddenly, Jian Chen descended with lightning speed, directly shooting towards Wayner Yan as he shone with dazzling light.

Wayner Yan hovered in the air sternly as a giant. Powerful Laws of Strength condensed in his left hand as he threw it towards Jian Chen.

With the punch, s.p.a.ce rippled. Pure and great power surged through the s.p.a.ce, scattering the origin energy there.

The punch was immensely powerful, but Jian Chen was currently using the Taiyi Sword Technique. He was far more powerful than usual.


This time, Wayner Yan's punch was obliterated. Before the powerful sword Qi, not only had he lost his hand, but even the flesh and bone of his entire left arm from his wrist rapidly vanished. It turned into minced meat and shattered bone as they fell from the sky. The affected part reached up to his shoulder.

Wayner Yan could not help but grunt from the intense pain. His entire left hand had already vanished. Even though his body had been strengthened, he was still unable to resist Jian Chen's attack, so he suffered heavy injuries.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

Jian Chen did not give Wayner Yan any time to catch his breath. He directly struck out, and four strands of powerful sword Qi pierced through Wayner Yan's body, making him vomit blood. In the end, he kicked Wayner Yan's chest firmly.

Wayner Yan collided with the ground heavily. The entire region of earth shook violently, kicking up soil and dust that covered him up.

Jian Chen landed on the ground and slowly made his way towards the deep pit Wayner Yan's descent caused. He directly looked through the dust in the air, clearly looking at Wayner Yan in the pit.

"Wayner Yan, is this the right to act arrogantly in my Tian Yuan clan you were speaking of?" Jian Chen said nonchalantly. His emotionless, icy-cold voice was filled with mockery.

Although he had basically used his full strength in the battle against Wayner Yan, even using the Daluo Sword and Taiyi Sword Technique, he had emerged completely unscathed.

Wayner Yan was very powerful. There was barely anyone who could stand against him at the same level of cultivation. However, he was still not enough before Jian Chen.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1801

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