Chaotic Sword God Chapter 185 - Escape

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Jian Chen’s sword was getting faster and faster, increasing the amount of pressure both Youlan clan members felt. For two Great Saint Masters to be pushed into such a situation like this, it was truly miserable.


The Light Wind Sword became a silver light that flew at a terrifying speed towards the middle aged man’s neck. It instantly pierced straight through.

In just a small moment, another Great Saint Master had died by Jian Chen’s sword.

The remaining Great Saint Master was left with a shocked face. With two people, they had just barely managed to fight Jian Chen on even ground, and had even fallen to being at a disadvantage. Now that his companion had died, based on the strength that Jian Chen had displayed, he alone was definitely not an opponent for Jian Chen. If he really did try to go against Jian Chen by himself, he’d probably just die even faster.

With that thought, the remaining Great Saint Master elder suddenly grew incomparably pale. But he wasn’t stupid, and before Jian Chen could attack him, he cried out, “Everyone, not only does Wu Yun have a Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core, but he also has a high leveled battle skill. Any one of us alone won’t be able kill him; rather, we’ll be killed by him. If we want to obtain the Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core and the battle skill, we should quickly join hands and bring him down together.”

The words the elder said were solely to save his own life, but they weren’t without reason either. After all, Jian Chen had already fought against 3 Great Saint Masters by himself before quickly killing two of them; everyone had witnessed this with their own eyes.

“Charge! Together, we will take that battle skill!”

“Wu Yun’s strength is too strong; even 2-3 Great Saint Masters didn’t have much chance of winning. We should take advantage of the fact that we currently have many people, and kill him first, since his power is much more powerful than any our ours.”

The elder’s words had quickly gained approval from everyone there. Soon, 7-8 Great Saint Masters pulled out their Saint Weapons and charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s expression changed. Although he didn’t feel that going against 3 Great Saint Masters was strenuous, there were currently a dozen clans with two or three Great Saint Masters. If they fought together, even he wouldn’t be able to handle that.

Jian Chen didn’t have much time to think about it, since 7-8 Great Saint Masters had already reached him. With a roar, their Saint Force enforced Saint Weapons simultaneously slashed at him. Although these men hadn’t coordinated together much before, it was clear that these men had a strong amount of fighting experience. With each of their Saint Weapons, they easily blocked off Jian Chen’s escape routes.

Jian Chen’s face hardened further. As he looked at the 8 Great Saint masters, he could feel a great amount of pressure on him. With a quick wave of his right arm, the after images of his Light Wind Sword instantly filled the air.

“Ding ding ding ding…”

The sounds of metal hitting metal could be heard once more as in that small moment, the Light Wind Sword collided with the opposing Saint Weapons more than ten times. It looked like the Light Wind Sword had blocked all the weapons, offsetting them from their original positions.

Jian Chen’s body swayed, and he instantly he flew at another person with his Light Wind Sword, aiming straight at the man’s throat.

The man had just swung down his sword and hadn’t gotten a chance to retract it. Since he had just expended energy and had yet to recover it, he wasn’t able to evade the lightning fast sword.


The Light Wind Sword immediately bore straight through his throat.

Feeling the sharp sting of pain in his throat, the middle aged man went into shock, and he couldn’t breathe. A feeling of disbelief, as well as a powerful dizziness, began to spread through his head.

“Death? Have I died? Has my life really ended in such a way like this? To think that I would die by the hands of a Saint Master…” In his final moments of life, the middle aged man was still unable to believe it. He was a majestic Great Saint Master, but in the end, he had fallen to a mere Saint Master.

As the Light Wind Sword was pulled out from his neck, the man slowly fell to the ground. As his life gradually reached an end, his eyes remained wide open as he died with remaining grievance.


A green robed, skinny, middle aged man standing on the top of the roof stared down at the skinny man on the ground. His expression changed as he cried out with shock, and he leaped down from the roof. In a flash, he arrived at the man’s side.

