Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1865

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Chapter 1865: Slaying Three OverG.o.ds with the Sword (Three)

Liu Shan and the other early OverG.o.d had yet to return to their senses even when Jian Chen had claimed the life of the deputy by piercing a hole through his forehead.

It was not just the two of them. Even the countless people in the city below and all the people from the Ling family were stunned. Their eyes had widened drastically as disbelief filled their faces.

He was fast! Simply too fast!

From when Jian Chen first struck out till he killed the early OverG.o.d, the time that had pa.s.sed was just far too little. It was so short that many people found it to be unbelievable.

OverG.o.ds, even early OverG.o.ds, were indomitable existences to the people within the provincial city, as the strongest around were only G.o.ds. As long as a clan possessed an OverG.o.d, the clan would be able to rise up to become one of the peak clans within a divine kingdom.

However, just now, two strikes had claimed the life of an indomitable existence in their eyes. It had taken less than a few seconds or even just a second at most.

Jian Chen claiming the life of an early OverG.o.d in a single second had deeply shocked everyone.

"H- how dare you kill an OverG.o.d of the Empyrean Demon Cult? Our Empyrean Demon Cult will never let you go." Liu Shan and the other deputy were shocked. They stared at Jian Chen in surprise as they tried to appear tough.

Jian Chen had struck out suddenly and extremely quickly. He did not give them any time to interfere and save the person.

Moreover, Jian Chen's strength had surprised them. He was so powerful that even among late OverG.o.ds, he ranked towards the very top.

Jian Chen had indeed benefited greatly from his visit to the royal collection. The scroll with the notes on cultivation and comprehension left behind by a G.o.dking at the very least had allowed him to benefit a lot. He had gained some further understanding, allowing his Laws of the Sword to increase slightly once again.

Of course, this was nowhere near enough for him to break through to the major achievement of Sword Spirit. He was still at the partial achievement of Sword Spirit.

However, the increase to Jian Chen's battle prowess was evident.

Jian Chen did not stop there. He drew out the Startling Rainbow sword and charged towards Liu Shan. He churned with sword Qi and was unstoppable.

Liu Shan became extremely stern. With a thought, he suddenly withdrew the black net over the Swordseeking province, forming a black rope in a split second. It burned with black, demonic flames, and as Liu Shan's arm danced, it struck out as a streak of black light.

At the same time, the other early OverG.o.d also struck out. A black spike had appeared in his hand. It was also covered with black, demonic flames as he used a Truth Tier Battle Skill without any hesitation.

The black spike instantly expanded to several meters in length. It gave off the powerful energy ripples of an OverG.o.d. The deputy controlled the spike and stabbed it towards Jian Chen as hard as he could. It caused a shocking disturbance.

However, even when Liu Shan and the deputy worked together, they were still not Jian Chen's opponent. The difference in strength was just far too great.

Jian Chen cut the black rope controlled by Liu Shan with a single stroke, incapacitating his medium quality saint artifact. Meanwhile, a mist of blood spurted from Liu Shan's mouth.

With his second attack, Jian Chen stabbed at the other deputy with lightning speed, attempting to directly fend off the battle skill with a regular attack.


The deputy's battle skill collapsed under Jian Chen's sword. A deep gash had even appeared on his spike that was also a medium quality saint artifact like the black rope due to the Startling Rainbow sword. In fact, it was almost cut in half completely.

Spurt! The early OverG.o.d also vomited blood. His face became extremely pale at that moment.

Facing off against Jian Chen who had basically reached peak OverG.o.d in an open confrontation with his strength was like attacking a rock with an egg.

Liu Shan and the deputy were greatly shocked. They glanced in shock at the cold Jian Chen who was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent, and they made the same decision without any discussion. They immediately took out teleportation formation discs from their s.p.a.ce Rings and tried to activate it as soon as possible.

A fierce light shone through Jian Chen's eyes when he saw that the two people wanted to flee. He snorted coldly, "Running won't be that easy!" As he said that, the Startling Rainbow sword exploded with light. At that moment, the sword suddenly seemed to gain a mind of its own. It actually flew out of Jian Chen's hand automatically and stabbed at the deputy with great speed.

"Daluo Sword!"

At the same time, Jian Chen bellowed out. He formed a seal with his right hand, and a golden sword Qi condensed above his head instantly. As a golden streak of light, it shot towards Liu Shan like lightning.

Jian Chen controlled his sword with his soul. The streak of white light that the Startling Rainbow sword had transformed into pierced through the deputy's forehead before he could completely activate the teleportation formation, instantaneously wiping out his soul.

Liu Shan was not an exception either. Even though he had activated his formation disc extremely quickly, Jian Chen's Daluo Sword was even faster. Liu Shan had failed to activate the formation disc completely before the golden sword Qi had landed on his head. Under the rampaging sword Qi, his head was directly reduced to dust in the air. At the same time, his soul failed to escape.

All three OverG.o.ds from the Empyrean Demon Cult had died. None of them managed to escape!

Countless people in the provincial city below raised their heads at the sky. They were utterly stunned. There were even many people who had become extremely pale. They had paled in fright from the great shock.

In just a few short seconds, they witnessed someone kill three powerful OverG.o.ds with lightning speed. Many people even found this to be unreal; it was like they were dreaming.

The shock they experienced was greater than anything they had seen in their life. Many people even began to think of the same thing.

OverG.o.ds were actually so puny!

Jian Chen stowed the Startling Rainbow sword away. His expression remained the same as before. He glanced down at the provincial city before stopping his gaze on the patriarch of the Ling family. He said, "The Empyrean Demon Cult probably won't just let this matter be. It's best if your Ling family is prepared to move for the sake of the clan's survival."

The entire Ling family looked at Jian Chen in admiration and great grat.i.tude. Ling Mojian even bowed towards Jian Chen deeply with the rest of his clansmen. He said, "Our Ling family will never forget senior's great kindness. We will consider moving seriously. After all, this matter is just too significant. We cannot make a decision on the whim."

Ling Mojian did not dare to mention Jian Chen's name. He was worried that too many people would learn of Jian Chen's name, and the Empyrean Demon Cult would learn about it too as a result, which would lead to trouble for the Tian Yuan clan.

However, he knew that it was impossible to keep this matter a secret for too long. If the Empyrean Demon Cult really wanted to look into it, finding the person responsible would be a piece of cake. However, the later they learnt that it was the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, who did all this, the better it would be.

Jian Chen did not say much. He removed the s.p.a.ce Rings from the three OverG.o.ds and did not even look inside before directly leaving the province.

After Jian Chen's departure, Ling Mojian stared at the elders by his side sternly. He communicated with them secretly, warning them to never disclose that it was Jian Chen who killed the three OverG.o.ds.

The nearby divine kingdoms already knew that there was only the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan aside from Ling Hougong who had comprehended the Laws of the Sword. They could find out who claimed the lives of the three OverG.o.ds without even guessing, so Ling Mojian's cautiousness was basically unneeded. However, he still chose to do that.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1865

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