Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1818

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Chapter 1818: Visiting the Ling Family

In respect to anything extremely shocking that had occurred in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian lately, there was only the birth of the Tian Yuan clan apart from the appearance of G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling.

Almost no one knew of the origins of the mysterious Jian Chen. He fought the second OverG.o.d of the Dong'an province, Wayner Yan, a hundred kilometers outside the provincial city after founding the Tian Yuan clan in the Dong'an province. Although the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had comprehended the Laws of the Sword, one of the laws known to have the greatest offensive power, Wayner Yan of the Wayner clan was not weak either. He had comprehended the Laws of Strength, which was also known as one of the laws with the greatest offensive power.

The two of them were roughly at the same level in terms of comprehension, yet the result of the battle took those who paid attention by storm. Wayner Yan had actually suffered a miserable defeat. The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had crushed Wayner Yan completely, emerging with no injuries at all.

Not only did the results of the battle shake up the entire Dong'an province, but it also caused an uproar in the entire divine kingdom and the neighbouring divine kingdoms for some time.

Jian Chen had displayed his strength to the world through his battle against Wayner Yan. At the same time, many people witnessed his strength clearly.

As a matter of fact, countless people labelled Jian Chen as the greatest among the six great provinces of the divine kingdom.

They meant the strongest in the thirty-six provinces when they said greatest!

The patriarch and the members of the upper echelon from the Ling family immediately became stunned when they heard that a person of the Tian Yuan clan had come to visit. Clearly, they were extremely taken aback.

At this moment, the patriarch of the Ling family seemed to think of something. His face suddenly changed, and he stared at the guard sharply. He asked urgently, "What did you say? Who came to visit?"

The guard did not tarry at all. He immediately repeated himself, "Patriarch, the person said he was Jian Chen of the Tian Yuan clan… Jian Chen… Jian Chen… is he…" The guard seemed to understand as well when he reached the end of those words. His face changed drastically. At the same time, panic and disbelief flooded his face.

At this moment, he could not help but think about how he had glared at the visitor.

"Jian Chen! Isn't he the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan? Are you sure you've heard correctly?"

"The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has actually come to visit our Ling family by himself! Are you sure that's correct?"

"We all know how great the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is. Moreover, our Ling family has no ties with his Tian Yuan clan, so why has he come to our Ling family? In particular, why has he come personally?"

At this moment, the discussion hall was thrown into an uproar. All the members of the upper echelon were excited and taken aback. At the same time, they felt disbelief.

"Who would ever dare to use the name of the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan falsely? Quick, let's go to receive him together. At the same time, contact all the elders of the clan. Since the ancestor is not here, we all must welcome his arrival with the greatest ceremony since the patriarch has come personally regardless of his status." Ling Mojian stood up and called out to everyone.

At the same time, he contacted all the elders in the clan secretly. At that moment, the patriarch contacted all the elders in the clan, regardless of whether they were in seclusion or not.

With that, only a few seconds had pa.s.sed in total. The elders of the clan were extremely fast. Even the elders who were in seclusion several kilometers away emerged in a split second after the patriarch's message. They quickly arrived before the patriarch.

Very soon, all the important people of the clan and the elders arrived at the main entrance of the Ling family. They had arrived as quickly as they could.

From afar, the patriarch of the Ling family saw Jian Chen waiting at the entrance. His eyes immediately narrowed, and he could not help but reveal reverence on his face.

Although Ling Mojian had never seen Jian Chen in person, he was still the patriarch of a clan with an OverG.o.d. He had managed to get his hands on an image of Jian Chen through various means, and he discovered that the person visiting was exactly the same.

"The patriarch of the Ling family, Ling Mojian, greets the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. The patriarch's visit is an honor for our Ling family. Please forgive me if I have been slow earlier!" Ling Mojian bowed deeply towards Jian Chen and said politely. After all, the person standing before him was an OverG.o.d.

An extremely powerful OverG.o.d in fact!

"Greetings to the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan!"

The people of the Ling family all bowed towards Jian Chen deeply from behind the patriarch as well. Reverence filled all their faces. There were even a few of them who seemed unsettled.

Jian Chen smiled indifferently. He did not act sn.o.bbishly. After greeting the people of the Ling family as well, he was invited to the discussion hall.

The patriarch of the Ling family no longer sat on the patriarch's throne. Instead, he sat with Jian Chen and the elders and important figures of the Ling family. They served the best fruit and tea to receive Jian Chen.

Jian Chen conversed with the people of the Ling family casually, but among everyone, only Jian Chen remained composed. Including the patriarch, everyone behaved extremely carefully when they interacted with Jian Chen, as they were afraid that they would offend the OverG.o.d.

The members of the upper echelon and the elders all tried to get on Jian Chen's good side as well.

"Patriarch Ling, may I ask if there is any news regarding Ling Hougong?" Jian Chen gathered his focus at this moment and began to ask about Ling Hougong. This was the main reason why he had come to the Ling family.

Jian Chen admired Ling Hougong quite a bit. After they separated in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling, he had not seen him again, so he felt slightly worried for him.

Ling Mojian's face darkened when this matter was mentioned. He sighed gently, "The ancestor hasn't returned ever since he left for G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling. At the same time, he hasn't pa.s.sed on any news, so even we have no idea about the ancestor."

"I only heard that the ancestor offended an extremely great organisation for a sword in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling. Sigh…" Ling Mojian's face was filled with worry. When he learnt just how powerful the organisation his ancestor had offended was, his face had paled on the spot.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1818

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