Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1836

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Chapter 1836: The Yang Family's Response

Beauty and shopping were the natural hobbies of almost all women. Very few women were able to form exceptions. Mo Yan and Xi Yu were naturally like that as well. Even a G.o.d like Xi Yu, someone who could be considered as an expert in the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, was unable to resist her love for shopping and beauty.

Xi Yu and Mo Yan were having a great time in the royal capital. They shopped like madmen, buying away everything that caught their eye. They spent money like it was worth nothing.

However, Xi Yu naturally could afford to spend like this with her personal wealth and her status as a G.o.d.

"Sister Xi Yu, there are three more days before the centennial auction of the royal capital. It'll definitely be full of people. Let's go and check it out when it happens," Mo Yan said to Xi Yu with much excitement and eagerness.

Xi Yu nodded, "Quite a lot of interesting items should appear in the centennial auction. Let's go check it out when it does happen. Let's hope that we can find the supreme grade materials that the patriarch ordered us to look for."

The supreme grade materials Xi Yu spoke of were naturally the items for forging Jian Chen's twin swords. When he left the Tian Yuan clan, he had created a list of all the materials he needed to forge the twin swords. With help from the sword spirits, he had recorded all the characteristics and methods of procuring them in great detail so that the people of the clan could collect them.

Unfortunately, all the materials Jian Chen required were of supreme grade, making them simply too rare for a place like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. As a result, they had yet to find anything so far. Jian Chen had only managed to collect the Violet Scalestone and the Profound Lightning Rock from G.o.dking Duanmu's s.p.a.ce Ring so far.

The Yang family was located in a large estate towards the centre of the royal capital. In a radius of five kilometers from the estate, all people were forbidden apart from members of the Yang family.

There was a majestic discussion hall in the large estate. The atmosphere in there was particularly stuffy. Not only was the patriarch of the Yang family present, seated on the patriarch's throne emotionlessly, but there were over twenty male and female G.o.ds seated below him. They were all G.o.ds and every single one of them was solemn.

In the centre of the hall stood the young master of the Yang family, Yang Tie, with his bloodied clothes. One of his arms was missing. His shoulder throbbed with intense pain, causing his face to constantly twitch.

"Father, that is how everything happened. That person went too far, provoking our Yang family time and time again. Our Yang family is one of the most powerful clans. How can we allow others to look down on us so much?" Yang Tie narrated the entire story after bending some truths. He only felt utter hatred towards Jian Chen now.

A G.o.d who sat to the left of the patriarch became furious after Yang Tie finished his story, "Hmph, those are all lies. There were four elders present in total, yet he was still able to kill one of them with such ease. Only OverG.o.ds can achieve something like that. And who do you think OverG.o.ds are? Why would they lower themselves to the level of a wastrel like you and abuse people that are far less great than them? In my opinion, the matter was probably instigated by you."

"Yang Tie, do you understand just how much trouble you've caused? Because of you, not only has our Yang family lost an elder, but we've also offended an OverG.o.d. You can't just provoke OverG.o.ds for no good reason. If we let you continue like this, you'll create great problems for the clan sooner or later."

The person who dared to speak out against Yang Tie before the patriarch and all the elders was an esteemed member of the Yang family. He was the elder brother of the current patriarch, Yang Lianxin. He had failed during the fight for the position of the patriarch in the past, which was why his younger brother was the patriarch now.

Although he was now the grand elder of the Yang family, he possessed nowhere near as much power as the patriarch due to the differences in the system of the Yang family. He still desired the position of the patriarch very much, so he obviously would not miss a chance to admonish his younger brother.

A few elders immediately added to Yang Lianxin's words. They agreed with him

The patriarch's face became ugly. He growled, "Enough. Since everything has already happened, there's no point dwelling on these matters. Even if it were really Tie'er's fault, the OverG.o.d only needed to dish out a slight punished. Instead, he killed an elder of our Yang family. Hmph, our elders can't just be killed like that. If we don't demand a proper explanation, will we still have the dignity to remain in the royal capital in the future?"

"Hmph. Yang Aoran, do you plan on biting off more than you can chew by trying to take revenge against the OverG.o.d? It's not that I, your elder brother, don't believe in you, but you really don't have that power, so just listen to me. Don't trouble the ancestor," Yang Lianxin sneered. He secretly rejoiced, as Yang Tie's mistakes gave him hopes of removing his younger brother from the position of patriarch.

This was because no matter what Yang Aoran did in response to the matter, a mistake was still a mistake. If he continued to pursue the matter, he might end up completely offending an OverG.o.d. Although the Yang family no longer feared most OverG.o.ds with their power, they still could not go around provoking OverG.o.ds, not even early OverG.o.ds.

Even if they had already completely offended the OverG.o.d, they would still have to consider whether pursuing the matter was worth it or not.

However, if they did not pursue the matter, the Yang family's status would plummet. There might even be other people with ill intentions who would use the matter to write other things and create a greater negative image of the Yang family. As the patriarch of the Yang family, Yang Aoran would be directly responsible.

The patriarch naturally suspected that his elder brother eyed his position. He stared at Yang Lianxin coldly and said emotionlessly, "Elder brother, do you know why you were unable to become the patriarch? It's because you don't understand the ancestor at all. If you can understand him slightly, even just a little bit, the position of patriarch would have definitely ended up in your hands and not mine."

Yang Lianxin was surprised by these words. He thought, "Is the reason why Yang Aoran is willing to pursue the matter because he understands the ancestor? Is he certain that the ancestor would support him?"

"Pa.s.s down orders to immediately investigate all information regarding this OverG.o.d. Once the ancestor emerges, allow him to make the final decision," Yang Aoran immediately ordered. He had no intentions of blaming Yang Tie, and it was evident just how much he spoilt Yang Tie.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1836

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