Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1882

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Chapter 1882: A Desperate Stand

More and more vines wrapped around Jian Chen, growing tighter and tighter. In the end, every single vine seemed to have become an extremely tough wire that was countless times more powerful than steel. It wrapped around Jian Chen with an extremely terrifying force as if it was trying to crush Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was completely immobilised. The vines were extremely powerful such that no matter how he struggled and no matter what technique he used, he was unable to break free.

Now, even with his strength at peak OverG.o.d, he was unable to even move a finger.

This was because he currently faced a G.o.dking. At the same time, he felt that this G.o.dking was far more powerful than the Grand Imperial Protector from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.


The tightening vines rubbed against his armor, producing an ear-splitting sound.

If it were not for the G.o.d artifact, the vines probably would have crushed Jian Chen's body to pieces.

"Hmm? I didn't think the intruder would be wearing a piece of armor. It's a G.o.d artifact, something that even Infinite Primes don't possess. It's just a pity that the armor is damaged and no longer perfect," a heavy, rough voice boomed out from the second cave again. It was filled with much interest.

"Qi Zang, you can't use this G.o.d artifact, so you take the person, and I'll take the armor. I'll count it as you returning the favor," as the voice spoke, an extremely burly, bare-chested and bald man emerged from the second cave.

The man's appearance was nothing special. The only thing that stood out was an imprint between his eyebrows.

The imprint radiated with the power of laws. It seemed to disturb the surrounding s.p.a.ce, causing the s.p.a.ce around him to tremble gently as if he controlled it.

"You can take the armor, but just don't let him escape," Qi Zang produced a mental pulse.

"Don't worry. I control this s.p.a.ce. No matter how fast he is, he won't be able to escape," the man said confidently.

The vines around Jian Chen suddenly loosened, and he immediately regained mobility.

However, the vines did not retreat. Instead, they filled the surroundings, forming a huge cage that trapped Jian Chen, preventing him from escaping.

The bald man also stood within the cage of vines. He stared at the G.o.d artifact on Jian Chen's body as he seemed to covet it.

Even though Jian Chen knew it was very difficult for him to escape, he could not just sit there and wait for his death after he regained his mobility. He took out a few Soul Recovery Pills and ate them to replenish the power of the soul he had depleted from using the two strands of Profound Sword Qi. At the same time, he formed seals with his hands to fend off the man with his full strength.

Daluo Sword!

Taiyi Sword Technique!

With a flash of gold and silver light, Jian Chen basically used the two techniques together. They radiated with sword intent as they shot towards the bald man.

The bald man stood there with his arms crossed. He stared at Jian Chen scornfully. He directly ignored the two strands of sword Qi from Jian Chen.

The two strands of sword Qi really were very powerful. They were enough to pose great threats to late OverG.o.ds, but they were simply too weak in the eyes of the G.o.dking.

But surprisingly, before the two strands of sword Qi could approach the bald man, they collided together and produced a great boom. Powerful ripples of energy and scattered sword Qi wreaked havoc in the surroundings, forming an extremely frightening storm. It directly rammed into the cage formed by the vines.

However, the vines were extremely tough. The energy was enough to cause the expressions of OverG.o.ds to change, but it was nothing to G.o.dkings. The storm of energy was firmly locked within the cage.

Jian Chen's intentions were never to have the storm of energy burst through the vines. At the moment the explosion happened, a teleportation formation disc appeared in his hand. Borrowing the storm of energy as a cover, he activated the disc as quickly as possible.

"You're a mere OverG.o.d. If you really escaped before me, would I still have the dignity left to see other people in the future? Freeze." The bald man made fun of him. When he said these final words, Jian Chen's body became immobilised instantly. The s.p.a.ce around him had suddenly frozen.

Not only was his body affected, but the explosion of energy from the two strands of sword Qi also froze at that moment as well.

Jian Chen's heart sank. He looked at the bald man. His control over s.p.a.ce had reached such a powerful level. Even if Jian Chen exerted his full strength, he could break through this simple s.p.a.ce freeze.

"G.o.dkings are actually so frightening," Jian Chen's heart completely sank. This was the first time he had fought against G.o.dkings. He discovered that he was unable to resist against them at all.

"The G.o.d artifact is mine now," Duo Ti's burly body appeared before Jian Chen like he had teleported, and he removed the armor from Jian Chen's body.

Since Jian Chen was unable to refine the armor, he only wore it on him, so Duo Ti was able to take it off him easily. He examined it in his hand fondly as he smiled. He was extremely delighted.

"Qi Zang, I'll leave this intruder to you." After taking the armor, Duo Ti directly left. Even though the s.p.a.ce around him had returned to its previous state, Jian Chen became entangled by the thick vines again.

The ground shook violently. As thick cracks spread out rapidly, a colorful flower that was several hundred meters in width gradually burst out. It shone with rainbow light, which was an enchanting sight.

"So it turns out a flower is keeping me trapped," Jian Chen's eye narrowed when he saw the flower. Jian Chen had seen the flower before. He had once killed a flower like that soon after he had entered the mountains. Aside from the size, everything else was the same.

The vines around him were the countless strands of roots from the flower.

"Intruder, you killed my clone. I want to suck you dry, devour your flesh, and then torture your soul. I'll let you understand pain that is worse than death to avenge my clone," the huge flower was unable to speak, so it emitted a furious mental pulse.

After Jian Chen lost the protection of his G.o.d artifact, the roots wrapped around him penetrated into his flesh. All the blood that flowed out was sucked dry by the roots.

Jian Chen truly faced a threat of death right now.

At the same time, in Jian Chen's s.p.a.ce Ring, Kai Ya's eyelashes actually trembled gently within her crystal casket as if she wanted to open her eyes.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast on the casket sensed something. It suddenly opened its eyes and stared at Kai Ya. Its clever eyes were filled with doubt as well as some eagerness.

Unfortunately, Kai Ya's eyelashes only trembled and that was all.

Outside, even though Jian Chen faced death, he was composed. He stared at the huge flower calmly and said, "Is that so? The flower I killed before was actually your clone. However, killing me won't be that easy." With that, a streak of azure and violet light surged towards the sky from Jian Chen's body. It was dazzling, bursting through the colorful miasma and directly into the sky. It turned into two swords that caused the surroundings to pale in comparison.

"Twin swords fusion!"

Jian Chen roared out. The voice seemed to possess endless charm, ringing across the entire mountain range and even penetrating the rock.

His left eye had actually become completely azure, while his right eye had become completely violet. They shone with startling light.

"Master, the chance of you surviving is less than ten percent if you fuse the two swords," the voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chen's head, but they did not stop him. They understood what kind of danger he was facing right now.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1882

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