Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1853

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Chapter 1853: Yang Kai's Defeat

All the OverG.o.ds who hurried out of the city communicated with each other through their souls. Whenever they mentioned Jian Chen, they would basically be filled with caution and fear.

Under Xuan Dou's lead, Mo Yan and Xi Yu were also taken out from the city.

None of them were willing to miss the battle between the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, and the ancestor of the Yang family, Yang Kai.

Quite a few G.o.ds had followed them out of the city; it was not only the OverG.o.ds. Their faces were all filled with excitement and eagerness. To them, battles between OverG.o.ds were extremely rare. All they needed to do was watch, and they would have the opportunity to comprehend the laws of OverG.o.ds, benefiting them greatly. They could even make some minor breakthroughs and reach a new height in strength.

There was a wasteland a hundred kilometers from the royal capital. Booms already roared through the skies as powerful pulses of energy collided rapidly. They wreaked havoc in the region, forming a terrifying storm.

Jian Chen and Yang Kai had already begun their intense fight. Dazzling light surrounded both of them. A protective light formed from the Laws of the Sword surrounded one of them. Sword Qi permeated his surroundings as he shot out sharp sword Qi.

Golden light surrounded the other person. It was extremely resplendent. He controlled the Laws of Metal among the five elements, which turned into huge strands of sword Qi. It was a shocking and extremely imposing sight.

"Jian Chen, your strength really has grown quite a lot after a few dozen years. No wonder you're so arrogant. However, although you've reached late OverG.o.d in terms of comprehension, which is comparable to me, it's a pity that your cultivation level is lacking. I'll show you my true strength now," Yang Kai bellowed out. The sword in his hand shone with bright, golden light as his origin energy as a late OverG.o.d fused with the Laws of Metal, creating a three-hundred-meter-long golden sword Qi.

At this moment, all the OverG.o.ds had arrived from the royal capital. All of them stood in the distance as they watched the duel between the powerful. All of them were extremely cautious.

"That's Yang Kai's seventh grade battle skill of the Truth Tier, Great Adamant Sword Qi. I never thought Yang Kai would use such a powerful battle skill right from the start," a middle-aged man said in surprise from the distance. He was an OverG.o.d of the royal capital.

"Jian Chen has managed to pressure Yang Kai. Although Jian Chen is lacking slightly in terms of his cultivation, he can make it up slightly with the advantages of the Laws of the Sword. As a result, he has reduced the difference in strength between him and Yang Kai. If Yang Kai doesn't want to end the battle quickly with a battle skill, they can probably fight for days and nights without achieving an outcome," Xuan Dou explained from nearby. Mo Yan and Xi Yu currently stood behind him. The two girls seemed worried.

Mo Yan's pale face took a rapid turn for the better now. She had ingested a healing pill from Jian Chen earlier, and recently, Xuan Dou had given her another pill of quite a high grade. Her condition improved rapidly under the effects of the two pills.

"Daluo Sword!"

Jian Chen did not shy away from Yang Kai's battle skill. He used a sword technique and also produced a golden sword Qi.

The golden sword Qi was tiny. It was less than three meters in length, far smaller than Yang Kai's sword Qi that stretched for hundreds of meters.


However, when the two sword Qi collided, they actually dispersed together with a deafening sound, scattering into the surroundings as residual sword Qi. Terrifying ripples of energy caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to actually twist slightly.

Even after using a seventh grade battle skill of the Truth Tier, Yang Kai only managed to reach a stalemate with Jian Chen's Daluo Sword in this clash.

"Taiyi Sword Technique!" Jian Chen bellowed out. The Startling Rainbow sword in his hand erupted with sword Qi. The white light engulfed him, and he and the sword seemed to have fused together. It was like they had managed to achieve true fusion. They turned into a streak of light and dove into the violent ripples of energy, shooting towards Yang Kai aggressively.

Not only did Jian Chen do everything quickly, but he moved extraordinarily fast as well, completely catching Yang Kai off-guard. He used the Taiyi Sword Technique right after using the Daluo Sword. By the time Yang Kai had sensed it all, Jian Chen had already arrived near Yang Kai as a ball of light.

"Indestructible Body of Gold!" Yang Kai was extremely experienced in battle as well. As he called out, his body became as resplendent as gold. The Laws of Metal formed powerful layers around him to protect him such that he seemed to have equipped a set of glistening armor at that moment. He seemed quite impressive.

Jian Chen and the Startling Rainbow sword stabbed at Yang Kai together. The powerful sword Qi clashed with Yang Kai's Laws of Metal. In the end, the Laws of the Sword still managed to gain the upper hand. Yang Kai's layers of Laws of Metal collapsed one by one under the powerful sword Qi.

The Indestructible Body of Gold failed to last even a second. The Startling Rainbow sword punched a fist-sized hole through it, and under Jian Chen's control, the sword stabbed into the hole he created.


