Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1820

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Chapter 1820: Movements of the Demon Cult (Two)

"As the ancestor wishes!" Ling Mojian replied politely before ending the conversation with Ling Hougong.

Ling Mojian carefully left the secret room before returning to the room he had placed Jian Chen's jade talisman in.

Ling Mojian had stored the jade talisman from Jian Chen in a jade box covered by formations, and he had placed the box gently in the centre of the room.

Before, he was clearly cautious about Jian Chen. He was afraid that Jian Chen had planted tricks on the jade talisman to track all of his movements. As a result, he did not take the jade talisman with him when he contacted Ling Hougong.

However, now that he had learnt that Jian Chen was trustworthy from Ling Hougong, he completely dismissed all his caution.

He arrived in the centre of the secret room, bent down, and picked up the jade box. He removed the formations on it before putting it away in his s.p.a.ce Ring sternly. He put it there so that he could keep it safe from any damage.

At the same time, Ling Hougong sat on a mountain within an independent world. He had an ancient sword on his back. He stared at the formations that vanished gradually and sighed emotionally, "I never thought that all my previous close friends would cut off all ties with the Ling family in such a straightforward manner despite what the Ling family is facing right now. Moreover, it is just because they're afraid of being pulled into trouble as well. And yet Jian Chen, someone I had only befriended recently, would come to my Ling family even though he ran the risk of drawing in problems from the Empyrean Demon Cult. Brother Jian Chen, I will remember your close support."

"Even though you've not provided any actual help yet, your intentions alone are enough," Ling Hougong sighed emotionally.

"Hmph, what close support. Old man Ling, you're so old, and you're still looking for support and love. Why don't you go train the sword for Baobao!" At this moment, a golden sword flew over from afar. It transformed into an illusionary girl. She seemed as perfect as a sculpture and extremely cute. However, she just happened to plant her hands on her hips and scold at Ling Hougong like an old man.

A vein immediately bulged on Ling Hougong's forehead when he heard the sword spirit's words. He responded, "You're talking nonsense! Close support is close support. What has it got anything to do with love? Moreover, my state of mind has already pa.s.sed the period of considering love long ago. How can you, a mere sword spirit, understand?"

The sword spirit's cheeks bulged up in anger. She pointed a finger at Ling Hougong and yelled out, "How dare you, old man Ling? How dare you say that Baobao doesn't understand? How dare you? Baobao will show you how Baobao will teach you a lesson if you look down on Baobao!" The sword spirit immediately controlled the sword to stab at Ling Hougong.

Immediately, sword Qi began to radiate, and golden light illuminated the surroundings blindingly. Even though the golden sword did not possess an owner, the sword spirit produced a might that was no weaker than an OverG.o.d.

In fact, it was even much more powerful than many OverG.o.ds.

Ling Hougong became stern. He deeply understood the power of the sword spirit, so he did not dare to behave carelessly. He immediately drew the sword on his back and yelled out, "Chaotic Heavens Sword Style!" A resplendent glow shone from Ling Hougong's sword and shot towards the sword spirit aggressively.

If Jian Chen were present, he would have discovered that Ling Hougong was much stronger than before. Not only had Ling Hougong successfully advanced to mid OverG.o.d, but his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had advanced as well.

Just the Chaotic Heavens Sword Style allowed Ling Hougong to dominate most mid OverG.o.ds. He would even be able to put up a fight against late OverG.o.ds.

"Hmph, is this your Chaotic Heavens Sword Style, old man Ling? You tarnish the name of the sword style when you use it. Baobao will show you just what the true Chaotic Heavens Sword Style is," the sword spirit said scornfully. Suddenly, an even more powerful and purer sword Qi shot out from the golden sword.

As the sword Qi shot out, the surroundings seemed to darken. The sword Qi shone with so much light that it was enough to blot out the sun, moon, and stars; even the world paled in comparison.

The sword Qi seemed to have become the only existence in the world at that moment.

When the two attacks collided, Ling Hougong's sword Qi seemed as fragile as a vase. It shattered silently, and the sword spirit's attack continued onwards like it was unstoppable. It directly shot towards Ling Hougong.


The sword Qi flew over Ling Hougong's head. Although it did not injure him, it cut his hair.

Ling Hougong seemed dishevelled at that moment. He seemed to be in quite a sorry shape. It was to the point where his sage-like bearing had vanished long ago.

"My hair! Y- y- y- you sword spirit is just detestable! You go too far!" Ling Hougong cursed furiously. He was in a horrible mood.

To think that he, Ling Hougong, who was famed in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian to the point where basically no one dared to offend him, would actually be forced to such a state by a sword spirit.

"Did you see it? That's the true Chaotic Heavens Sword Style. Old man Ling, don't you dare say Baobao doesn't understand! Hmph," the sword spirit appeared. Her hands were still planted on her hips, and her lips were pouted. She seemed rather

"Y- y- you're completely unreasonable! All you know is endless hara.s.sment!" Ling Hougong said furiously.

The sword spirit's expression disappeared in the blink of an eye when she heard that. Her little face sank, and she glared at Ling Hougong furiously with her large, beautiful eyes. She scolded, "How dare you speak up to your superior? You speak ill of Baobao and even dare to call Baobao someone unreasonable who only knows endless hara.s.sment. Is Baobao someone like that?"

"Old man Ling, looks like Baobao hasn't given you a good enough impression. Hmph, Baobao will definitely teach you a solid lesson this time so that you know about my power…"

"This time, Baobao will strike awe into you deeply, enough for you to gain a deep impression. You'll be shaking in fear the next time you see Baobao…"

The Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons was an organisation similar to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. It was only separated from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian by the Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars.

However, the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons had completely lost its former glory and dignified bearing. Smoke rose up in various places across its great territory, and the flames of war burned. All the provincial cities had been reduced to ruins across the entire divine kingdom while blood formed rivers. The ground had been dyed red.

Several dozen years ago, the ninth army of the Empyrean Demon Cult attacked the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons. In just a few dozen years, the ninth army successfully took down all their provincial cities. Their army directly crushed towards the royal capital, surrounding the place completely.

Now, the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons was reduced to a single, lonely, royal capital.

The ninth army of the Empyrean Demon Cult was only composed of a few hundred thousand people. This number was nothing before the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons' army that spanned into the hundreds of millions.

However, it was this exact army that completely crushed the huge army of the divine kingdom. The ninth army basically approached the royal capital like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1820

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