Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1842

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Chapter 1842: The Two Girls Step Up

"Not only is this piece of Scarlet Gold Ore a supreme grade material, but you must be able to sense the extremely pure power of the Laws of Metal within it as well. If those who have comprehended the Laws of Metal hold this item as they cultivate, comprehending the Laws of Metal will become much, much easier. There's no need for me to go into further depth about it's value. Alright, the bidding for the Scarlet Gold Ore begins now. The starting price will be a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals," Ou Di said from the stage.

"One hundred and fifty thousand high grade divine crystals…"

"Two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals…"

The Scarlet Gold Ore had truly exceeded the value of other supreme grade materials. The main reason was the pure Laws of Metal hidden within. Cultivation would become much easier when this item was used, so it was enough to pique the interest of all the G.o.dhood experts present who had comprehended the Laws of Metal.

Very soon, the Scarlet Gold Ore had reached a price of five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. This had completely exceeded the price of any previous supreme grade material.

The bidding war for the Scarlet Gold Ore continued. Four clans with OverG.o.ds constantly increased the price as they engaged in a fierce struggle. They had basically taken out all their wealth to fend off each other.

Xi Yu sat in her viewing box with her veil on. As she listened to the bidding war outside, she became slightly confused. She murmured gently, "Isn't the Scarlet Gold Ore a material that the patriarch needs? Why haven't I heard the patriarch bid? Does the patriarch plan on stepping in at the end?"

"Sister Xi Yu, what're you mumbling to yourself for?" Mo Yan turned her head and stared at Xi Yu with her large, beautiful eyes as she listened to Xi Yu murmur.

"It's nothing. I'm just curious about why the patriarch isn't bidding for the Scarlet Gold Ore. Before he left, he had given a list of materials he was looking for to all of us elders. He asked us to look out for these materials and to purchase them regardless of the cost once we found them. The Scarlet Gold Ore is one of the materials that the patriarch needs, but I haven't heard him bid at all, which was why I grew curious," Xi Yu said with some confusion.

Mo Yan came to a realisation. She rolled her eyes slowly, and her face suddenly changed, "Sister Xi Yu, do you think patriarch Jian Chen has run out of divine crystals? After all, he bought quite a lot of things before. He must have spent all the divine crystals on him."

"That… shouldn't be likely," Xi Yu hesitated. Her instincts told her that it was unlikely. After all, the patriarch was an OverG.o.d and an extremely powerful one at that. He would not be troubled by divine crystals, right?

"If that's really the case… but the Scarlet Gold Ore has already reached a price of one and a half million. I don't have that much on me, so there's nothing I can do either," Xi Yu frowned helplessly.

In the end, the Scarlet Gold Ore was purchased by the Blood Blade sect of the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds for two million high grade divine crystals.

"The Blood Blade sect," Jian Chen sat in his viewing box and stared at where the people from the Blood Blade sect resided. The light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty before becoming determined.

The Scarlet Gold Ore was a material crucial for the forging of the twin swords. If he missed it this time, he had no idea when he could find more of it. As a result, he could not let it go.

"I'll go find the people from the Blood Blade sect once they leave the auction. I'll try to exchange for it using other things I have on me," Jian Chen made up his mind and began to pay attention to the people from the Blood Blade sect secretly.

"The item for auction next is also a material. It's called Pyrogold."

Jian Chen became stunned once again when the next item was taken out. He let out a long sigh as he felt extremely conflicted inside.

The Pyrogold was also a material for forging the twin swords. Normally, it was very difficult to find any supreme grade materials for forging the twin swords, yet two had appeared all of a sudden today, and it happened just when he had spent all his divine crystals. Jian Chen felt extremely conflicted inside.

At the same time, Xi Yu recognised the Pyrogold as something that their patriarch had ordered them to find as well. Her eyes immediately lit up.

"I've already missed one material that the patriarch has asked us to find. I have to buy the second material no matter what, but I haven't brought that many divine crystals with me. It's impossible for me to stand up to the other OverG.o.d clans in price, so it looks like I can only resort to tactics now…" Xi Yu thought.

In another viewing box sat two elders from the Yang family. Their eyes had also lit up when they saw the Pyrogold.

"It's Pyrogold, Pyrogold! The Pyrogold that the ancestor ordered us to find has finally appeared…"

"We have to obtain this Pyrogold. The ancestor seems to be in desperate need of it…"

The two elders said softly. Excitement filled their eyes. If they managed to hand the Pyrogold to the ancestor, it would be an action of great merit, and they would be rewarded accordingly.

"Pyrogold is only condensed as a tiny piece; there is only a miniscule chance of it condensing under the blazings of a fireland. It's a supreme grade material, and I don't need to elaborate on its value. The starting price is one hundred thousand high grade divine crystals," said Ou Di.

"Our Tian Yuan clan will bid a hundred thousand high quality divine crystals!" Xi Yu's voice rang out as soon as Ou Di finished her words. It rang through the entire auction centre and attracted the attention of countless people.

Although the Tian Yuan clan had only been founded recently, their fame did not falter in the face of older organisations with OverG.o.ds at all. As a matter of fact, their fame had far exceeded the older organisations.

This was all because of the fight between their patriarch, Jian Chen and the protector of the Earth Spirit Sect, Wayner Yan. Wayner Yan had comprehended the Laws of Strength, but Jian Chen fought him empty handed and achieved a landslide victory. He possessed extremely terrifying power.

And in recent times, there was news that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had broken through once again by comprehending the Laws of the Sword in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling, shocking countless people. Basically, even most of the OverG.o.d organisations in the surrounding divine kingdoms had heard about the matter.

As a result, many organisations with OverG.o.ds feared the Tian Yuan clan greatly.

In their eyes, the threat of their patriarch was far greater than even the ancestor of the Yang family, Yang Kai.

This was because he comprehended the Laws of the Sword!

Xi Yu added, "The patriarch has given orders that we must purchase all the materials that he requires if we come across it. The Pyrogold just happens to be one of them, so I hope everyone can hold back and allow our Tian Yuan clan to obtain the Pyrogold. I, Xi Yu, will be filled with grat.i.tude."

Then, Xi Yu continued, "Of course, you are still welcome to bid. There's just one thing I must clarify. The Pyrogold is extremely important to our patriarch. The patriarch desires it very much, so even if you win the bid for the Pyrogold, our patriarch will not give up on it."

"That's right, that's right. Sister Xi Yu is completely right. Our patriarch Jian Chen desires the Pyrogold very much. Moreover, I heard that patriarch Jian Chen doesn't really have a good temperament. I've heard that in the past, inside G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling, an OverG.o.d had disrespected him. Afterwards, he slaughtered the OverG.o.d without any hesitation at all, dispersing his soul. All of you guess just how many moves he used to kill the OverG.o.d." Mo Yan also jumped into the action. She winked at Xi Yu cleverly as she said these words with great interest.

"You definitely won't be able to guess it, so let me tell you. It was one move. Patriarch Jian Chen used a total of one move to kill an OverG.o.d. You G.o.ds may not believe this, but do go back to your clans and ask your OverG.o.d seniors about the truth of this matter. There were so many OverG.o.ds present when it happened back then," Mo Yan giggled. She felt proud.

Although she did not see it happen, she had heard all about it.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1842

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