“Lorde, Lorde…”

The green robed man crouched down and cried out the dead man’s name anxiously. But the man was already completely dead, so no matter how much the green robed man cried, he wouldn’t get a reply.

Not too far away, another middle aged man and 6 other black robed elders stood on top of a building and watched the distant battle.

“City Lord, are we not going to go down to prevent this situation? After all, Phoenix City belongs to us.” An elder said calmly.

A white robed, middle aged man shook his head as he spoke in a somewhat helpless tone, “It won’t do us any good to obstruct this. Although this is Phoenix City, our territory, there are not only many clans from other cities with peak strength gathered over there, but also 3 of our own Phoenix City clans. If we were to rashly do something, we might offend many people.”

“But this man named Wu Yun; his strength is fairly strong. At the Peak Saint Master level, he has already killed a few Great Saint Masters. This is a very rare sight on the Tian Yuan Continent.” Another middle aged man next to the City Lord sighed.

The City Lord nodded and said, “Correct. I don’t know where this Wu Yun came from, but his strength is very strong, especially his sword. It is so fast that even Great Saint Masters need to be careful. But there are still a good amount of Great Saint Masters and over a hundred Saint Masters there. Even though this Wu Yun is not weak at all, even he will have trouble escaping from this.”

“If he were to have the strength of a Great Saint Master as well, then I would wager he would be able to escape from here.” An elder said in a low voice.

Nearby, two gray robed men stood upright on top of another building as they observed the battle. The two man group was comprised of a middle aged man and an elderly man. This elder was the one who had spent 100,000 purple coins to purchase the body of the Quick Cloud Beast at the auction.

“Young lord, it is up to you if we should help him or not. After all, this Quick Cloud Beast was provided by him, so it could be said that he helped us.” The gray robed elder spoke to the other man.

The middle aged man shook his head, “I don’t see the need for it. This Wu Yun is very complex; although he is young, he has the strength of a Peak Saint Master with a great amount of fighting strength. Even those Great Saint Masters were powerless against this man. This kind of potential is rarely seen on the Tian Yuan Continent.”

“Besides, his movements aren’t bad. If he wanted to run away, then he has a good chance of succeeding. To him, this might just be a test; after all, if he only cultivated quickly, it would only bring him so far. One must undergo a trial of blood and fire in order to truly be tested. Only when one walks the line in between life or death can one truly be called a genius. Otherwise, it would disgrace the very word of a genius.”

The elder nodded his head in approval, “The young lord is truly vicious, this elder cannot compare.”

The middle aged man let out a small smile as he spoke gently, “Elder Yun, it would be best to go now. We’ve found the Quick Cloud Beast, so our mission is over. We should go back”

With that, the two leaped off the roof and with a few flashes, disappeared from sight.

On the other side, Jian Chen and a few Great Saint Masters were engaged in an intense battle. 7-8 Great Saint Masters were surrounding him, making it impossible for Jian Chen be as relaxed as he had been during his fight against the first 3 Great Saint Masters. With each pa.s.sing moment, Jian Chen was earning a new wound on his body. A few of the opposing Great Saint Masters had small traces of blood on their throats. If they hadn’t dodged the Light Wind Sword at the most crucial moment and had comrades supporting them, they would have long since turned into corpses.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed as he quickly looked around him. He knew that his utilization of his sword had made everyone think that he was in possession of a battle skill. Because of the preciousness of battle skills on the Tian Yuan Continent, the enemies definitely would not relinquish their hold on him easily. Although he had already killed a few Great Saint Masters, there were still a dozen more strong clans with their own Great Saint Masters. If these Great Saint Masters were to truly cooperate with each other, then there would be no way at all for Jian Chen to deal with them with his current level of strength.

With that thought, Jian Chen didn’t hesitate anymore. After defending a few more attacks aimed at him, his entire body soared into the sky as he quickly made his escape.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 185 - Escape

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