Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1819

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Chapter 1819: Movements of the Demon Cult (One)

"I just hope that the organisation won't pay attention to such a small matter. Otherwise, the Ling family would be in great trouble if they really did look into it," Ling Mojian said sternly.

Jian Chen sat there silently. He probably understood just how powerful the Empyrean Demon Cult was more than any other OverG.o.d in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Even the peak organisations of the Cloud Plane would not dare to offend the Empyrean Demon Cult so easily. Ling Hougong really had taken quite a large risk for the sword.

"I hope that Ling Hougong can power up as quickly as possible after receiving G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy. Fortunately, he only offended the vice leader of the branch on the Cloud Plane and not the entire organisation," Jian Chen thought. He did not want to see Ling Hougong dying at the hands of the Empyrean Demon Cult.

"In that past years, many unknown people have appeared in our Swordseeking Province. Even though they are mainly Deities, with a few at the Origin realm, we've discovered under close surveillance that they've basically all come for our Ling family. We know this because they've all chosen inns that are closest to our clan. They seem to be keeping an eye on all our movements," the patriarch of the Ling family said extremely sternly. His voice contained much helplessness.

He clearly knew that these people had come to keep an eye on the Ling family, yet the clan simply did not dare to move so casually. This was because their ancestor was not present, and without their ancestor, everything they wanted to do became difficult in such a sensitive period of time.

This was because they deeply feared that they would end up in big trouble if they captured a person to question and they turned out to be from a large organisation. Not only would it fail to a.s.sist the Ling family, but it would bring in a storm instead.

"Unknown people?" Jian Chen's eyes narrowed when he heard that. He thought, "Is it the Empyrean Demon Cult? Or are they from other clans with OverG.o.ds?"

However, Jian Chen was also helpless about the situation the Ling family was currently facing. Although he admired Ling Hougong and wanted to help him, he sadly lacked the power to do so.

Jian Chen did not remain in the Ling family for too long. After half a day, he stood up and bid farewell. Before he left, he gave a jade talisman to the patriarch of the Ling family and said nonchalantly, "A sliver of the power of my soul is contained within the jade talisman. If Ling Hougong returns or your Ling family encounters anything and needs my help, you can crush the talisman, and I will hurry over as quickly as possible."

Jian Chen's actions stunned Ling Mojian and the other people from the clan. They could not help but wonder what connection the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had with their ancestor, as he had come to the Ling family for the first time and offered so much a.s.sistance. He even left behind a method to contact him before leaving.

Even though he had his suspicions, Ling Mojian still behaved as if he was overjoyed. He accepted Jian Chen's talisman in a hurry and held it like treasure. He constantly thanked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen departed from the Swordseeking province. After gaining his bearings, he directly headed off to the royal capital. Back in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling, he and Ling Hougong did not know each other at all, yet the latter dared to draw his sword against another OverG.o.d just for him.

Jian Chen remembered this deeply. His short interaction with Ling Hougong afterwards had made him admire Ling Hougong's morales as well. How could he not help Ling Hougong now that he faced some trouble?

Unfortunately, he was just too weak right now. He was up against the tremendous Empyrean Demon Cult, and he was completely helpless against them.

Otherwise, he would not mind helping Ling Hougong solve his issues by personally taking vice leader Huai An's life.

The great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult was indeed very terrifying. As a matter of fact, he had reached a point where his might shocked Jian Chen. However, the Empyrean Demon Cult possessed so many branches and each branch possessed several vice leaders. As a result, there were several dozen vice leaders.

It was also because of this that taking the life of a single vice leader would not be enough for the great elder to appear personally.

"Ling Hougong, this is all the help I can provide to you right now. I hope you take good care of yourself and power up soon," thought Jian Chen.

However, what Jian Chen did not know was that as he left the Swordseeking province, the patriarch of the Ling family immediately entered a secret room layered with formations. The joy and excitement on his face had completely vanished. He stared at Jian Chen's talisman with uncertainty.

A while later, he took out a jade box and placed Jian Chen's talisman inside the box carefully. At the same time, he cast layers of formations over the box and placed it in the centre of the room gently. Then he left the room quietly without taking the box with him.

Before long, Ling Mojian arrived in a room that was even more secretive than the one before. He looked around carefully and only entered the room secretly after he confirmed there was nothing wrong. The moment he entered the room, powerful formations immediately covered the room.

The formations were so powerful that they could even keep OverG.o.ds busy for a while. Most importantly, the formations could cut off abilities such as the senses of the soul.

Ling Mojian was the only person in the gloomy room now; there was no one else inside.

Ling Mojian arrived at the centre of the room and formed seals with both hands. He used a secret technique, and a complicated and profound formation gradually appeared on the ground.

"Mojian, has anything important happened in the clan for you to call me using this secret technique?" At this moment, an ancient but lively voice rang out from the formation. An old man in white robes appeared in the formation.

The old man was ruddy and sage-like. His eyes shone brightly, and his gaze was sharp like swords. Even though he seemed to be past his eighties, his posture was perfectly straight just like a drawn sword. He radiated with a powerful sword intent.

To no surprise, the old man was Ling Hougong, who had gone missing for quite some time.

"Ancestor, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, had just come to visit earlier…" The patriarch told Ling Hougong everything that had happened during Jian Chen's visit.

"Ancestor, when the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan left, he even gave me a jade talisman with a sliver of the power of his soul. He said that if you returned, or if the Ling family encountered any problems, I should crush the talisman. I was wondering if he was reliable and could be trusted?" Ling Mojian said carefully.

"I never thought that brother Jian Chen would have already founded a Tian Yuan clan in the Dong'an province. It's just a pity that I can't move about freely, or I would definitely congratulate him personally," Ling Hougong sighed emotionally. It had already been several decades since he communicated with the clan. He had always remained in a secret place to cultivate and did not come in contact with the outside world. As a result, he only learnt about Jian Chen founding a clan now.

"Although I've only met brother Jian Chen recently, although there are deception and trickery everywhere in the Saints' World, I personally believe that brother Jian Chen is a good person. He's definitely a trustworthy person. Although brother Jian Chen said he would help you, you must act accordingly. If the Ling family comes across any problems that even I cannot deal with, do not contact brother Jian Chen. Don't cause him any problems, understood?" Ling Hougong said.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1819

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