Blood splashed into the air. The Startling Rainbow sword penetrated Yang Kai's body, and its tip directly emerged from Yang Kai's back as it dripped with blood. It continued to s.h.i.+ne with beautiful light. Clearly, it had not lost any power at all.

Yang Kai's gaze became terrifyingly cold. Anger surged from his heart, and at the same time, the golden sword in his hand directly stabbed into Jian Chen's chest with the Laws of Metal. It also penetrated Jian Chen.

This was a powerful strike from a late OverG.o.d. Although Jian Chen had already pushed his Chaotic Body to the limits, he was unable to stop the attack.

Jian Chen's face did not change. He did not pay any attention to the sword that had stabbed through his chest. All he did was secretly circulate his Chaotic Force so that he could heal as soon as possible.

It was also at this moment that the brutal powers of the Laws of Metal suddenly erupted within Jian Chen's body. It rampaged about like a wild horse as it destroyed the signs of life within him.

Jian Chen did not panic. He gathered the power of the Laws of the Sword to fend off the Laws of Metal within him. At the same time, he formed another seal with his left hand, condensing a second strand of Daluo Sword in a short instance before shooting it at Yang Kai.

"Divine Finger of the Void-crus.h.i.+ng Meteor!"

At the same time, Yang Kai used a battle skill. He directly extended a golden finger.

Jian Chen's eyes narrowed when he was faced with the finger. Yang Kai's finger seemed to have become a huge meteor to him, crus.h.i.+ng towards him with incomparable speed. Wherever the meteor pa.s.sed by, s.p.a.ce seemed to show signs of being crushed and destroyed.

The power of the finger was extraordinary. It shook the surroundings, and it seemed to possess the power of stars. It was extremely terrifying.

The expressions of the observing OverG.o.ds all changed when they saw the finger.

"That's the eighth grade Truth Tier Battle Skill, Divine Finger of the Void-crus.h.i.+ng Meteor. I never thought Yang Kai would have managed to grasp this battle skill and be able to use it…"

"This battle skill is one collected by the divine king. It's stored in the royal book collection. Only OverG.o.ds who have made a certain level of contribution to the kingdom will have the opportunity to comprehend it. It's just a pity that although we've tried to comprehend it, we've yet to comprehend the battle skill's essence, so we're unable to use it…"

"Even the battle skills used by a few G.o.dkings are at the eighth grade…"

With a great boom, the ground shook for a total of three times. Jian Chen's Daluo Sword directly dispersed when it landed on Yang Kai's finger. Jian Chen became injured from the attack. He vomited blood and struck the ground heavily.

However, he rose back up into the sky like nothing had happened soon afterwards. His presence was powerful, and his battle intent was even more shocking than before. There was not the slightest hint of haggardness on his face. Instead, he grew bolder and bolder as he fought.

It was as if he was not injured at all.

Yang Kai bathed in the golden light as he used his Laws of Metal to eliminate the Laws of the Sword within him. When he saw Jian Chen rise up in an extremely courageous fas.h.i.+on, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He was extremely shocked inside.

"How is this possible? How? The Divine Finger of Void-crus.h.i.+ng Meteor is nothing to laugh at. He must be heavily injured after taking on that strike. How can he act like he's completely fine?" Yang Kai found this to be unbelievable.

This was because he believed Jian Chen would become incapacitated after taking on the battle skill because the battle skill was truly extremely powerful. In ordinary situations, only G.o.dkings could grasp it.

However, the situation was the exact opposite. Even though Jian Chen was in a horrible shape, with blood dripping from his mouth, his eyes shone brightly, and his presence roared. He did not seem like he was injured at all.

However, Yang Kai's face turned cold soon afterwards. Fierce light shone in his eyes. He gripped his sword tightly with his right hand as origin energy erupted from it. Surrounded by the Laws of Metal, he swung his sword as hard as he could at Jian Chen.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen suddenly turned into a bolt of lightning. He crossed the distance in a flash, arriving before Yang Kai. He really had reached a speed that surpa.s.sed the reaction time of all the G.o.ds.

"Linear Lightning Release!"

Yang Kai's eyes widened. His face was filled with shock as Jian Chen directly pa.s.sed through his body, sword and all. Jian Chen created a bowl-sized hole in Yang Kai's chest.

In the distance, all the OverG.o.ds, including Xuan Dou, as well as the G.o.ds who had gathered here later, witnessed what had happened. They all become completely stunned as shock flooded their faces.

What did they just see? They saw Jian Chen's huge body directly pa.s.s through Yang Kai's body like a sword, and he only left a bowl-sized hole behind.

What happened just then had surpa.s.sed the limits of many people's understanding. They found it to be unbelievable because a bowl-sized hole was not even the size of a human head. How could a body fit through that?

Spurt! Yang Kai spewed blood from his mouth, which turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist that drifted down slowly. This was the blood of a late OverG.o.d. Every single droplet gave off a pulse of energy.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1853

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