Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1915

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Chapter 1915: Entering the Main Hall

Luo Yunfei could not help but think about what had happened when he clashed with Jian Chen.

The strike was short, occurring in just a split second, but only Luo Yunfei out of all the people present understood its danger.

He had used his most powerful battle skill, but not only had it been dispersed in a single strike by the patriarch, but the sword Qi from the patriarch had even directly engulfed him and left behind a wound that was invisible to the naked eye on his neck.

He was completely powerless against it. If it were not for the patriarch's mercy, he would have already been beheaded.

At this moment, the door to Luo Yunfei's room opened. A middle-aged man that had quite a striking appearance walked in. He also wore azure clothes.

"The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really is powerful. There is probably just a handful of people that can really put up a fight against him among all the OverG.o.ds. He does indeed possess the strength to make it onto the OverG.o.ds' Plaque."

"Yunfei, I hope you remember your defeat well. Even if you're the prodigy of the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed, you must not become arrogant. I believe in the future, you will also possess strength equivalent to the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, and your name will be recorded on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque," the middle-aged man said to Luo Yunfei sincerely.

"I will commit elder Cheng's words to heart," Luo Yunfei bowed at the middle-aged man out of complete respect.

Although his master was the ancestor of the sect, in reality, many of the elders had guided him before. They had really poured all their resources into him.

Outside, Jian Chen returned to the flying vehicle. He remained seated at the very front, leaving with the people from the Dong'an province under the gazes of everyone. He directly headed to the base camp.

This time, no one stood forward to block their way.

No one managed to see the hidden danger within the strike Jian Chen had dealt to Luo Yunfei, so many people still believed Jian Chen was not Luo Yunfei's opponent. However, he still managed to receive Luo Yunfei's attack perfectly after all, which had shown off his strength.

There was only a handful of OverG.o.ds who sensed that something was amiss from how Luo Yunfei had basically fled. However, they clearly did not think that Luo Yunfei had been defeated.

Just when Jian Chen was about to approach the base camp where all the organisations gathered with the people from the Dong'an province, many OverG.o.ds from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian flew up from below. They exchanged pleasantries with Jian Chen whilst smiling.

Jian Chen put the flying vehicle away. He took the people from the Dong'an province with him as he made his way around with the OverG.o.ds from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. He would look around from time to time.

The camp within the fortress was extremely large. It was basically stuck to the wall for several dozen kilometers. He was unable to see the end of it.

Not only were the huge armies of the Divine Kingdom  of Pingtian gathered there, but the armies from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang, Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars, Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds, Divine Kingdom of Balaj, Divine Kingdom of Kaiyan, Divine Kingdom of Datian, and Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud had gathered there as well. As a result, the number of soldiers in the fortress had reached into the hundred millions.

All the armies from the divine kingdoms gathered in one location. This would have never happened under ordinary circ.u.mstances, but in order to stop the advance of the Empyrean Demon Cult, they had all thrown aside their thoughts of territory and personal interests.

In the end, Jian Chen and the others were taken into a divine hall. After Xuan Dou and the others explained it to him, Jian Chen understood there were quite a few of these divine halls in the military camp.

The relations.h.i.+ps between all the major organisations that had come this time were complicated. There were grievances and friends.h.i.+ps between many of them. Naturally, they could not stay together. They all possessed their special divine halls.

The divine hall that Jian Chen was in right now belonged to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. All the people who possessed some status in the divine kingdom had gathered here.

To no surprise, Yang Kai and a few elders from the Yang family were here as well.

Jian Chen was already someone influential, so the OverG.o.ds who stayed within the divine hall immediately rose up and welcomed him when he arrived. Only the people from the Yang family remained where they were.

Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu who had come with Jian Chen naturally attracted quite some attention as well.

They roughly understood the strength of the Tian Yuan clan, so it was no secret what cultivation level the elders of the Tian Yuan clan possessed. Now that five unfamiliar faces had suddenly appeared, many of them naturally became curious.

In particular, Sacredfeather and Houston left many of the present OverG.o.ds secretly surprised from the vague presence they emitted.

At this moment, the Grand Imperial Protector of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian walked in from outside, and everyone bowed at him.

The Grand Imperial Protector nodded with a smile. He looked at Jian Chen and said, "Jian Chen, his majesty wants you to go to the main hall. Please come with me."

Afterwards, Jian Chen followed the Grand Imperial Protector. They made their way towards the centre of the camp, pa.s.sing by divine hall after divine hall. In the end, he arrived at a hall that was located in the centre of the camp under the Grand Imperial Protector's lead.

The so-called main hall was equivalent to the commander's tent. It was where all the commanders and higher ups gathered.

The divine king sat on the king's throne within the main hall with a peaceful expression. There were over twenty women and men of various ages seated to the two sides below him. Every single one of them emitted tremendous presences. They were extremely powerful.

Jian Chen's arrival attracted everyone's attention immediately. At that moment, all the people seated looked at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen immediately felt uncomfortable. Every single one of the twenty or so gazes that gathered on him were extremely powerful, which pressured him greatly.

"There are actually so many G.o.dkings!" Jian Chen was secretly surprised when he saw the people seated to the two sides.

It was quite a shocking sight for over twenty G.o.dkings to be seated together. Jian Chen's heart churned at this sight, and he struggled to remain calm.

However, when he saw the divine king, who remained seated on his throne, he became slightly dazed. He felt slightly puzzled inside.

Sure, the divine king was a G.o.dking, but were the other people not G.o.dkings as well? Moreover, they came from great sects and clans or imperial families from empires. All of their statuses were greater than a divine kingdom's divine king.

Without any exaggeration, any of the G.o.dkings present possessed a far greater status than the divine king of a divine kingdom. The divine king would have to treat them politely and with great courtesy.

However, the divine king was currently seated high up as if he was greater than everyone else. The G.o.dkings from the various empires should have possessed supreme statuses, yet they sat obediently below the divine king. Seeing how calm they were, it was as if this was how things were supposed to be.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1915

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