Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1849

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Chapter 1849: Jian Chen's Fury (One)

Jian Chen ignored Hua Yongyuan. He stared at the killing formation and said, "Are you going to accept the deal or not? If you aren't, I'm not going to force it on you."

"Senior…" The expressions of Hua Yongyuan and the other elders changed. If the formation really was destroyed, as long as just a single elder from Zeng Fei's group made it back to the sect, they would definitely suffer extremely severe punishments. As a matter of fact, their faction might even abandon them altogether.

This was because the position of patriarch was still not with their faction yet.

Zeng Fei and the others beamed inside the killing formation. They agreed to Jian Chen's deal frantically.

After receiving their reply, Jian Chen did not hesitate at all and grabbed at the air. A huge, resplendent strand of sword Qi was condensed. It shot towards the killing formation as a streak of white light.

The moment Jian Chen moved, Hua Yongyuan and the four others moved as well. Cold light flashed through their eyes, and they shot up from the ground at the same time. A huge, red blade appeared in their hands simultaneously; it was like the blade had been dyed with blood.

"Blade Formation of the Blood Sun!"

Hua Yongyuan and the others bellowed out at the same time. Their blades shone with scorching red light as flames began to blaze. The four blood blades crisscrossed, and the scorching red light fused together. It turned into a huge, blood-red sun, radiating with terrifying heat.

The four of them had gotten into formation in the shortest amount of time possible. They controlled the sun that they had created, engulfing Jian Chen with blade Qi.

They would never just watch Jian Chen smash through the formation and allow Zeng Fei and the others to escape. Even if Jian Chen was an OverG.o.d, they would still engage in a battle against him without any hesitation. They had suddenly struck out the moment Jian Chen tried to break the formation, delivering their most powerful attack.

"You overestimate yourselves!" Jian Chen snorted coldly and pointed at the empty air.

His action possessed the absolute might of an OverG.o.d. The most powerful attack from the formation created by the four elders could not even approach Jian Chen. It collapsed from Jian Chen's gesture.

The blood-red sun collapsed, and it turned into flames that filled the sky, dyeing the surroundings scarlet. The terrifying heat scorched the ground.

Spurt! The four elders vomited blood as they fell out of the flames in horrible conditions. They were pale-faced, and their gazes towards Jian Chen were filled with shock.

He was definitely not an ordinary OverG.o.d. Even if an ordinary OverG.o.d could smash through their formation as easily as Jian Chen had, they would not have the spare strength to deal a heavy blow to them as well.

"You're nowhere near close to the Lightning Brothers," Jian Chen said emotionlessly. At the same time, Jian Chen's sword Qi landed on the killing formation of Hua Yongyuan and the others. With a boom, the killing formation directly shattered and freed Zeng Fei and the other three from inside.

Zeng Fei and the others stood there in their own blood. They stared at Jian Chen in complete shock. They had also realised that the person before them was an OverG.o.d.

But soon afterwards, Zeng Fei returned to his senses. He took out the Scarlet Gold Ore as soon as possible and presented it to Jian Chen politely. He said, "Senior, Hua Yongyuan and the others have violated the rules of the sect by attempting to murder other members of the sect. If it were not for senior's help, we would have been doomed today. We hope that senior can a.s.sist us." Zeng Fei asked Jian Chen for help. Although the formation had been destroyed, the four of them were heavily injured. They would probably struggle to escape from Hua Yongyuan's group.

Jian Chen checked the Scarlet Gold Ore before finally letting out a long sigh of relief. He put the rock away and said, "These are the internal affairs of your Blood Blade sect. I will not take part in it, but they're also injured now. Whether you want to run or fight will be up to you." With that, Jian Chen shot off into the sky and began making his way back to the royal capital.

"Run!" Zeng Fei and the others made up their minds immediately. They fled as quickly as they could. They were more heavily wounded compared to Hua Yongyuan's group, and they were greatly exhausted by the killing formation. They could not put up a fight.

"Chase them. They can't make it back to the sect." Hua Yongyuan and the others immediately pursued.


Jian Chen returned to the royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. He did not stop along the way at all, and he directly arrived outside the auction centre. After that, he expanded the senses of his soul in all directions.

"I've got the Scarlet Gold Ore. There were two supreme quality materials that appeared in the auction this time that I require for forging the twin swords. All I need is the Pyrogold that Xi Yu purchased." Jian Chen began to expand the senses of his soul to search for Xi Yu and Mo Yan from the auction centre. He was overjoyed inside.

Originally, he had only taken part in the auction for the Soul-drawing Lotus. He had never thought that he would come across two materials for the twin swords, which was a great surprise for him. It was impossible for him to not become excited.

"I've found them…" Jian Chen smiled faintly. However, his face changed soon afterwards, and he began to frown. He had become uneasy.

In the next moment, he had vanished into the streets as a blur.

Xi Yu supported Mo Yan. Both of them were sorrowful and dejected as they roamed the streets. Mo Yan had yet to recover from her wounds after ingesting the pill that Xi Yu gave her, but her condition had been stabilised and no longer worsened.

"Sob sob sob, sister Xi Yu. The Pyrogold that patriarch Jian Chen needs has been taken away by the OverG.o.d of the Yang family. What do you think we should do? The thing that we bought after so much trouble for patriarch Jian Chen has been taken away just like that. Sob… They've gone overboard, they've gone overboard…" Mo Yan's face was frighteningly pale. She sobbed painfully as her weakness was clear through her voice. She was extremely haggard.

Xi Yu's face was extremely sunken. Her eyes were terrifyingly cold. She said, "We can only wait for the patriarch to get back, so he can make a decision about this matter. However, I will remember what has happened today. I will never let the Yang family go once I become an OverG.o.d."

A white figure appeared at the end of the street after Xi Yu had finished talking. He was clearly several thousand meters away from Xi Yu and Mo Yan, but after he took a single step, he directly appeared before the two girls. He moved so quickly that it seemed like he had basically teleported.

"What happened? Mo Yan, you're injured. Who hurt you?" Jian Chen stared at Mo Yan closely as he growled. His voice was filled with intense fury, and his gaze was even more terrifying. His eyes shone with shocking light that was filled with killing intent.

"Patriarch Jian Chen!" Mo Yan burst into tears when she saw the person who had appeared before her. She clung onto Jian Chen tightly as tears poured down her cheeks. At this moment, t was as if she had released all the grievances that she had experienced, so she cried extremely painfully.

Jian Chen held Mo Yan gently as he inspected her injuries carefully. His face darkened more and more, becoming more and more terrifying. He glared at Xi Yu and snorted coldly, "Tell me, what happened? Who hurt Mo Yan?"

The current Jian Chen was like an angered tiger. The cold killing intent he gave off made people s.h.i.+ver. He was extremely terrifying.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1849

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