Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1901

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Chapter 1901: Everyone Mobilised

"Senior Gong, Senior Wu, save us. Save us…"

The two protectors who had been beheaded asked for help in fear. Of course, they were unable to make any sounds now that their heads had been separated from their bodies. They produced mental pulses to ask for help.

As long as their souls existed, they would not die even if their bodies were reduced to pieces. As a result, the two of them remained alive even after their heads were chopped off.

Of course, their current situation was quite horrible because a tiny strand of sword Qi had been deposited in them after Jian Chen beheaded them. The sword Qi split into two, one remained in their bodies, while the other directly entered their head.

However, Jian Chen had controlled the power very well. The sword Qi in their heads was not powerful at all. They could fend it off with just the power of their souls. The sword Qi would not wipe out their souls, and they would not die.

It would only waste away a tremendous amount of power from their souls.

The two late OverG.o.ds who were known as senior Gong and senior Wu arrived before the heads with sunken faces. They each protected one of them, pressing them gently against their necks. At the same time, they took out a bottle of pills from their s.p.a.ce Rings and ground it to dust before rubbing it on their wounds.

Immediately, the injuries on their necks began to heal at a visible rate. The heads reconnected with the bodies very quickly.

During that time, the other three mid OverG.o.ds stared at Jian Chen cautiously so that they would be ready if Jian Chen suddenly struck out in an attempt to stop them from helping.

However, Jian Chen did not plan on killing them. He did not stop them from helping the two early OverG.o.ds. Instead, he retreated with his sword. He stared at them coldly and emotionlessly.

"It's fortunate that we saved you in time. Your bodies haven't been damaged any further than this. Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy to reconnect your heads," a late OverG.o.d said gladly. When he glanced at Jian Chen, cold light flashed through his eyes with powerful killing intent.

"Thank you for saving us, senior Gong and senior Wu. If it were not for the fact that you two made it in time, we probably would have died to Jian Chen's hands," the two protectors who believed that they had survived out of pure luck said weakly. Their bodies trembled gently while their faces became frighteningly pale. The muscles on their faces twitched unnaturally as they seemed to be in great pain.

Pure strands of sword Qi rampaged through their bodies. It destroyed their vitality, crushed their organs, and severed their blood vessels. At the same time, there was a weak strand of sword Qi in their heads. If they did not try to fend it off with their full power, it could wipe out their souls at any time.

The two of them immediately sat down and devoted themselves to stopping the two strands of sword Qi that created trouble in their bodies.

"You dare attempt to kill the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect? Jian Chen, you're just far too bold. Looks like you country b.u.mpkins from this tiny divine kingdom don't know what kind of existence our Earth Spirit sect is," a woman said among the seven protectors. Her crisp voice was filled with coldness while her eyes were frigid.

Afterwards, she looked at the two late OverG.o.ds and said, "Senior Gong, senior Wu, the people from the Tian Yuan clan are bold enough to try to kill the protectors of our Earth Spirit sect. They cannot be spared from their crimes. I think the Tian Yuan clan really has no reason to continue existing."

The two seniors nodded emotionlessly. Senior Gong said easily, "Since junior An feels there's no more reason for the Tian Yuan clan to exist, let's destroy them. The Tian Yuan clan has suppressed junior Yan for so long. It's time for them to pay the price."

"This Jian Chen has some skill. It'll probably take me a while to kill him if I fight him all alone. Whatever. Just leave him to protector Gong and me. The rest of you go deal with the other people from the Tian Yuan clan. But you have to remember to not destroy the provincial city. It's junior Yan's territory," senior Wu said as well. He looked in the direction of the Wayner clan and smiled faintly, "Junior Yan's talent really is great. He's about to break through to mid Overgood soon. Let's move quickly. Once he emerges, we'll give him the head of the patriarch from the Tian Yuan clan as a gift."

The protectors discussed the matter among themselves. With just that, they were ready to eliminate the Tian Yuan clan completely. They did not treat Jian Chen with any importance at all.

Jian Chen's killing intent surged when he heard them talk. He said coldly, "I've already shown mercy before by not killing the two of you. If you don't know what's best for you, you can't blame me for not showing any more mercy."

The two late OverG.o.ds laughed. Protector Gong said scornfully, "Just by yourself? You're just an OverG.o.d of a divine kingdom, just a country b.u.mpkin, yet you dare talk to us like that? Allow me to witness just what skills you have to back up your words."

With that, a powerful pulse of energy radiated from protector Gong like a great wave. At that moment, protector Gong's presence soared. It was extremely surprising. He formed a seal with two hands and fire rose up from him. It gave off a terrifying heat. The Laws of Fire condensed around him.

The flames burnt more and more vigorously. In the blink of an eye, they went from red to gold. Terrifying energy shook up the surroundings, causing the ground to sink. The tall city walls shuddered.

"Adamant Seal of Flames!"

Protector Gong called out. His body seemed to become a sun in the sky, s.h.i.+ning with blinding light as he charged towards Jian Chen in an unstoppable manner. The terrifying heat made him seem like a furnace of the world, and it was enough for s.p.a.ce to distort.

He used a powerful battle skill right from the start. He did not hold back at all, wanting to finish the battle fast and show off the greatness of the Earth Spirit sect.

At the same time, protector Wu struck out as well. He wielded a huge, two-handed sword that shone with golden light. He also used a powerful battle skill. The Laws of Metal revolved around the huge sword as he directly slashed out.

The strike possessed all the power of laws and energy that had acc.u.mulated on the sword. They fused together to form a thin, golden thread. The energy inside had been compressed through a special method with the battle skill such that the power of the golden thread would even make the expressions of many late OverG.o.ds change.

The two protectors both used powerful battle skills from the Earth Spirit sect. Neither of them was weaker than Yang Kai. Very few late OverG.o.ds could stand up to them.

"Daluo Sword!"

Jian Chen formed a seal with his hands, and a golden sword Qi condensed above him. It shot towards protector Wu with lightning speed.

At the same time, he roared out at the sky. His hair danced purely from the energy he gave off, and his battle intent surged. The Startling Rainbow sword shone brightly as the power of laws revolved around him. He seemed to have fused with his sword, shooting aggressively towards protector Gong.

Jian Chen moved extremely quickly, like a comet through the sky. The origin energy that stood in his way had all been blasted to pieces.

When they began fighting, of the three remaining protectors, the two mid OverG.o.d women directly charged for the provincial city. Their eyes shone with cold killing intent as they directly made their way towards the Tian Yuan clan.

The last mid OverG.o.d stood before the two people who just had their heads reconnected to their bodies, protecting them.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1901

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