Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1881

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Chapter 1881: A G.o.dking's Pursuit

"The location of the whatever gave off that fragrance should be quite far away from me. It's a pity that the rainbow miasma is affecting my vision and senses of the soul, so I am unable to see as far as where the heavenly resource is. I can only determine its direction from where the fragrance comes from," Jian Chen stared in the direction of the fragrance and immediately hurried off in that direction.

Like a ghost, Jian Chen silently moved through the miasmcovered mountain ranges. He moved extremely quickly.

Along the way, he naturally came across many dangers. He only ended up entangling with some powerful plants. However, with Jian Chen's current strength, there was basically no organism that could threaten him as long as he did not come across any G.o.dkings. As such, he obviously dealt with them all with great ease. Unfortunately, none of them possessed cores.

The number of cores at the level of OverG.o.ds on Jian Chen was the same as before, only amounting to six.

This was a huge harvest to him, far greater than the high grade divine crystals he could have collected from killing other OverG.o.ds.

If it were not for the fact that the plant cores and monster cores possessed poison, any single one of them would be worth several dozen blocks of high grade divine crystal.

After Jian Chen had travelled a hundred kilometers in the direction of the fragrance, he came to a sudden halt. He frowned as he stared at the coiling miasma up ahead. He sensed that something was off.

"What is this heavenly resource? Its fragrance is able to travel so far even in the unique environment of the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. I've travelled for a hundred kilometers, yet I haven't even been able to get a glance of the heavenly resource," Jian Chen thought. The light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty. He did not continue on his way for a while.

"Logically speaking, the miasma in a place like these mountain ranges would affect the fragrances from all heavenly resources, causing the range of the fragrance to shrink. However, the fragrance I can smell has travelled a hundred kilometers at the very least. Is there someone trying to bait me over, or is the heavenly resource just at a terrifying grade, having surpa.s.sed the ninth grade of the Immortal Tier and reached the legendary G.o.d Tier?"

As soon as Jian Chen thought that it was likely to be a G.o.d Tier heavenly resource, his heart began to beat uncontrollably.

However, he calmed down very soon. He stared ahead and became determined. He said to himself softly, "If I keep advancing, I'll be entering the very depths of the mountains. It's the most terrifying part of this place. Rumors have it that even G.o.dkings can die there." Although Jian Chen was confident in himself, he was not arrogant. He could move around in the general region of the mountains, but he was extremely wary of the very depths. He did not dare to set foot in there so easily.

Even G.o.dkings could die there. He, a mere OverG.o.d, was an ant-like existence before G.o.dkings. If he came across any terrifying dangers, he would be doomed.

However, the fragrance from in there had indeed piqued Jian Chen's interest. It was almost a fatal attraction to him, and it basically caused his blood to boil.

This was because a ninth grade Immortal Tier or even a G.o.d Tier heavenly resource was extremely rare.

"The greater the risk, the greater the reward. A high grade heavenly resource like that is worth it for me to take the risk. Moreover, I have a G.o.d artifact to protect me. Coupled with the toughness of my Chaotic Body, I think I can retreat no matter what dangers I come across." Finally, Jian Chen made up his mind. He took out the armor from his s.p.a.ce Ring and put it on before continuing into the very depths of the mountains.

The ancestor of the Mo family had completely repaired the external form of the armor. It wrapped around Jian Chen's body, only revealing his eyes.

At the same time, a thin film protected even his eyes. It was truly air-tight.

Jian Chen became cautious when he set foot in the depths of the mountains. He advanced carefully as he paid close attention to his surroundings. He was extremely vigilant.

His current location simply did not allow for him to be careless. In a place where even G.o.dkings could die, he would be doomed if was inattentive for even the slightest moment.

"After I've entered the depths, all the sounds of the birds and beasts have vanished. It's deathly silent. That all means that it's extremely dangerous and extremely terrifying here, so terrifying that the poisonous beasts that are on par to OverG.o.ds dare not to set foot here," Jian Chen's eyes shone. He advanced extremely cautiously in the direction of the fragrance.

After advancing for a few more kilometers, a huge cave appeared before Jian Chen. The cave was gloomy and because of the miasma, Jian Chen was unable to see through the darkness.

However, the fragrance that had spread to a hundred kilometers away originated from this cave.

Jian Chen erased his presence. Under the complete protection of the G.o.d artifact, he approached the cave carefully.

However, just when Jian Chen had advanced half way, he suddenly came to a halt. He sensed the presence of death looming over him rapidly. At that moment, his body had become abnormally cold. Even his blood seemed to stop flowing.

Jian Chen responded extremely quickly. He directly retreated as quickly as he could while forming a seal with one hand. He used the Linear Lightning Release without any hesitation to flee.

At the same time, a thick vine burst out from the ground where Jian Chen had just been standing. It basically brushed past Jian Chen's chest, shooting towards the sky with a powerful pulse of energy. It had almost struck him.

"G.o.dking!" Jian Chen's heart s.h.i.+vered. Without thinking too much, he used his sword technique and a light surrounded him. Afterwards, he turned into a bolt of lightning and directly fled outwards.

"You want to go? It's not that easy. Stay behind for this king," a powerful mental pulse shook through the forest. It was filled with fury and extremely heavy killing intent.

With that, the ground cracked and huge vines burst out. Each vine possessed terrifying energy. The energy was so great that s.p.a.ce shook, and the surrounding miasma dispersed. It possessed a devastating might.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swish…

The vines burst through the air. It seemed to break free from the limits of s.p.a.ce, shooting into the distance in a single instance. It pursued Jian Chen, who had transformed into a bolt of lightning.

However, even though the vines were extremely fast, Jian Chen's Linear Lightning Release was even faster. The distance between the two of them rapidly increased.

"Duo Ti, stop him," another mental pulse appeared when the vines could not catch up to Jian Chen. The pulse directly emanated to another cave nearby.

"Qi Zang, you owe me a favor," a rough and heavy voice boomed out from the cave.

With that, Jian Chen suddenly felt his body tighten. The s.p.a.ce around him froze in that instance, trapping him there firmly like a jail. He struggled to even move a finger.

"Profound Sword Qi!"

With a thought, a finger-sized sword Qi appeared above his head. It radiated with surging sword intent, which was extremely surprising.


The Profound Sword Qi directly struck the frozen s.p.a.ce, causing it to shake violently. The jail formed from frozen s.p.a.ce broke apart loudly.

"Hmm? This intruder has some skill," an interjection of great surprise rang out from the second cave.

However, after Jian Chen was stopped temporarily, the thick vines caught up. They wrapped around him in layers, completely binding him.

Jian Chen's heart sank. He directly launched the second strand of Profound Sword Qi at the vines.

However, the vines were far tougher than he could imagine. The Profound Sword Qi only managed to cut through two of them. Not only did it fail to get through all the vines on him, but it had even caused more vines to wrap around him.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1881

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